50+ Prayers For Success In Life, Work, And Career

If you want to achieve success in every sphere of your life, regularly praying to the Almighty Father can be of great help. Praying helps to strengthen your mind and body for every work and makes sure that the helping hand of our beloved Lord is always upon your head.

Successful Prayers For Exam And Works

Prayers For Success And Strength For Work

-Dear Father, I am so grateful to you for enlightening me into this world. You have opened my eyes to development, and you have preserved my capabilities for an eternal lifetime; purify my soul, Lord, and give me strength to work and bless every work that I put my hand into.

-Dear Lord, I keep faith in your true Word that tells me that you give strength to me. You bless my ability to work meticulously, and whenever I achieve success in any field of my life, I consider it a blessing of yours. Thank you for always being with me.

-Father, when I go through a complicated phase at work, help me to remind myself that there is no reason to feel dismayed or weakened. I am your child, and nothing in my way can stop me from achieving the target that I have set my mind and heart upon.

Prayer For Achieve Success

-O Dear God, I pray to you today for prosperity. Bless my work so that I can achieve what I want to, and consequently, your glory is magnified. As I go to work today, I ask for your love and protection. Let your Holy Spirit be constantly present within me.

Prayer For Peace, Happiness, And Success

-Father, let me go to work today with a happy heart. I pray to you to let me be entirely dedicated to my work and put all my heart and soul into it. Give happiness to my soul and bring me peace, not just today but at all times.

Prayer For Help Me To be Successful

-Blessed Father, I am grateful to you for every good thing that has happened to me. All perfect things in my life are a gift from your hands. I pray to you to keep your promise that when I commit myself to something, you will help me to be successful.

Prayers For Wisdom And Guide To Achieve Success

-O, Dear Lord, no matter how hard I try, if my plans do not align themselves with your will and blessings, I can never be successful in anything I do. Father, today I pray to you to let me hear your Holy voice that gives me wisdom and guides me.

Prayers For Success In Life or Relationship

-O Good Lord, I ask you to constantly help me remind myself that true success is found in you- not this world that has itself been created by you. So, my success in every way will only be possible with your mighty presence. I bow down and praise your name.

-O Blessed Lord, your work is unquestionable. You always follow the path of truth and righteousness, and you are as faithful to us as ever. I consider myself lucky to be able to walk in your methods and follow your instructions. I believe that you guarantee my prosperity in life.

-Good Almighty Lord, this particular area of my life is greeting me with several daunting pressures that I have to face with a brave heart. Help me to reinforce my faith in you so that I can have faith in your strength and power that will bring me undeniable success.

-O Father, today I pray to you to assure me that you will bless me with success when I seek you in my work. My Spirit looks up to you in the hope and excitement of beginning a new venture with your blessings. Give me power; make me more successful.

-O Blessed Father, I know that as long as I have you by my side, I have no fear of failing in any task I undertake. And even if I do not succeed, I know that it will be an opportunity for me to learn a lesson and improve myself.

Prayers For Success

Thanksgiving Prayer For Success

-Dear Good Lord, thank you for being such a faithful Lord and listening to every prayer I have ever made before you. You have never forsaken me or forgotten the importance of my prayers. Whatever you have promised me up till now, you have made sure that you keep them.

-Dear Blessed Lord, no matter what I do or say in the workplace today, I pray to you to ensure that I do so in your Almighty name. Let all my work praise your name and express openly how grateful I am to you for everything you so gracefully do. 

-Father, in my way to achieving success, you have blessed me by giving me everything I needed. You are the reason I am so happy and successful today. Thank you for everything. Thank you for staying by me on funny bad days when I felt I was inadequate to do this.

-O Almighty God, I am so grateful to know that all your promises are sure to be fulfilled someday because you are a faithful parent. We can completely trust you and your methods. If it wasn’t for you, I would never even have dreamt of pursuing my way to success.

Prayers For Success, Wealth, and Growth In Life

-Dear Good Father, this work I have set myself in, I give it into your mighty hands. You are the source of my success and growth. Although I have wealth and luxury in my life, don’t let the temptations take over me and take away my glory given by you.

-Father, even in these days of endless success and luxury, I must learn to remember your glorious presence in my life that cannot be matched by any amount of wealth. Keep me enfolded within your peace and comfort, and love me as you have always done. Shelter me in you.

-Dear Almighty Father, I am grateful to you for your infinite and perfect wisdom. I pray to you to accept me with open arms and bless me with endless success in my venture. Let me prosper in life and work my magic in every task I put my hand into.

-Dear Good Father, all I ask you today is to guide me correctly. May all my work bring me success and give you glory and be a way to praise your name. I want you to help me by hearing my prayers and answering them if you consider them wise.

-Dear Lord, whenever I have been obstructed by something in life, I have turned to you for help, and you have shown me the correct way to go. You have never let my soul be disheartened or my mind distracted. You have given me great peace and clarity of mind.

-Father, I know that failures are also a part of our life, and they must be accepted with a warm embrace. Never let my failures bring me down and make me consider myself incapable of being a successful and great person. Make me as holy as your child must be.

Prayers For Success

Prayers For Guidance in Success

-Lord, it is all your majesty that works in my life. I want you to be the guiding light that shines brightly on my path and never leads me into darkness. Your compassion and care are my inspiration, and I succeed only because of the presence of your Holy Spirit.

-O, Dear Lord, give me assurance and confidence as a new task comes upon me today. Give me sanctity so that there is nothing wrong with my work. Throughout it, I should work as a spirited and dedicated soul who cannot be blamed for anything and must only be appreciated.

-Father, as I embark today on this journey to achieving success in the work that I want so earnestly, I pray to you to prepare me for the journey and pave my way yourself. Guide every step of mine, and always watch over me so that I make no mistakes.

-Almighty God, let your purpose and love in my life take a firm stand. When you work for me, my plans will never be a failure. Your blessing will bring me everything I have wanted in life- success, fame, wealth, respect. I am so grateful to you for everything, Father.

Prayer For Achieving Target

-Father, your Spirit uplifts me, gives me the strength and confidence to go on my way and think of achieving my target. It feels so nice to be an empowering person and be completely dedicated to a task and fulfill it to enjoy the sweet fruit of success and luxury.

Prayer For Protection

-Dear Great Lord, as I remember your promise to stand in front of me like a rock and protect me from anything that can harm me. I believe that you have chosen the purpose of my life very wisely, and so I trust this business of mine into your arms.

Prayer For Wisdom And Intelligence

-O Father, I have nothing more to ask from you than that your priceless Word must dwell inside my heart and soul at all times. I pray to you to teach me the wisdom and intelligence you so innately possess. I want to work while having endless gratitude towards you.

Prayers For Success

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