50+prayers For Selflessness And Generosity

Leading life to serve your petty, selfish desires is the least expected way. Selfishness just constricts our mindset and keeps us away from developing a  broader perspective.

We must pray to the Almighty Lord to help us become selfless people who care about others more than they do for themselves.

Prayers For Cultivating Selflessness

-Loving Lord, I ask you to be considerate towards your blessed children and purify their souls of any selfish desires or thoughts that may reside there. Cleanse our spirits of all spiritual and materialistic selfishness and allow us to learn the spirit of selflessness from the gospel you have preached.

-Faithful Father, I pray to you to eradicate all forms of criticism and judgment from my heart and allow me to become a selfless person who knows how to validate other people and their opinions and feelings. Bless me so that I can always be kind and understanding towards everyone.

-Holy God, I pray to you to be merciful towards your children and purify their souls, who have been plunged into selfishness and hatred. Allow us to rise above the petty need for recognition and consolation and instead think of fulfilling the purpose of your selfless Spirit in our lives.

-Precious Creator, I ask you to forgive me if I have not loved and validated the important people and things in my life, just as you would have wanted me to. Bless me with your graceful mercy and compassion so that I can understand my priorities and treat them accordingly.

-Savior Beloved, I admit before your Spirit that I have often acted very selfishly. I have forgotten to validate the importance of your divine presence in my soul. I have not loved you as I should have, and I am extremely repentant for that. Bless me with your pure selflessness.

-Lord Jehovah, bless me with the gift of pure selflessness so that I can work towards giving more than receiving less. Allow me to be of service to anyone who needs me, not being interested in my selfish needs only. Allow me to give as you have given to all.

-Kind Holy Deity, allow me to learn how to bear with things just as you have. Protect my faith so that I can submit myself to you humbly, all that I am, and everything I have. Let me always trust you to guide my way better than anyone else can.

-Father Beloved, I ask you to bless my heart and soul so that I can subdue myself selflessly to your service and remember that I was sent into this world with a purpose. Bless me so that I can identify the true goal of my life and work for it.

-Blessed Good God, please be considerate towards me and teach me to be compassionate and generous towards everyone around me, never evoking any form of selfishness in my heart. Allow me to always remember that I can serve others to fulfill the cause of serving you with a true heart.

-Dear Merciful Master, bless me so that I can learn to work hard without thinking about my welfare ever. Let me never seek rest when it comes to serving others and working to do good to others. Allow me to understand the importance of laboring in life to achieve success.

-Gracious Almighty, I want you to let me spend myself for the welfare of others without the expectation of any rewards. Allow me to remember at all times that whatever I’m doing aligns with your Holy Will, and I am always following the righteous path in life by choosing selflessness.

-Faithful Father, I pray to you for the growth and expansion of my heart so that I can make space for everyone around and not just myself. Allow me to evoke the spirit of kindness in my soul and remember to connect with others and fulfill your Holy Cause together.

-Blessed Savior, I want you to help me become a selfless person so that I can become a messenger of your Holy gospel and help other people who are hurting and need to be healed by your divine magical powers. Allow me to bring endless glory to your Holy Name.

-Lord Beloved, allow me to turn into a caring and selfless person so that I can help others when they need me. Bless my heart to love others with the wholehearted compassion grace you have blessed our souls with. Let my presence be a way for others to feel you.

-Great God, the Scriptures have stated that abiding in love and compassion is to abide in you. I ask you to bless me so that I can incorporate this virtue in my life and love others with heartfelt compassion in my soul. I give all glory to your Holy Spirit.

-Dear Holy Lord, I pray to you to mold me into a righteous and honest person who leads his/her life according to your Holy Commandments, trying to be selfless and true in every aspect of their life. Allow me to prefer your selfish desires over the welfare of others.

-Blessed Father, I want to be a selfless and honest person so that people can look up to me as a problem-solver. Never let me be a source of problems in the lives of people around me. Bless me so that I can become an appropriate messenger of your Word.

-O Gracious Almighty, instead of being rewarded with worldly pleasures, I ask you to bless me so that I can selflessly serve your Holy Spirit with all my heart and soul, and consequently secure a place for me in your majestic Heaven and surrounding me with your divine compassion forever.

-Lord Jehovah, as I look around myself, I come across so many needy people seeking worldly and spiritual privileges from you. Bless me so that I can help them in any way I can, spreading the message of your divine love and assuring them that they have your divine protection.

-Savior Beloved, I want you to make me into a kind and selfless person so that I can love other people with all my heart, thereby using this great opportunity to express my endless faith in your Holy Spirit and also thanking you for everything you have done for me.

-Good Holy Spirit, I pray to you to help me become a channel of appreciation and love to your blessed children. Allow me to spread the ancient of your divine Being so that we can all praise your Holy Name together and proclaim you as the foundation of our faith.

-Almighty Master, I want you to mold my heart so that I can spend my life demonstrating selfless compassion to everyone around me. It is no use spending our lives trying to think of our selfish gains, and we must always place the welfare of all above that of one.

-Holy Father, I want you to help me learn the value of selflessness so that I can care for other people with a true and liberal heart where there is no wish for selfish gains. Allow me to work only for those causes that bring glory to your Holy Name.

-Gracious God, I believe that only when I can lead a life selflessly and righteously can I be qualified for receiving the favor of your divine grace and compassion. Only when I serve others heartily can I hope to receive your heavenly rewards when I meet you in your Kingdom.

-O Almighty Beloved, allow me to hear the voice of your selfless Spirit that speaks through my soul and provides me with the strength and wisdom I need to treat others with respect and kindness. Allow me to be worthy of seeing your divine reflection in my heart and soul.

-Merciful Master, bless my heart and soul so that no matter how difficult the circumstances are, I shall always choose selflessness over my petty, selfish desires and needs. Allow me to always ensure my words and actions speak of the kindness and love that you have empowered my spirits with.

-Dear Great God, I ask you to let me be selfless and kind even to people who do not personally belong to me. Allow me to always be forgiving and loving to my enemies because that is the spirit of kindness and forgiveness that you have reflected in our souls.

-O Savior Almighty, allow me to learn from your Holy Spirit that we must be selfless and kind towards all, irrespective of their caste and religion. When it comes to spreading the gospel of your love and grace, there must be no discrimination whatsoever. Everyone deserves to be loved equally.

-Dear Father Beloved, I pray for your graceful love to overflow in my heart so that I can incorporate selflessness in all aspects of my life. Help me to spread that beautiful and sustaining grace of your divine love to others who may be acting out of their selfish desires.

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