50+ Prayers For Sobriety

If you are a person who is recovering from substance use and finally walking on the correct path, praying to a higher power- the authoritative Almighty, who looks after all of us, will help you more. It will help you realize where you went wrong and choose what is correct.

Prayers For Sobriety

Bless me with your love and grace

-Dear God, how can I thank you enough for teaching me the importance of sobriety in life? Thank you for another sober day. It is only because of you that I am finally on the right track and am doing the correct things. Bless me with your love and grace.

-O Lord, I pray to you today to give me the proper knowledge of your will in my life and I ask you to give me the strength to execute that in my life. My life is good and I am doing the things that I’ve always wanted to do.

-Dear Good Father, I have accepted this phase of my life as a trial period and I know you will bless me for remaining steadfast. If I can successfully pass the test, I will be gifted with the glorious crown of life and my life will not have been wasted.

Best Prayers For Sobriety

Bless me with good thoughts

-Blessed Father, I pray to you this morning to keep me sober today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life. Please bless me with good thoughts and make me content. Let me be happy and kind towards life, and lead it just the way it was meant to be.

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Give me the courage

-O Kind Father, I know in my heart that there are certain things that I cannot change or modify. Please give me the power and serenity to accept those things with an open embrace. Also, if there are things I can change, give me the courage to do so wisely.

to turn my weakness into strength

-Father, you are the Lord. You are an ocean of endless mercy. You are the place we go to for comfort, you are our last refuge. Today I pray to you to turn my weakness into strength. Take my sufferings, and use them to turn me into a compassionate person.

Prayers To Give Me Comfort

-Gracious Lord, I pray to you to never let the burden of my past sorrows ruin the present possibility of having joy in life. I submit all my pain to you and I ask you to turn them into comfort, not just for me but for everyone else around me. 

motivated me toward the light

-O Almighty Lord, I have immense hope in your faithfulness and I have never questioned your goodness and mercy on us. You have been a supporter for me when I have been struggling in the dark, and you have motivated me towards the light. I express my gratitude to you.

-O Blessed Father, sow faith in me and never let me doubt myself or you. In the days of despair and darkness, let me be motivated towards hope and light. No unwanted sadness or anxiety must be able to engulf me and fill my heart and mind with endless joy.

Nice Prayers For Sobriety

To give me patience, Joy, And Happiness

-Dear Good Lord, this healing life’s a blessing from you. I consider this as an opportunity to give myself a second chance and fix everything that I’ve done wrong. As I progress towards recovery, I pray to you, Father, to give me patience and fill my heart with joy and happiness.

-Gracious Father, today I offer myself entirely to you. I want you to build me- my character and faith. I am totally at your hands, and I pray to you to do things with me according to your desires. Lord, please release me from the exhausting bondage of this self.

-O Good Father, up till now, I have followed your path, listened to every word you have said, and I am convinced that it is always better to act according to your will. Only then can all my difficulties be washed away and I can be truly happy in life.

Prayers For Love And Peace

-O Father, I want to be an instrument of your love and peace in this world. Let me be a messenger of love and brotherhood in those places where hatred brews itself. Let me be forgiving, sympathetic, and kind towards others so that I can become a better human being.

Prayers To Keep Me Protected

-O Father, I pray to you to keep me away from all temptations and evil desires that life makes me face every day. Let me not be lured or attracted by anything that can cause me harm or drag me into the dark pit from where there’s no coming back.

-Father, you are witness to the fact that desire has been conceived in my life and it has eventually given birth to sin. This sin would have gradually developed itself and brought forth death as the ultimate offering. Thank you for protecting me from all that harmful growth of desires.

I Pray To rest your healing hand upon me

-O Merciful Father, at this point in my life, I can ask for nothing more than mercy from you. Look upon me with your merciful eyes and rest your healing hand upon me. Your powers of rejuvenating life have flown into every cell in my body and refreshed me newly.

Prayers For Comfort

-O Loving Lord, your unconditional grace and comfort have spread even into the innermost depths of my restless heart and soul and soothed me in an unthinkable way. I pray to you to further cleanse and purify my soul as much as possible and restore me to completeness and power.

 Prayers For Sobriety

-Dear Father, today I place before you the haunting memories and the perplexing memories of my past life that take away my mental peace. I am frightened by my despair and it frustrates me to think that I am unable to think clearly. I seek the comfort of your love.

I pray to you to help me

-O Good Father, even in my distressing memories, I pray to you to help me remember that you are always there for me, forgiving and merciful. You are there to calm my heart and relieve my mind of its worries. You are the most peaceful refuge I could ask for.

give me hope and motivation

-Dear Almighty Father, today I pray to you to keep me closer to you. Let me constantly be in touch with you, so that I feel secure from the evils of the outer world. Lord, fill my heart and soul with a burning light and give me hope and motivation.

-O Father, today I embark on a new path. I clean myself of all resentment and self-doubt. I stop being selfish and I strive to be a kind person. Father, eradicate the way I feel so critically about my fellow people and how I misinterpret the experiences life gives me.

Bless me with generosity and appreciation

-O Good Lord, please help me to develop the good virtues within me, the ones that will help me to become a better person. Bless me with generosity and appreciation, teach me to praise for the things someone does for me. Help me to accept myself the way I am.

-Father, I pray to you to help me focus on self-growth as well as be grateful to other people in my life. Teach me to gain perspective and look at things differently, and let me have a better and more enlightened understanding of the experiences that occur in my life.

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I pray to you to never let me lose faith And Healing

-O Good Lord, I pray to you to never let me lose faith in you or the way you work for me. I believe in my heart that the very first step to healing myself spiritually is to have faith- trust that your ways can never be wrong for me. 

-Dear Gracious Father, bless me with an open mind and heart and reinforce my faith in your endless strength and capabilities. Healing is a constant and attainable experience that I have to go through with your blessings and wishes. Let me understand that it is a reality to be experienced.

-Lord, I have learned from you that no matter what happens to us, the correct thing to do is to have patience. That is exactly what I’m doing. I am keeping trust in your healing process and I know in my heart that you are constantly worrying for my welfare.

-O Gracious Lord, today I expect very joyfully that you will bless me with the perfect completeness that I am looking for. You will eventually bring about the massive manifestation through me and you will constantly express perfection inside me, Therefore, I am at the truth of your healing process.

-Dear Almighty Lord, I know that with you by my side, nothing in this world is impossible. This is why I surrender myself to you- I lay my past, present, and future in your hands. I give my problems and wishes to you. Guide me the way you want to.

-Dear Father, please hold onto every aspect of my life– big or small. Everything that has hurt me or worried me, anything that has made me doubt myself and be afraid of what’s coming next- I give to you to handle on my behalf of me as I trust you fully.

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