50+ Uplifting Prayers For Those Who Are Away From Home

People staying away from their homes and families often go through a tough time. They are forsaken from the warmth and comfort of their homes and might find themselves lonely or helpless. In such distressing times, they must pray to the Almighty Father to comfort them and look after them.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For Those Who Are Away From Home

-Faithful Father, my responsibilities force me to stay away from my home. As I settle myself in a new place, in a new environment, I pray to you for your constant guidance and protection. Be with me and protect me from all forms of evil that I may come across.

Prayers For Those Who Are Away From Home

-Savior Beloved, I have to stay away from my home, and I feel so vulnerable when I am alone. Please bless me and surround me with your godly protection so that I can always remind myself that I have your divine strength and understanding working through my mind and heart. 

-Dear Lord Jehovah, allow me to stay encompassed in the glory of your Holy Spirit so that I can forget about my pains and suffering as I have to stay away from my home. When I miss my family, allow me to find comfort and shelter in your divine presence. 

-Holy Creator, allow me to follow your Way so that even when I do not have my loved ones to take care of me, I can exult in you because I have always loved you. Allow me to witness your divine intervention so that I can praise your endless glory. 

-Gracious Almighty, you promise to bless your children who are righteous and kind. As I have to stay away from my home, where I have always felt most comfortable, I ask you to fill me with peace and honesty so that I can honor you through my life and activities.

-Precious Holy Protector, the pain of living away from my family and friends, is unbearable, and it often brings me down. I pray to you to let me find comfort in you. Allow me to set my mind and heart in you so that I can witness your divine grace.

-Kind Loving Lord, staying away from my home means I am without the supervision of my elders. But I ask you to remind me that you are always watching over my thoughts and actions, and therefore I must not do anything that may cause displeasure to you in any way.

-Dear Great Master, strengthen me in the purity and power of your mighty Holy Spirit. Keep me in your compassionate grace so that I can always remember that even if I am away from my loved ones, you are there to stand by me and help me fight my battles.

-Eternal Savior, staying away from my home and my family constantly fills me with negative thoughts about the safety of my loved ones. I pray to you to look after them and fulfill all their materialistic and spiritual desires so that they can always be happy and peaceful in life.

-O Holy Father, let your divine protection surround my loved ones all the time. Keep my house in the hedge of your godly security so that no evil can even touch my loved ones in any way. Remind them that you are always taking care of their welfare and protection.

-O Good God, I am often crippled by the fear and anxiety of living by myself, far away from my home and my family where there was love and comfort. In such times, remind me of your compassionate grace that fills my life with protection and understanding at all times. 

Best Prayers For Those Who Are Away From Home

-Blessed Lord, while I am away from my family, I pray to you for the protection of their minds and hearts. Bless them with discernment and understanding so that they can only validate truth and honesty in their life and always stay away from any form of evil or injustice.

-Dear Kind Deity, inappropriate and dangerous situations are a regular part of our lives, and therefore I pray to you for my family, far away from me right now. Bless them with the strength and patience they need to face their enemies and emerge victorious and honorable in all battles.

-Lord Jehovah, I ask you to let my family feel your divine presence in their life so that they can understand that with you by their side, they will overcome all their shortcomings and weaknesses, and you will never let them be led into the path of injustice or wrongdoing.

-Father Beloved, remind me that wherever I go, I shall be able to feel your divine presence around me if I can follow your Way in life. Allow me to feel your godly love and understanding in my heart which constantly reassurES me that you will never leave me alone. 

-Dear Almighty Protector, staying away from the comfort of my home and my family can make my life very challenging, but I choose to keep faith in your good plans for me. You will never forsake me from your divine protection, and therefore I trust you with all my heart.

Amazing Prayers For Those Who Are Away From Home

-Blessed Savior, no matter where I go, I ask you to keep me grounded in the grace of your unconditional love. Remind me that I acquire my strength and wisdom from you, and you are my family because you look after me in a way that nobody else can ever.

-Gracious Good God, consider me worthy of placing you at the center of my life, every moment of every day. Let your divine presence make it easier for me to feel comfortable in a new place where I am forsaken by the love and security of my house and family.

-Beloved Creator, I am about to start a new journey in my life where I have to stay away from my family and settle in a completely unknown place. Surround me with kind and positive people who will help me in every Way rather than trying to bring me down. 

-O Lord Jehovah, your divine kindness and understanding have always favored me greatly in every aspect of my life. Staying away from my home fills my heart with a sense of uncertainty and anxiety that I cannot get rid of, and so, I submit all my problems humbly before you. 

-Good Lord, my work requires me to travel across the world constantly, far away from the warmth of my home and my family. No matter where I go, remind me that you are everywhere, and I shall always be protected and favored through the endless grace of your Holy Spirit. 

-Precious Master, you are the supreme Lord of my life. No power can ever be greater than you, and therefore, I ask you to defend me in all my battles. Never let me feel alone or defeated, and keep me motivated and encouraged with your divine strength and understanding constantly. 

-Loving Lord, I pray to you to protect me from any bad company that can induce me towards wrongdoing. Allow me to come in contact with positive and inspirational people who will understand and share my pain of staying away from my home and always support and love me unconditionally. 

-Heavenly Almighty, while I am far away from my home and my family, I ask you to constantly guard my mind and heart and protect me from all temptations. Fill me with your divine strength so that I can gain control over myself and never give in to evil desires. 

-Kind Deity, the pain of not being able to see my loved ones every day constantly troubles me, and therefore I ask you to let your godly face shine upon my heart more vividly. Comfort my worn-out soul and reassure me that you are always there to look after me.

-O Faithful Father, your eternal grace is one of the most priceless favors we could have hoped to receive from you. Even when we have been undeserving and unfaithful, you have not forsaken us from your compassionate protection ever, and therefore I pray to you today with gratitude and respect.

-Dear Savior Beloved, I come before you, praying for nothing more than your godly fellowship. Being more intimately connected to your Holy Spirit gives me comfort when I am sad or distressed to think about my home and family with whom I cannot communicate efficiently when I am far away. 

-O Good God, even though life seems incomplete without the constant company of my loved ones, I ask you to fill me with a sense of contentment, thinking about the endless favors that you have selflessly showered upon me forever. Thank you for always treating us so kindly and mercifully. 

-Kind Loving Father, let me be worthy of receiving your everlasting love forever. Remind me that in all my journeys, even if I cannot find the company of my loved ones, you will always support me wholeheartedly. Allow me to find my home in the grace of your Holy Spirit.

Great Prayers For Those Who Are Away From Home

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