50+ Prayers For New Year

As we are about to enter the New Year soon, we must pause and reflect on what we did throughout the past year.

We must also look forward to leading a joyous and prosperous New Year by praying to the Almighty Lord to be there for guidance and motivation.

Soulful Prayers For The New Year

-Dear Lord, as I end another year, I express my gratitude to you for all you have given us throughout this one. Thank you for the love you have given, the gift of joy and health, and for the family and friends who have supported us unconditionally.- Amen

-Holy Father, as I look forward to this new year very eagerly, I pray to you to release all grudges I hold now, forget the things/people who have led us to anger and hurt and hope to lead the year with nothing but optimism and happiness in our hearts.- Amen

-Faithful Good God, I pray to you to make sure that when I start this new year, I have no bondages of the past pulling me down. Allow us to be kind and caring to everyone around us, validating love and compassion as the most important thing in our lives.- Amen

-Gracious Master, I pray to you to help me lead my life in this new year, being conscious of your glorious presence within our blessed souls. Let us serve the needy and spread the Word of your divine love, thinking of it as a way to serve your Holy Cause.- Amen

-Heavenly Almighty, I pray to you to never let any discrimination or negativity make space in our hearts that may lead us to speak or act harshly with people around us. May there only be brotherhood and kindness coming from your godly love among us all in this new year.- Amen

-Good Father, I pray for your divine understanding to reside in our hearts that gives us the humility to prioritize you in every aspect of our lives and always to remember praying to you every day throughout this new year because you will provide for us and keep us happy.- Amen

-Loving Master, in this new year, I pray to you to be merciful to all those people who have been deprived of their privileges and are seeking justice and happiness. Let them understand that even if the world tries to, you would never be unfair to them in any way.- Amen

-Beloved Creator, I pray to you for the entire world which has gone through despair and hopelessness this year. I ask in your Holy name that in this new year, let all darkness be replaced with your divine light, and every false and unjust thing turns to the truth.- Amen

-Precious God, I pray to you to give us the courage and confidence to fix everything that has been wrong with the world this year. In this new year, let us always be able to stand firm against every unjust and evil power and fight them with the simple truth.- Amen

-Holy Lord, in this new year, I pray to bless us all with the power of unity. Help us always to remember that we are unified in your Holy Spirit and that you would always want us to embrace each other with love and respect and never discriminate among ourselves.- Amen

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Prayers For The New Year

-O Kind Creator, I ask you to bless everyone in this world with peace and abundance in this new year. Let your divine grace and knowledge be bestowed upon all of us so that all fears and weaknesses are replaced with strength and confidence in everything we do or say.- Amen

-Heavenly God, I am very hopeful for this new year because I can already feel your blessings being showered upon us all so that we can have a brighter, happier, and more peaceful new year. Let all things broken and worn out be healed and energized by your divine touch.- Amen

-Precious Almighty, I want you to prepare me for every difficult situation that I may encounter throughout this new year. Bless me so that I never lose courage and hope, and teach me always to be faithful towards you, trusting your divine powers to help us when needed.- Amen

-O Divine Being, in this new year, I ask you to bless us all with your strength and vision. Allow us to see through your eyes and serve your Holy Cause of transforming this world. Let us be worthy of being the messengers of your worldly compassion.- Amen

-Savior Beloved, I do not only pray to you for myself, but for the entire community that I represent. Please teach us acceptance, to accept others as well as ourselves without judging unnecessarily. Let us always be able to make space for other people in our lives and our hearts.- Amen

-Holy Blessed Father, I ask you to guide me in seeking only what’s true and just in this new year. Walk the path of life with us so that we can always be assured that we have your support and motivation behind everything we do or say.- Amen

-Dear Great Lord, allow us to use logic and reasoning in everything we encounter. Let us learn to question what we see or listen to and accept life’s challenges as a test of our strength and faith. Allow us to understand worldly miracles through your divine understanding.- Amen

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to strengthen our faith in your Holy Spirit and ourselves too. Let us never doubt our capabilities, knowing that your mighty strength empowers us, and when we have you to guide and motivate us, we have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.- Amen

-Holy Loving Lord, before we enter the new year, let there only be reverence and gratitude in our hearts for all we have received in the last year. Let us focus on our strengths and privileges rather than complaining about what we don’t have or couldn’t do.- Amen

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Prayers For The New Year

-Almighty Master, let there be newfound love within our souls for everything we see, listen to or touch through this new year. Allow us to seek your godly presence in everything around us, giving them the validation and respect they truly deserve. Allow us to treat every person with kindness.- Amen

-Great God, we are ashamed to admit that we have not cared for the environment around us very well this year. We ask for forgiveness to Mother Earth, and we promise to nurture Her with the same love and kindness that you have given us selflessly throughout our lives.- Amen

-Heavenly Almighty, you have always tried to kindle the spirit of mutual understanding and compassion within us. In this new year, I wish to incorporate your divine kindness and love in my heart to share with others the gifts I have been fortunate to receive from you.- Amen

-Precious Holy Almighty, in this new year, my goal is to spread the burning bright light of Your Spirit in the hearts of every person I know. May only your divine understanding transcends all our mere knowledge and wisdom and helps us rise to greater glory.- Amen

-O Good God, before I enter into the new year, I pray to you to help us spend some time in solace. Allow us to pause momentarily, not rushing after luxury and advantages and being thoughtful of what we have done as human beings in the previous years.- Amen

-Blessed Dear Father, let us always be mindful of our steps in the new year. Let there be power and dignity in every word we speak and everything we do. Help us be firm but gentle in our thoughts and actions so we never hurt anyone.- Amen

-O Divine Spirit, allow us to embrace this nature and everything in it as a part of your mighty creation. Let us be able to see magnificence and purpose in every creature on this earth and regard it as a tender place, treating it with the care and love it deserves.- Amen

-Good God, allow us to enter this new year with a focused mind and joyous heart. Let there only be laughter and aspirations in the lives of everyone around us. Let us always remember how blessed we are to see yet another beautiful year in this world created by you.- Amen

-Beloved Almighty, allow us to embrace the luxury of your divine love with humility and respect. May your benevolence and power continue to be the source of our inspiration for this new year and many more years to come. We call upon your Holy peace to reign in our hearts.- Amen

-O Gracious Master, in this new year, I trust in your hands to eradicate all sorrows and pains from our lives. Make us strong enough to bear all difficulties with brave hearts and never give up without fighting for what’s just and right. Ease the path through which we walk.- Amen

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Prayers For The New Year

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