50+ Prayers For Strength And Courage

We often find ourselves in a situation where we become hopeless, and we have no clue regarding how to carry on in life. Materialistic or emotional difficulties can make us weary, and in these moments, we search for strength. We must trust God and ask him to give us strength.

Prayers For Strength:

Prayer For Strength And Comfort

-Dear Blessed Lord, what always keeps me going through my tough days is knowing that my source of strength lies in your Spirit, and you are the refuge for me to be comforted when I need you. Remind me of your presence so that I am never shaken by fear.– Amen

-Blessed God, I find everything around me thrown into inexplicable chaos, and there is no peace anywhere. Especially during this time, I feel powerless without your strength, and I need your comfort to be upon me at all times now. It’s a nightmare that I am going through right now.– Amen

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Prayer For Strength And Overwhelm

-Father, my physical and mental problems are trapping me, and I feel completely overwhelmed. This is one of the most difficult times in my life, and I find no other way than to seek you to help me. Give me strength and protect my endless trust in your godly powers.– Amen

Prayer for Strength and Hope

-God, I am currently at a loss for words, and my confusion and discomfort are inexplicable. I don’t understand the proper way to pray to you. Nonetheless, I bow down in prayer to you because I know that you will never let me down, and you will hear my prayers.– Amen

-Lord, amid all this frustration and anxiety, I feel lost, and it seems that I have no strength left in my soul. My heart aches, and my mind is disturbed. But, I get peace knowing that I have you to watch over me and help me to overcome these troubles.– Amen

-Dear Father, whenever I feel completely helpless, I get refuge in reminding myself that you, beloved Father, have always been with us in our good times as well as bad times. You have been incredibly supportive of us whenever we needed your help, and I thank you for everything.– Amen

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Prayer For Strength And Good Health

-Almighty Beloved Lord, in my days of distress, I have called upon your Holy Spirit to listen to my prayers and take me out of this, and you have answered me accordingly. So, I continue to have faith in you, and I pray to you to make me strong again.– Amen

-O Dear God, your Holy words and your rigorous commandments have helped me immensely to go through this difficult time, and I can feel a positive change coming in my life. So, I pray to you for more strength, physical and mental, so that I can prepare myself for it.– Amen

Prayer For Strength And Peace

-Blessed Father, whenever I have lost the language of prayer, you have been kind to me, and you have understood my weaknesses. You have guided me and given me peace. I don’t even need to rely on my strength when I have you to provide me with everything I need.– Amen

-Dear God, for some unfortunate reason, this beautiful world of yours is becoming insufferable to me. I seek peace in my life but am unable to find it. So, when all doors close for me, I pray at your door because none of my prayers to you have gone unanswered.

-Lord Jesus, I pray to you to be benevolent to me and bless me with eternal peace. Stop everything from becoming worse than it already is and fix things for me. Help me to be strong enough to resist being overwhelmed by what’s happening. I praise your mighty Holy name.– Amen

-O Heavenly Father, I do try to encourage anyone who lacks courage, but I believe that the strength they need can only come from your Holy Spirit. So, I lift them to you, and I pray to you to give them peace. Defend them whenever they need you to.– Amen

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Prayers For Strength

Prayer For Strength And Keep Me Strong

-Dear God, no matter how hard I try, I cannot stop the incoming storms in my life from bewildering my heart and soul. I am incapable of defending myself, and I need your support. Give me your power and inner strength so that I can face them with renewed energy.– Amen

-O Jesus, before I start on my own to fight my battles, I pray to you to remind me to bow down to your powers first. Only when I turn to you and follow your path can I be capable of being prepared for every struggle in my life.– Amen

-Good Father, I pray to you today for patience. Give me the strength to endure my difficult times with a brave heart. Also, remind me that no matter what I do, I must always remember to honor you in the midst of everything. Let me walk the path of faith.– Amen

Hold My Hand In My Weakness

-Lord Beloved, whatever my problems and weaknesses are, I place them before your power. I know that you will take it away from me and not let the load break my inner strength that has been given by you. I trust in your unconditional care to make me strong again.– Amen

Prayer For Strength and healing Depression

-O Heavenly Lord, you heal us. Be with us when we suffer from the loss of a dear one or become depressed due to a failure. Give us the strength to go through these days of bereavement. Let grief not take a grip over our hearts and bring us down.– Amen

Prayer For Strength And Give All Glory

-Dear Loving Lord, in my days of weakness and discomfort, I pray to you to let me turn to you, follow your Holy Word and keep your joy in my heart. Your community will give me strength, and I give all glory and praise to you for looking after us.– Amen

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Prayers For Strength

Prayer For Strength And Courage

-Dear Father, I have never been able to lie to you or hide something from you. So, I know that you are already aware that my life is not going through a very easy time. Things are rough, and I don’t seem to find any property or development in life.– Amen

-Blessed Father, I believe that I often give myself a tough time for no reason at all. Help me to set aside this burden that has been created upon my heart and guide me so that I can lean on you and trust your process of subtle refining on myself.– Amen

-Dear Loving God, as I place mine completely in your hand today, I trust with you that you will empty it of all elements that take away my strength, and you will fill it up instead with your Spirit that keeps me uplifted. I want you to set me free.– Amen

-Good God, I admit that my fear and worn-down Spirit restrict me from having faith in you. Help me to choose against all fear and believe in your mighty presence. I choose your Word over everyone else. Guide me properly to identify the lies spoken to me by negative powers.– Amen

Prayer For Keep Me Devoted To You

-O Almighty Lord, I have tried out several ways, but nothing seems to work to give me the freedom I seek so that I can get rid of other compulsions in my life and keep myself devoted to you. I need you more now than I’ve ever needed anyone ever.– Amen

Prayer For Strength And Make Me Positive

-Good Father, I ignore everything that turns me away from you, and I choose to keep faith in your Word that proclaims you to be our Protector. I pray to you to break every bondage in my life and give me independence from all negativity. Hear out my prayers, Jesus.– Amen

-O Lord, as I heal gradually and my spirits are uplifted, I continuously seek your strength within me. No matter how difficult it is to partake in these times, I must never lose trust in you. Remind me of those times when you have saved me and protected me from being hurt.– Amen

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Prayer For Thank You God

-Dear Holy Father, I am thankful that your Holy Word penetrated my life directly and guided me. For this, no matter how isolated I am, I never lose hope. You tell me what to do or say, and you stop me from being misguided. Thank you for your continuous protection.– Amen

Prayer For the Strength Of Family And Friends

-Dear God, I pray to you today for strength, and not just for me, but for my family and friends too. Whoever is lacking the courage to face the difficulties of life, I ask them to bow down to you and trust their life with you because you will protect everyone.– Amen

-O Almighty Great God, I pray to you today to bless my family and me so that we can get closer to your Spirit each day. Prepare us to be good examples to other people and show them the power of true faith. Let us know the goodness in you.– Amen

Prayer For Joy In All Situations

-Dear Lord, as you bless me with strength, I also pray to you to give me joy. Give me a feeling of positivity that spreads through my soul and keeps my heart rejoiced in your love forever. I take delight in you, and you are the embodiment of my strength.– Amen

Prayers For Strength

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