55+ Prayers For a Suicidal Thought

Many of us may have family members or friends who are in a mentally suicidal condition. These people must be dealt with very carefully and with great tenderness.

Also, we must pray to our beloved Lord to help us in this process and look after them with His divine compassion.

Prayers For Fighting Suicidal Thought

Oh God, Guide Me

-O Faithful Father, I ask you to listen to my earnest prayers for my loved one, which is very suicidal at the moment. I don’t understand what mental trauma may have brought them to such a phase, and I am confused regarding what I should do. Please guide me wisely.- Amen

pray to you to bring peace and comfort

-Dear Great God, I pray to you to bring peace and comfort to my loved ones, the suicidal intentions of whom are a consequence of the distress and confusion in their hearts. I believe only you can bring them back from this difficult phase and make them hopeful towards life.- Amen

-Lord Jehovah, I have always been fortunate enough to have my prayers answered by you. You have blessed me with your benevolence by granting all my wishes, and so I come before you Holy Being, asking you to comfort my suicidal loved one, who needs to be saved very urgently.- Amen

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pray to you to help them

-Dear Creator, you are constantly working for our welfare, and you have always tried to take us away from the darkness that engulfs us. On behalf of my relative or friend who is extremely suicidal right now, I pray to you to help them out of this pothole of despair.- Amen

-O Blessed Almighty, it breaks my heart to see that my loved one who has never cherished iniquity in his/her heart ever and has always been faithful now finds themselves in a tremendously difficult position where they have no hope to live any longer. Please help them out now.– Amen

Excellent Prayers For a Suicidal Thought

-Beloved Master, I find no way by which I can turn my friend’s relative’s heart from despair and death toward the magnificence of your Holy Spirit. I pray to you to show them that if they seek solace within you, they have nothing to fear, and they will live prosperously.- Amen

place them into your hands

-Great Lord, I have always had faith in you, and I have trusted you to help me where there is no way out. So, now that I find myself incapable of handling my suicidal friend/relative, I place them into your hands and trust you to take care of them. – Amen

to accept my prayers of reverence and love for you

-Holy Savior, I bow down before you, and I ask you to accept my prayers of reverence and love for you. Please come to my suicidal loved one who needs you more than anybody else. Touch their hearts and comfort them of all the agony that has been tormenting them.- Amen

Pray To to accept my prayers of reverence and love for you

-Loving Good Father, your Holy Word has always allowed me to be confident in you, knowing that I have your constant support and motivation. I trust you with all my heart because I believe that nobody else can cure this mental sickness of my suicidal loved one as you can.- Amen

-Gracious Almighty, I have always believed that if I ask for your favors that truly align with your Holy Will, my wishes will be granted. I would never want to see my loved one plunge into this depression resulting from their suicidal intention. I pray to you for their safety.- Amen

-Sweet Lord, I know that the only thing that can pull my loved one out of this suicidal intention is a shift in perspective and which is something that only you can bring in him/her. Allow them to see life differently so that they can be hopeful and positive.- Amen

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pray to you to eradicate all suicidal thoughts from my friend

-Loving Almighty, I pray to you to eradicate all suicidal thoughts from my friend/relative’s mind and replace them with positive thoughts of hope, love, and positivity. Allow them to understand that there is a lot more to life than we can generally see, and death is not an option.- Amen

-Lord Jehovah, I never suffer from any confusion when I seek you in my heart. I believe strongly that you will never forsake me of your divine love and that all my prayers for my loved ones will be readily answered by you. Help the one who needs you now.- Amen

Prayers For a Suicidal Thought

-Good God, I ask you to bless our faith so that no matter how difficult or complicated situations get, we may always trust you with all our hearts and know that you will always help us find a way out of despair and sorrow rescuing us from developing suicidal thoughts.- Amen

pray to you to restore them to normal life

-Precious Holy Protector, we know how negatively these suicidal thoughts can impact the minds and hearts of our loved ones. We believe that these are evil forces that are just trying to take their minds away from you, and so I pray to you to restore them to normal life.- Amen

-Savior Beloved, we have faith that as long as your Holy Way works itself meticulously in the life of my loved one, nothing can harm him/her, and these suicidal thoughts will be eradicated eventually. We just pray to you to be merciful and watch over them all the time.- Amen

asking you to be a strong source of motivation for my loved one

-Lord Jehovah, I call upon your Holy Name, asking you to be a strong source of motivation for my loved one who is battling against the evil powers that are constantly trying to lure him/her towards suicide. Please be with them and fill their hearts with positivity towards life.- Amen

Bless them with your divine wisdom.

-Kind Faithful Father, I pray to you to be around my loved one, especially when he/she is alone and most vulnerable. Keep them away from developing any suicidal thoughts that may lead them to bring despair into their as well as our lives. Bless them with your divine wisdom.- Amen

pray for your divine love

-Almighty Master, no evil power is strong enough to destroy the peace and hope that you fill in our hearts. I pray for your divine love to reside in my loved one’s hearts at all times so that nothing can make them turn away from leading this beautiful life well.- Amen

-Holy Creator, I pray to you to allow my friend or relative to place you as the foundation of their lives. Bless them with your constant love so that they can never their minds toward any suicidal thoughts. Love them enough so that they shall always seek your eternal compassion.- Amen

-Blessed Holy Savior, I pray to you to bless my loved one with the wisdom that you sustain us, and the only one we are obliged to forever is you. So, in case they find suicidal thoughts creeping into their minds, allow them to give themselves into your protective care.- Amen

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Pray For Your Divine Protection

-Good Gracious Lord, I believe that the reason my loved one is suicidal at this moment is that they have refused to place their trust in you. They have tried to lead their lives in their way. Forgive them for their negligence and take them back into your divine protection.- Amen

-Lord Jehovah, I believe that if we can be righteous and honest in our thoughts and actions, you will keep us away from all sorts of negative thoughts. So, I pray for that Spirit to guide my loved one so that all suicidal thoughts in their mind can be eradicated.- Amen

-Heavenly Almighty, even in their darkest moments, I would want my loved ones to turn to you because only you are powerful enough to rescue them from such critical situations, removing their suicidal intentions and replacing them with your Commandments that speak of the spiritual message of love and compassion.- Amen

-Father Beloved, the thoughts of my suicidal loved one keep me awake at night an,d I have no peace. But, I feel relieved to realize that you understand me, and you know how I feel. I pray to you to help my loved one get out of this suicidal mentality.- Amen

Bless me so that if I can help

-Holy Being, I cannot bear to see the pain and depression that my loved one is going through right now. I am worried about seeing suicidal thoughts overcome their positive mindset and ruin their hope for a better life. Please rejuvenate their souls and help them seek you in everything.- Amen

Nice Prayers For a Suicidal Thought

-Savior Almighty, I ask you to show me how I can learn the proper way to help my friend/relative out of this suicidal state of depression. Bless me so that if I can help, I can drain all my resources to help them achieve the mental stability they need.- Amen

-O Faithful Lord, I don’t know what to do with my friend or relative whose spirits are crushed, and this is leading to the growth of tremendous suicidal feelings in their hearts. Please come to their rescue now and encourage them with words through your Holy Spirit, uplifting their spirits.- Amen

-Blessed Divine Deity, I believe that this troubling phase is just momentary, and my loved one will soon recover from this suicidal mentality. I pray to you to deliver him/her from all the anxiety and stress that is tormenting them and release them from all the troubles they’ve faced.- Amen

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