55+ Heartfelt Prayers For My Sister: Divine Intervention

Having a sister is one of the most valuable gifts given by our Almighty Father. They are loving, and they take care of us in their special way. Some prayers for our sisters that will strengthen our bond with them and show them how important they are to us.

Prayers For My Sister: for Divine Guidance

Thanksgiving Prayer For Sister

-Dear Father, every good thing in my life is a blessing from you. You have provided us with the warmth and comfort of family, and you have given us family members- parents and siblings, to help us understand the importance of connection and love in living with each other.- Amen

-Father, my sister, helps me to understand your message of the value of companionship in life. The love and support for each other that we express every day strengthens our bond and helps us to get closer to each other. Thank you for the gift of a wonderful sister.- Amen

-Dear Father, my relationship with my sister teaches me about the love you have preached to your children. It reflects your love for us, and I thank you for blessing me with her. I give all praise and glory to your mighty name and Holy Spirit.- Amen

Prayer For Sister’s Safety

-O Lord, my sister is a gift from your Holy Spirit and is a symbol of your blissful grace in our lives. I pray you appoint your guardian angels to look after her and protect her from all harm. Keep her safe, for I love her very much.- Amen

-Almighty Lord, just like any other pair of siblings, me and my sister have also gone through a rough patch several times. Things do not remain easy all the time. In these difficult times, I pray to you to look after us so that we can solve our disputes calmly.- Amen

Prayers For Sister’s Faith

-Dear God, you are the sovereign power in our lives. Your Word gives us life and its purpose. Nothing has meaning without you in it, and you make our faith perfect. Today, my sister struggles to have faith in you. Help her and restore her trust in your mighty power.- Amen

Prayers For Sister’s kind And Protection

-Beloved Father, everything in this world subsists in you, and we can only get closer to you when you draw us. So, I ask you to not let my sister fall from your protection. Stop her from being distracted/misled by evil forces, and take her in your kind arms.- Amen

-Dear God, you are all-knowing; nothing can escape your knowledge. You know every thought and condition that our heart and mind pass through. If my sister is in trouble that I cannot understand, I pray to you to help her sort out everything.- Amen

-O God, I pray to you to be with my sister in her most vulnerable moments. Let her not fall prey to anything that can instill negativity or self-doubt in her. Give her the fruit of her faith and assure her that you will always do everything to protect her.- Amen

Prayers About Sister’s Presence

-O Heavenly Lord, siblings are the most precious gift in our lives. My sister is my best friend, and I can comfortably share everything in my life with her. I can see your Word through her; her presence makes me always feel you with me.- Amen

Prayers For Sisters

Prayer For Sister’s Caring And Love

-O Lord, I pray to you to continue blessing my sister with all your love and care. Uphold her to everything that feels good and pure. Consider her worthy enough to receive your favors and let her be one of your favorite children. Bless us with all good things.- Amen

-O Good Lord, my sister is your lovely daughter, and only you can care for her properly as a loving father, as you have always done for all of us. Help her to fight the battles of her heart and mind and never let her feel weary or lonely.- Amen

Prayer For Sister’s Mentally And Physical Fitness

-Beloved Father, bless my sister with a long and fulfilling life. Keep her physically and mentally fit for many years so that you can spend more time together and create wonderful memories as siblings. Bless our lives so that we can always be happy. I pray to the Holy Spirit.- Amen

-O Great Father, my sister tells me that she is experiencing misfortune for some time in her life now. I pray to you to help her through this phase and not let this take a toll on her physical or mental health. Teach her to always be strong and brave.- Amen

Prayer For Sister’s To Motivate

-Dear Good God, I completely trust my sister’s abilities. I know she is very talented and hardworking, and no obstacle can stop her from achieving what she wants. Stand by her, watch over her actions, and give her the motivation she expects from you.- Amen

-O Lord, I pray to you on my sister’s behalf so that you bless her with prosperity and flourishing in her life. Let her get all the good things that she had always wanted, and let her understand what truly has meaning in life. Bless her with your compassion.- Amen

-Dear God, your blissful presence exudes comfort and strength to us. Whenever life seems a little too difficult, you come to us and motivate us to start again. So, do the same for my sister when she is discouraged or feels inefficient. Help her to move only forward, never backward.- Amen

Prayer For Sisters To Build Better Relation

-O Father, I pray to you today to bless my sister and me so that we can develop our connection and I can have a better relationship with her where we support each other and motivate each other to push our limits and achieve more than we can think of.- Amen

Prayers For Sisters

Prayer For Sister’s Comfort

-Dear Lord, look after our hearts so that we can open up to each other more easily and share our comforts and discomforts. Allow us to receive the love and affection from each other that you intend us to. Let us be able to honor each other properly.- Amen

-O Father, allow me and my sister to follow your commandments and emerge as a shining bright light so that we can become a suitable example to other people to prove your love and grace to us and your power of reconciliation. We give ourselves to you completely, Dear God.- Amen

-O Dear Lord, I believe it is only because of your endless grace that I can witness my sister’s growth in life- watch over her spiritual and personal development. She is growing and has unquestionable faith in you in her heart. Bless her with all your love and affection.

Prayers For Sister’s Positivity

-Dear Good God, my little sister is gradually going through a transformation phase. She is changing from the naive, little, innocent infant she was into a wise, sensible, and devoted woman. Be with her as she moves into light and positivity, guiding her on the right track.- Amen

-Lord Beloved, bless my sister by refreshing and uplifting her spirits and helping her to get back on her feet. Give her hope so that she can be positive about everything and trust your understanding. Give her the peace that only you can give her. I praise your graceful name.- Amen

-Good Almighty Lord, I have recently noticed that for some unprecedented reason, my sister’s faith in you is wrong and lacks the faith that builds all of us. I pray to you to look after the matter and address it so that she can regain her lost faith.- Amen

-Dear Kind Father, my sister cannot feel or experience the endless love you have given her in life. Help her to see through herself so that she can understand your blissful presence in her soul and see how you bless her with your grace and love.- Amen

Blessing Prayer For Sister

-O Father, bless my sister’s senses and help her to see what’s invisible to the normal human being. Reveal your true self to her and let her bow down to you in respect and gratitude, just like I have done. Allow me to be of any help if I can.- Amen

Prayers For Sister About Forgiveness

-Dear Blessed Father, you are the Healer who helps us to recover from all pain. Because of you, virtues like forgiveness and peace have been incorporated into our souls. I pray to you to watch over my sister so that she can become mankind and a loving person to everyone.- Amen

Prayers For Sister To give Her Everything

-Good Lord, I pray to you to lend your helping hand to my sister whenever she needs you. Hear out her prayers and give her everything she needs and wants. If she needs healing, let your Spirit watch over her and purify her. I trust you with everything, Holy Father.- Amen

-Dear Father, I pray to you to reassure my sister whenever she is in despair that there is nothing to worry or be afraid about with you in our lives. You will help us through our anxieties and troubles. We need to trust you with our hearts and soul.- Amen

Prayers For Sisters

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