50+ Prayers For Sick Child with Good Health

It is always a tough time for parents when their little ones get sick. Doctors and nurses are the most important people during this time and they do their best to cure the poor child. Powerful and inspirational prayers for the little ones can be of a little more help. 

Prayers For Sick Child For Good Health And Fast Recovery

Pray to you to help our kid recover from illness.

-Oh Lord, you have blessed us immensely by gifting us with this child. He/She is a bundle of great joy to us and we understand the true meaning of love and kindness when we are with him/her. We pray to you to help our kid recover from illness. 

Blessing Prayers

-Father, we pray to you today to bless the little kid and give him/her strength. We also ask you to give us the courage and patience we need as parents and caretakers. Please have mercy on all of us, God. Please be caring and loving as you always are.

-Dear God, this little child is the future man in your universe. He/She is a source of light- knowledge and wisdom, something which is very important in life. Heal him/her properly so that they can recover and grow up to do your work in a definite way.

Protect Us

-O Father, as we go through a very difficult phase in our life, we turn to you and pray for your guidance and courage. Protect us, and never let us be demotivated by anything in our way. Please touch this child with your magical hands that heal and comfort us.

Prayers For Sick Child with Good Health

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Give Strength Back

-Dear Blessed Father, this precious little child needs to regain his/her energy. The sickness has made him/her dull, weary and unexcited about everything around him/her. If the kid has to learn new things, he has to be curious and intelligent. Please give him/her the strength back.

-Dear Father, it is true that in these times of distress, we cannot see or touch you. But I believe in my heart that it never means you are not present here with us. We can feel your presence by our side, always. Please continue to love this little child.

-O Dear God, you are the most compassionate and caring guardian in this world ever. As we look after this little child, and every moment he/she is in pain, we shed a tear and know in our hearts that you can feel exactly what’s going on in our hearts.

pray to you to hold our hand

-Father, we trust you like nobody else. I pray to you to hold our hands and show us the correct path. Be with the kid at all times until he/she has recovered fully. We pray to you to keep your promise of always comforting us and caring for us.

Pray to you to restore his/her happiness

-O Great Lord, this illness has made this child weak. He/She is too ill to play with his/her friends and he/she doesn’t even laugh out heartily anymore. We pray to you to restore his/her happiness and let him/her do things that make him/her happy.

-Dear Loving Father, we pray to you today to love our kid just the way you love and look after other children. Our kid isn’t well and he/she needs you by their side to care for them and heal them. Please comfort him/her that everything will be perfect.

Healing all our wounds and sickness

-Father, I agree that he/she is just a little innocent child. Nevertheless, always remind him/her of your ever-graceful presence in our lives. Never let us forget that you are the Father, the one who holds the truly awesome power of magically healing all our wounds and sickness.

-O Blessed Lord, I beg you to hear our earnest prayers and answer them readily. Please grant us our wishes and protect our children. Give back the lively spirit that you bless the kids with, and let him/her enjoy life fully. We are forever grateful to you, Your Majesty.

To recover from their sufferings and afflictions

-Dear God, today we bow down before you and ask you to help your little heavenly angels to recover from their sufferings and afflictions. They are in utter discomfort and they need you to ease and soothe them. Only your mercy can bring back that lovely smile on their faces.

I pray to you to guide me properly

-O Loving Father, as a caregiver, I pray to you to guide me properly while I look after a sick child. Let me help them get rid of their pain and give them comfort. I ask you for wisdom that tells me how I can take better care of them.

-Dear Lord, we pray to you to be the protective Father you are and secure your children from any kind of harm. Keep them away from anything that can hurt them and soothe their pain when they are sick. Give them strength in times of weakness and make them comfortable.

Good Prayers For Sick Child with Good Health

-Father, we pray to you to let these little harmless and beautiful souls understand and feel the presence of your divinity in them. Let them know that you are the ultimate Father and that you are always there to look after all of us. Bless them with your endless grace.

Pray for our sick kid

-Dear Heavenly Father, as we sit before you today to pray for our sick kid, we pour our hearts to you. We cannot bear to see the pain the poor fellow is in, but we continue to have faith in you and we know that you will eventually fix everything. 

-Good Father, we will never lose faith in your almighty power and grace. We have immense trust in the power of healing and we know that there is nothing you cannot do. We pray to you to heal us of all diseases and heal our bodies and minds of ailments.

Pray to you to restore his/her perfect health

-Father in Heaven, please watch over our kid and please look after him/her so that they can get back their lost vigor. We pray to you to restore his/her perfect health that they were blessed with when they came into this world, and only you can return it. 

-Dear Loving Father, please keep our child away from any form of affliction or harm. They need your comfort in sickness, and only you can give them the energy that can stop them from being weak. Lord, please calm their minds and hearts whenever they are afraid/worried about anything.

-O Lord, it makes us immensely happy and proud to see that our blessed child, even in illness, never loses his/her faith in you and continues to be cheerful and positive. He/She believes in their heart deeply that God is always there to protect us from all harm. 

Pray to you to stand by him/her in their fight

-Father, this little kid of ours is a true hero. He/She is a fighter with continuously uplifted spirits. He/She truly believes in you and loves you just like us. We pray to you to stand by him/her in their fight against this severe illness and bless them.

-O Dear Father, how can we ever express enough gratitude to you for blessing us with this little ball of sunshine? Every time we look at him/her, we can feel your presence through them. We give him/her to you, and we trust you to look after him/her. 

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Be grateful to you for helping You

-O Dear God, today I bring to you this poor kid who is suffering. He/She is in intolerable pain. Father, please show your graceful mercy upon him/her and help us get over this and back on our feet. We will always be grateful to you for helping us.

-Father, this kid suffering from a terrible illness needs your mercy to get back to proper health and revive his/her strength. I pray to you to take care of him/her and I also wish for his/her speedy recovery. Bless this kid with a long and fulfilling life. 

Nice Prayers For Sick Child with Good Health

-Dear Almighty Father, I pray to you today to tackle this little child in your arms of love and bless him/her. This special prayer is from the bottom of my heart for this little kid so that you readily minister to everything he needs while he is in pain.

pray to you to be compassionate and understand

-O Father, children often are unable to understand and express what it is that is causing the pain in their body or mind. We pray to you to be compassionate and understand these little things on their behalf and act according to them. Take away all their fears and injuries.

Give him the confidence

-O Lord, today I give my child to you for healing. You are the doctor of all other doctors and you can do what nobody else could not. Restore this kid to proper health and make him/her stronger. Give him the confidence to fight all physical and mental battles.

-O Loving Father, this poor little kid doesn’t even understand what exactly he/she is going through right now. Please hold his/her hand, be with them, and strengthen their souls and spirits. Never let him/her think of themselves as unable to comprehend and face the challenges in life.

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