50+ Uplifting Prayers For Testing Of Faith

The most adverse situations of our lives must always be considered as God’s test of our faith and patience. In such times, we must submit ourselves humbly to Him and pray to Him to let us grow in our faith. These uplifting prayers can be very helpful if used properly.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For Testing Of Faith

-O Good God, you promise to give us everything when we pray to you with faith and respect in our hearts. As I find myself unable to stand firm in my faith and believe you wholeheartedly, I ask for your mercy and compassion to rescue me from this terrible indecision.

-Father Beloved, I know that it is impossible to receive your mercy and love if we cannot act accordingly when our faith is being tested. Draw me closer to your Holy Spirit and let me feel your divine presence so that I may never lose my faith, no matter what.

-Dear Creator, allow me to feel your godly image in my soul more vividly and believe in your divine existence in every aspect of our life so that I can always have endless faith. Reward me with your graceful favors when I pass the test of my faith and respect.

-Gracious Almighty, I believe that my faith in your Holy Spirit will sustain me throughout my life, and I’ll receive what I have asked for. Allow me to be reassured in the glory of my faith so that when it is questioned, I can always stand firm in my position.

-Holy Protector, bless me so that I can never doubt myself or you, especially when I can understand that my faith is being tested. Eradicate all negativity from my heart and soul so that I can only focus on the good things that you have blessed me with in life.

-Good Master, there has been no such time when my prayers to you haven’t been answered. I have always been able to be happy and peaceful in my life only because of my unquestionable faith in your power and compassion. Allow me to pass every test of faith very efficiently.

-Savior Beloved, I am suffering. I am tormented by the test of my faith that makes me question myself and you. As I go through your Commandments, I find that you have asked us to pray whenever we are suffering from indecision or despair, so I give myself to you.

-Good God, no matter what the trouble is that we are going through, allow us to consider this as a test of our faith. Remind us of the power of prayer and how it can build our trust and respect in you, thereby helping us to overcome every adverse situation.

-Merciful Almighty, the one who is sinned, weak, helpless, distraught – you will raise him. Allow us to pass every test of faith, remembering that as long as we have your mercy, we have nothing to worry about. Protect our faith in the power of earnest prayer to your Holy Spirit.

-Lord Beloved, even when we are tormented by the burden of our sins, we pray to you to bless us with patience and faith. Let us remember that this is also a way to test our faith and that we must never lose hope because you will forgive our sins.

-Faithful Father, please remind me that if we ever wander away from the Spirit of your divine truth and understanding, it means that our faith is being tested. Lead the way for us so that we can remember that only you can help us get back on the right track.

-Good Creator, our hearts and souls are tormented. We fail to recognize your godly voice speaking through our souls, and we consider this a test of our faith. Please help us cover the multitude of sins we have committed which has made us stray from your compassion and understanding.

-Kind Deity, everything around us that has life is sustained through our faith in your Holy Spirit. So I pray to you to remember that your good plans for us can never fail, and therefore, even in the most difficult times of our life, we must learn to be patient.

–Dear Lord Jehovah, please forgive us if we have tried to lead our lives in our way, neglecting the power of faith and your Holy Way that has always worked so magnificently in our life. Remind us that we only need to trust you with all our heart and soul.

-Good God, I believe that the time when the burden of our troubles seems to be unbearable is when you are testing our faith and patience. Bless me with the humility to be able to submit everything humbly into your hands and trust you to take care of my problems. 

-Holy Spirit, I ask you to make me a believer. Always help me remember that only if I can pass every test of faith with diligence and perfection, your godly grace and compassion will be showered upon me selflessly, helping me overcome every obstacle that I come across in life. 

-Eternal Savior, in the times when our faith is being tested, remind me that it is you who shares your yoke with all your blessed children so that they may never feel lonely or weak during the adverse situations of their life. Build my foundation of faith in your Spirit. 

-O Blessed Almighty, I know that the current difficult situation that I am going through is a test of my faith, and I always choose to stand firm in my faith and patience, but often things can become unbearable. In these moments, I ask for your divine peace and comfort.

-Precious Dear Creator, despite my inability to feel your divine presence in my life when my faith is being tested, you have good plans for me, and I just need to trust you wholeheartedly. Even if things aren’t working out right now, everything shall be sorted through your godly grace.

-Faithful Father, I have always been able to share my joys and sorrows with you. You have allowed me to rejoice in your Holy Spirit during my joyous days. Bless me so that when my faith is being tested, I shall always seek your glorious divine presence in my life. 

-Lord Jehovah, I wish to grow in your eternal faith and compassion every day. I want to strengthen the foundation of my faith in your Holy Spirit through your grace so that whenever my faith is being tested, I can face it bravely and never be afraid of losing you. 

-Dear Good God, as human beings, we are flawed. This is why when our faith is tested in practical life, we fail to face it with courage and wisdom. Prepare us in the light of your Holy Way so that no matter what happens, we may never lose our faith.

-O Good Savior, we know the power of your Holy Will in our lives, but we refuse to witness its glorious demonstration throughout our lives. Forgive us if we have ever been negligent of your Will and never forsake us from your mercy, especially when our faith is being tested.

-Father Beloved, pour your words of love and wisdom into our hearts so that we can make good use of them when we find our faith in our Holy Spirit is being tested. Help us remember that, like every other adversity, we shall overcome this only through your divine intervention.

-Holy Dear Creator, allow us to find comfort and strength in your Holy Spirit. Our inability to stand firm in our faith when it is being tested fills our hearts with despair and regret, and so we ask you to comfort us with all your godly grace and gentle love.

-Merciful Dear Master, allow us to cling to you in our steadfast faith and respect. Reassure us that our willing and loving obedience to you in every aspect of our lives shall pay us off, especially in times when our faith is being tested. Bless us with knowledge and perseverance.

-O Heavenly Almighty, allow us to have eternal faith in your grace that shall rescue us out of all our sorrows and desperation and give us the eternal salvation that we seek so earnestly from you. I believe that there is only your true sovereign godly power in our lives.

-Loving Protector, consider us worthy of receiving the grace of your world that shall bring an awakening in our hearts and souls and make us seek you in every difficult time of our life when our faith is being put to the test. Remind us that our faith shall bear fruit.

-Good God, lead us to always be respectful and humble before your Spirit so that we can receive your eternal mercy and compassion that will help us overcome our fears and shortcomings when faith is being tested. Let us pass every test of faith to give you praise and honor.

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