50+ Prayers for Safe Travel

Individuals stepping out of their houses leave behind the security and comfort of their people, who tend to go through these constant worries about their well-being on the journey.

Some prayers that might help you to cope up with your fears and worries about your loved one going on the journey.

Prayers For Journey: Protected on the Road

– Oh, Supreme Lord, May you kindly always respond to the cries of the mother who is worried about the well-being of her child. May her child be safe throughout the journey and protect him/her from any sudden misfortunes such that he/she can reach his/her safe and sound.- Amen

– Oh Lord of love and power, I am about to start a new phase of my life, in a completely new city with new people and an environment to adjust to. May you always stay by my side and protect me from any sudden misfortunes while traveling so that I can have a healthy start.- Amen

– Oh Almighty God, finally, after waiting for all these years, I am capable of full filling my dreams to travel, be adventurous and explore; God may you always keep me under your surveillance such that I can travel safely and be healthy such that I can enjoy my journey throughout.- Amen

– Dear God, may you look after our relatives while they travel so that they can reach their home safely, may we only receive the news of their well-being, we have a lot of beautiful memories together with each other thus any misfortunes laid on them would directly affect my family and me. Bless every one of us so that we can avoid sadness and agony.- Amen

Prayers For Safe Travel

– Oh Supreme Lord, we are off for our family vacation, kindly keep us protected from any sudden misfortune during our journey as we head towards our destination; bless us such that we can travel safely and can return to our hometown in our best health without any hindrances. Amen.- Amen

-Oh Lord of love and power, may you listen to the cries of the mother whose son is on his journey to save his country, give her strength and courage to cope with her worries, shower your blessings on her son such that he can return to his home fit and sound. Kindly listen to her prayers to protect her son from any disastrous misfortunes.- Amen

– Oh Almighty God, stay by the side of the students who all need to travel long distances for educational purposes, bless them as they travel day and night to fulfill their dreams and aspiration, and bless them with good health such that they can achieve their goals for which they have been working hard without caring about fatal consequences.- Amen

– Oh Supreme Lord, shower your blessings on those men who need to stay away from their family for occupational purposes and tend to travel for long hours just to meet and spent some quality time with their loved ones. May you bless them with good health and prosperity and always protect them from sudden mishaps while traveling.- Amen

– Oh Heavenly Father, every person traveling travels with a purpose; some are traveling to meet their loved ones after a long interval of time, some with the hope to start a new life in a new city, and some travel to find their escape from their busy monotonous life. Lord kindly keep all of them safe while they travel and help them reach their respective destinations such that they can fulfill their wishes.- Amen

– Oh Everlasting God, people who are adventurous and want to explore are the ones who travel a lot; each one of them has worked hard to fulfill their dream to travel to different places; Lord may you always stay by their side and be a part of their happiness while they travel and protect them from any troubles or misfortunes. Amen.

– Oh Heavenly Father, at times I have seen men and women all tired and exhausted falling asleep on their seats, they have drained out bodies reflecting their struggles and their hard work, Lord may they reach their home safely to their families waiting for them on the dinner table, Lord blesses them and their family with peace and harmony.- Amen

Prayers For Safe Travel

– Dear God, every time I travel away from my family, I pray to you to always stay by my side and help me fulfill my purpose such that I can return to my family as soon as possible, but I also pray to you kindly take care of my family while I am away from the traveling, bless me such that I can always stay connected to them even when at times I can’t be with them.- Amen

-Oh Lord of love and power, my parents have always sacrificed their dreams and luxuries to invest in my better future. Thus today, I am glad that I am capable enough to send my parents on their dream trip; Lord protects them from any misfortunes while they are traveling such that they can enjoy their dream trip and can make lots of beautiful memories.- Amen

– Oh Almighty God, kindly shower your blessings on my friends and me as we are going out on our first trip together. May you always stay with us while we travel and protect us from any unforeseen situation, bring us joy at the end of our journey, Lord help us stay connected with our parents such that they can cope up with their worries as we stay away from them for some days.- Amen

– Oh Lord of wealth and prosperity, bless those who are working day and night, traveling from one place to another, managing their business schedule, and trying their best to push their business to its excellence. Lord, may you bless them with prosperity, protect them and keep them in good health while they are busy traveling.- Amen

– Dear God, every vehicle has a steering wheel that a person controls; the passengers are dependent on them to reach their destination. Thus Lord may you always keep the locomotive operators, the pilots, and the bus drivers in a good state of mind such that he/she can assure a safe traveling experience for their passengers.- Amen

– Oh Almighty God, traveling is adventurous and fun, but excess traveling can be stressful and injurious to health, God may you help those who have compelled their situations to travel every day either for educational purposes or for work; may all of them stay healthy. God helps them cope with their daily hassles of life. Amen.- Amen

– Oh Lord of Love and power, may you shower your blessings on our navy officers, keep them in good health, protect them as they try to save our country from the foreign traders, they stay away for months from their family sailing, they spent most of the months traveling and protecting our oceanic borders, bless them such that they can return to their family safely.- Amen

– Oh Supreme Lord, today I am here to pray for my friends; I have spent my entire childhood with them and made some lifelong memories with them, but by opting for different streams, many of us are traveling overseas to chase our dreams, thus kindly keep them protected and safe throughout their journey, help them achieve their goals and help us stay connected.- Amen

– Oh, Everlasting God, kindly stay by my side always, take care of me, surround me with love and comfort even when I am away from my home, keep me under your surveillance and guide me throughout my travels and bring me back to my loved ones safe.- Amen

– Oh Supreme Lord, shower your blessings on me, be my torchbearer, be my guide throughout my journey. Watch over me as I travel, protect me from accidents and misfortunes, help me be patient and calm in case any trouble arrives, show me my ways out of those troubles and help me return home safely.- Amen

– Oh Heavenly Father, transportation is a blessing since it brings people close to each other; it helps people travel and stay connected. Lord, may you surround all those who travel with love and care such that they can return to their home feeling all renewed and refreshed.- Amen

– Oh Lord of love and power, people who love are the ones who care, and thus every time I am away from home, traveling, they are the ones who are worried about my well-being. Thus Lord, may you always help me stay connected with my loved ones even during my travels so that I can keep on updating them about my well-being.- Amen

– Oh Lord, you are all kind and generous; I pray to you may you kindly keep the roads clear and free as I travel towards attending a very important and special event of my life. Help me so that I can reach my destination at the given time, safely, without any incidents.- Amen

– Oh Almighty God, bless those who are gone for their vacations, bless them with good health while they are traveling, protect them from sudden misfortunes, stay by their side while they travel, may all of them make happy memories and return home feeling renewed and refreshed.- Amen   

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