40+ Powerful Prayers For Self-Control

It is natural for our hearts to be drawn toward righteous and sinful urges. These times are vulnerable, and we must pray to the Almighty Lord to help us gain self-control to learn to control our impulses and focus on the more important things in life.

Prayers For Self-Control: Empowering Your Willpower

-Lord Jehovah, please give me self-control over my eating and drinking habits. Look after me so that I can choose wisely what I eat or how much I eat. The Scriptures have always stated gluttony as a great sin, and I was hoping you could keep me away from it.

Prayers For Self-Control

-O Good God, I ask you to help me gain control over what and how I speak or act. No matter the occasion, bless my mouth so I can only speak or act wisely and truthfully. Whatever I do or say must be fitting to the circumstances.

-Faithful Lord, I admit to you that I have often blurted out unwise and offensive words that have hurt others and consequently made me doubt and hate myself. So, I ask you to keep me from speaking anything that may make me look foolish or rude.

-Beloved Father, I pray for your godly filter over my words and actions. Help me to have strong self-control over myself so that I can never act unjustly or unrighteously. Let me never do or say something that does not align with or ends up disregarding your Holy Way somehow.

Blessed Savior, I ask you to bless me with self-control over my speech so that whenever I speak, my words shall never have a negative or gloomy impact on the people who listen to me. Allow me to exercise great self-discipline over myself and only speak of positivity and encouragement.

-Gracious Master, we eat and drink to provide our bodies with the nutrition it deserves. So, allow me to eat food that nourishes my body and keeps me healthy. Allow me to have self-control, so I never indulge in overeating or overdrinking.

-Almighty God, allow me to gain self-control to avoid eating or drinking stuff that may cause harm to my physical health. Remind me that mindless eating and drinking habits can seriously affect our health. Bless me so that I can validate my mortal physical self.

-Precious Creator, I have always believed that having self-control is a way to witness the reflection of your divine image in our soul. Bless me so that I can learn from the values you have taught us and lead a life of determination and self-discipline guided in your Holy Way.

-Holy Spirit, the Scriptures tell that if we can lead a disciplined life, our thoughts and actions aligning with your Holy Will, you will bless us with your eternal grace and compassion. I hope to lead a righteous life only with self-control, so I ask for your favor.

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Best Prayers For Self Control

-Merciful Master, look after me so that I never indulge myself in the practice of excessive drinking that can cause damage to my health. Involving in alcoholism is a sin as well, and I would always want to keep myself away from it. Please bless me with your divine wisdom.

-Gracious Almighty, I ask you to fill my heart and soul with the magic of your Holy Spirit so that I can always avoid elements that try to break my self-control. Allow me always to remember that I am being guided and instructed by you wisely.

-Holy Protector, I want you to save me from indulging myself in any such activity that may lead me to speak or act unjustly. I would never want to do anything foolishly or unwisely so that I may lead a life not guided by the light of your divine Spirit.

-Blessed Holy Almighty, allow me to have self-control over myself so that I can turn away from the passions of the world that try to lead us down the wrong path. Allow us to have faith in you and know in our hearts that you are there to guide us.

-Almighty Good God, I know that only through your Holy Spirit can I achieve the self-control I seek so earnestly that will empower me to turn away from worldly desires and seek you in my soul so that I can always lead my life with nothing but peace and joy.

-Savior Beloved, I ask you to bless me with self-control so that I can be the master of my words and actions. Allow me to lead my life in your Holy Way and be an instrument in your godly world, and spread your message of love and compassion to others.

-O Merciful Almighty, I pray to you to give me self-control against this constant urge in my heart to gamble. My bad habits are taking a toll on my mental health, but somehow I cannot get myself to stop doing the things that hurt me. Please help me out here.

-Holy Father Beloved, I ask you for self-control to stop myself from ruining my financial stability by unnecessary gambling. This is not only affecting my materialistic assets but also leading me to ruin my capabilities and relationships. Please help me get back on my feet.

-Lord Jehovah, I ask for control over my impulses so that I can stay away from people and places that try to lure me into the practice of gambling. Let me remember that this is not what you wanted me to do. Bless me with your divine truth.-Amen

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Good Prayers For Self Control

-Gracious God, I want you to reassure me that in my moments of vulnerability, when I feel like I cannot control myself from indulging in worldly pleasures, I must take shelter in your divine solace. You will protect me from everything and keep my life from falling apart.- Amen

-Dear Great Father, I ask you to bless me with the assurance that every time I come face-to-face with my temptations, you will be there to provide me with a strong will and self-control so that I can overcome them efficiently and lead my life according to your Holy Will.

-Heavenly Almighty, I thank you for sending me people who have supported me unconditionally when I had the urge to go beyond my limits to fulfill my wordy desires. Thank you for helping me overcome these impulsive urges and not being irritated due to my shortcomings.

-Gracious Good God, I thank your Holy Spirit for always confirming my thoughts and actions to your Holy Will so that I can always control myself and never give in to worldly desires like a weak-hearted person. I pray to you to let me obey your Commandments in life forever.

-Blessed Lord, I ask you to bless me with the financial ability and the self-control to learn to be content with what I have. Let me remember that I have always been fortunate to be blessed by your eternal favors, and I must stop rushing to achieve more in life.

-Merciful Creator, I pray for self-control over myself because lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m losing the composure I had in my mind and heart. I ask you to help me get back to having a peaceful and calm demeanor so that I can approach things with a composed mindset.

-Precious Divine Deity, I pray for self-control because I don’t want to speak or act while being controlled by anger or ego. Let me control my temper so that I never speak or act harshly with people around me. Allow me to think before I act.

-Good God, without controlling my temper or actions, I always feel defenseless and irritated. I pray to you to help me control my rage and imbibe the Spirit of your divine peace in my soul. Allow me to look toward your Holy Image forever.

-Savior Beloved, I ask you to bless me with your divine power and grace so that I can learn to forgive and forget instead of holding onto old grudges and resentments, consequently losing control over myself and speaking or acting unwisely. Let me always stay away from suffering and pain.

-O Loving Lord, I pray to you to let me have the self-control to identify the sinful elements that lead me to act unrighteously. Let me eradicate all thoughts and feelings from my mind that try to invoke negativity, leading me to fight against my spiritual optimism.

-Eternal Messiah, I pray to you to give me self-control so that I can always remember that every worldly temptation that tries to overpower me is surmountable, and I need to face them with a brave heart, having endless faith in your Spirit to lead the way for me.

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Amazing Prayers For Self Control

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