50+ How To Pray For Strongholds To Be Broken

Breaking strongholds in life is not a very easy thing to do. We need to believe in ourselves and pray to the Almighty Lord to bless us with the strength and wisdom we need to face our obstacles and deal with them. These uplifting prayers can be very helpful.

Prayers For Overcoming Strongholds

Prayers For Strongholds And Courage

-O Father Beloved, I come before you, praying for your divine courage and wisdom to be with me during the toughest days of my life when I have to face my strongholds. Bless so that no matter how difficult things are for me, I may always be strong and confident.- Amen

-Dear Protector, the courage I need to deal with my strongholds can only come from you, so I rely on you more than anybody else. I have endless faith in your good wishes for me, so I ask for your Holy Will to work out in my life.- Amen

-Heavenly Good God, bless us with a sound mind and a kind heart so that we can always remember the values you have taught us through your Commandments. Remind us that no matter how powerful our strongholds are, we must never lose the courage and authenticity you’ve blessed us with.- Amen

-Eternal Deity, I pray to you against all forms of oppressions that arise in my life in the form of unbeatable strongholds. Keep me aware of everything that can enslave our hearts and take us away from your affection. Let nothing be strong enough to destroy my faith and courage.- Amen

-O Holy Protector, remind us constantly that we are empowered through your Holy Spirit, one that evokes confidence and courage and never promotes any form of timidness or restlessness. Allow us to see your divine reflection in our souls more clearly so that we can face our strongholds more bravely.- Amen

Prayers For Strongholds And strength

-O Lord Jehovah, your disciples never feared their adversities and enemies because they had your constant strength and motivation working through them. I pray for the same to happen to me. Bless me so that I can become worthy of receiving your glorious mercy and strength to fight my battles.- Amen

-Savior Beloved, I ask you to keep me away from any unbelief that tries to shake the foundation of my strong faith. Bless me with your divine strength so that no stronghold can weaken or dishearten me ever. Bless me so that I can learn to not be vulnerable ever.- Amen

-Precious Creator, I ask you to give me the strength to face my strongholds, not only worldly but spiritual. Assure me that no matter how hard the evil powers try to ruin the purity and honesty of my soul, my love and trust in you shall sustain me.- Amen

Best Prayers For Overcoming Strongholds

Prayers For Strongholds And Divine Presence

-Dear Good God, I pray for your divine presence in my soul so that I am never dismayed by the spiritual strongholds in my life. Bless me with the reassurance that you are always there to help me in my troubles and rescue me from the burden of my worries.- Amen

-Faithful Father, we are strong in your Holy name, and we believe that no stronghold would ever be powerful enough to beat you. With humble hearts, we pray to you to continue blessing us with your godly grace. Allow us to feel your presence in our souls all the time.- Amen

Prayers For Strongholds And Compassion

-O Heavenly Almighty, as I come before your Spirit in earnest prayer, I ask you to break any stronghold that induces fear or confusion in my heart. Keep me away from anything that tries to evoke unnecessary shame or guilt within me. Keep me safe in your divine compassion forever.- Amen

-Dear Father Beloved, I wish to be strengthened through your grace and attain power and discipline over myself. I seek your divine compassion and mercy that makes me confident enough to stand firm against any strongholds in life. Bless every aspect of my life with your eternal love and kindness.- Amen

-O Heavenly Almighty, I pray before your Holy Spirit to exercise your enormous divine power in my life and break the power of my strongholds. Fill my heart with great joy and positivity so that my soul overflows with your divine compassion. All glory be to Your Holy Name forever.- Amen

-Merciful Almighty, the burden of sin is also a powerful stronghold that I can’t just get rid of. I need your strength and compassion to release the guilt and regret from my heart. Let no such stronghold be developed that tries to enslave me and keep me away from you.

-Lord Jehovah, I wish to stand firm in my faith so that no stronghold, no matter how powerful it is, can ever separate me from your divine compassion. I believe that only you can take full control over my life, and thus, I have nothing to worry about my weaknesses.- Amen

Protection Prayers For Strongholds

-Kind Deity, I choose to find my freedom and strength in your Holy Spirit. I choose to believe that when I find shelter in you, no stronghold can ever shake my faith or compassion. Bless me with the protection of my faith so that I can always trust you unconditionally.- Amen

-Loving Lord, I ask you to bless me with self-control so that I can resist the temptations of my strongholds that may try to bring me down or make me question my capabilities or faith. Bless my faith that with you by my side, nothing can drag me down ever.- Amen

-Father Beloved, I ask you to thwart the plans of evil powers in my life. Keep me alert against any stronghold that has a negative purpose. Let me remember that you are the most powerful force in this world, and nothing can exceed your godly love and protection over us.- Amen

-Beloved God, I pray to you earnestly so that I can seek your Will in my life, thereby nullifying the strongholds of the evil powers. Protect our faith that you are there to protect us through the most furious of storms, and we just need to be patient and faithful.- Amen

-Blessed Savior, bless me with the humility to be able to submit my strongholds to you humbly and trust you to take care of them. I have always believed that whatever tries to drag me down in life shall be eradicated by you, and so I must rely on you.- Amen

-Precious Creator, as I pray in your Holy Name, I ask you to free me from the shackles of any stronghold that is holding me back. Bless me with your godly love that is sufficient to help us go through every difficulty and teach me to be patient and wise.- Amen

-O Great Master, I refuse to be enslaved by any stronghold that makes me question my abilities or faith. I ask for your divine power to work in my life and break the impact of any stronghold. Always keep me away from sin and lead me towards optimism and righteousness. – Amen

Amazing Prayers For Overcoming Strongholds

Prayers For Strongholds And Wisdom

-Good God, I apologize to you if I haven’t followed your Way in life and let the enemies develop strongholds that have now become difficult to face. Sorry for having let negative elements take control over my life. Give me the wisdom I need to gain control over myself again.- Amen

-Good Lord, I pray to you for the wearing of the enemy so that all strongholds set up by them can be crushed down. Give me the wisdom to stay alert regarding the enemy’s tactics, knowing that I can fight against all evil plans only if I can be faithful.- Amen

-Blessed Deity, I am not the least afraid to face my strongholds because I have a love of your Holy Spirit brimming in my heart. I have faith that my love and respect for you shall sustain me, and with your grace, I shall overcome very difficult situations very efficiently.- Amen

pray to you to let me live in the grace of your glorious Spirit

-Precious Dear Creator, I pray to you to let me live in the grace of your glorious Spirit forever, breaking every stronghold that comes in my way. Let there only be joy and love in my life. With heartfelt gratitude, I praise you for everything you have blessed me with.- Amen

-Loving Holy Protector, through your loving Holy Spirit, I shall be set free of all adversities. With your grace and compassion, I shall free myself from the imprisonment of my strongholds that have restricted me from making good use of my capabilities in the favors you have blessed me with.- Amen

-O Faithful Father, one of the biggest strongholds, very difficult to overcome is doubt and fear. I pray to you to eradicate all uncertainties and confusion from my mind and heart so that I can trust you with all my heart and soul, knowing that you shall never forsake me.- Amen

pray for your divine reassurance

-Merciful Master, I pray for your divine reassurance in all my troubling situations. Bless my faith that you are eternally fixated in my heart and soul, and I shall never see you. Remind me that you will always keep your pros of staying by my side, especially in my difficulties.- Amen

Great Prayers For Overcoming Strongholds

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