50+ Uplifting Prayers For Those Who Are Out Of Work

A person who is out of work goes through a very tough phase indeed. In these uncertain times, he/she should never lose hope and pray to the Holy Lord with strong faith to bless them with the motivation and strength to find work and remain patient until they do.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For Those Who Are Out Of Work

-Savior Beloved, I need your divine intervention in my life more than ever. I am unemployed, and I’m unable to support my family by financial means. Please shower me with your graces so that I can find work and prosper in life. With a grateful heart, I pray to you.

Uplifting Prayers For Those Who Are Out Of Work

-O Faithful Father, I have always believed that you have great plans for me. This is why I fail to understand that no matter how hard I try, I am always out of work. Please help me and guide me so that I can use my capabilities to the fullest.

-Good God, you have blessed your children with all the prosperity and abundance they deserve in their lives. Please be merciful and help me figure out why I am out of work. Reassure me that only if I can keep faith in myself and you will I overcome this despair.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, I am financially drained out, and I need a job very urgently. This is why I need your strength and wisdom working through me so that I can prove myself capable and find a job that I can do efficiently and responsibly. All glory be to you.

-Holy Creator, you have always promised us that if we can be humble and respectful in our prayers, you will grant our wishes. Therefore, as I come before your Holy Spirit today, I ask you to bless me with prosperity by helping me find any work that I can do.

-Gracious Almighty, I wish for one of your divine miracles to work out in my life because without your strength and guidance, I will always be out of work, and I will not be able to sustain myself and my loved ones. Please turn your merciful godly gaze towards me.

-Kind Loving Lord, it breaks my heart to realize that although I am quite capable, I am unemployed. I cannot find a job as a means to sustain myself. Please be kind and help me find work so that I can provide for the daily requirements of my life easily.

-Dear Great Master, the burden of despair that comes along with unemployment is intolerable. While many are out there fulfilling their dreams and achieving new heights of success, I am unemployed, and I am unable to spend my day fruitfully doing something meaningful. Please motivate me in such difficult times.

-Eternal Savior, being out of work is taking a toll on my dignity and motivation, and I constantly feel less of myself. I am not worthy of facing my family, and the lack of pride hits me hard. I wish for your graceful compassion to help me overcome this distress.

-Holy Father, I can feel this unemployment gradually plunging me into a pit of depression. I ask you to be merciful and surround me with work so that I can put my heart and soul into something that I love doing and work with responsibility, serving your Holy Cause dutifully.

-Lord Jehovah, I pray to you earnestly on behalf of every person across the globe who is hopeless and in despair because they are out of work. Bless us all with your godly grace so that we can always remember that you are there, and therefore, we must fear nothing.

Amazing Uplifting Prayers For Those Who Are Out Of Work

-Blessed Lord, you have never forsaken us from your divine mercy and love. Then why is it so that even though I am quite capable, I cannot find a job? Please take me into your considerate care and comfort me when I feel weak or distressed due to my unemployment.

-Kind Deity, it is true that I am unemployed, but I ask you to remind me that I must never lose faith in myself or question my capabilities. You have blessed us with endless opportunities, and we need to wait for the right thing to happen at the right time.

-Lord Jehovah, bless me with wisdom and understanding so that I can be more efficient in my search for jobs. Surround me with positive and efficient people who can help me with interviews that may help me get a good job and teach me to work more dutifully and responsibly.

-Father Beloved, even when I am out of work, I ask you to keep me passionate. Help me remember that I will soon be able to do something that I like, and I have to prepare myself thoroughly for the job to come. Build patience and determination in my character

-Dear Almighty Protector, I pray to you to make me sharp and resourceful so that I can be wise and efficient while looking for job interviews. Help me make the correct choices and always guide the way for me so that I can have your divine assurance in all matters.

-Blessed Savior, no matter what happens or how long I stay out of work, I ask you to protect the foundation of hope and faith in my heart and soul. Make sure I never lose faith in your Spirit, remembering that you will provide me with all the good things. 

-Gracious Good God, I have always believed that there are endless opportunities around me when it comes to working. You have blessed us with the best things possible, and we just need to be efficient and honest while making good use of the endless scopes that you have given us.

-Beloved Creator, fill me with your godly strength and patience so that I can always stay determined when it comes to finding work. Let me remember that I will never be forsaken from your abundance, and I must work hard to attain all the materialistic prosperity that I seek now.

-Good Lord, I pray to you to bless my financial condition so that I may soon be employed in something meaningful and earn my amenities through hard work and responsibility. Bless me with a chance to prove myself and to show that my faith in your Spirit has finally paid.

-O Good God, shower your blessed children with endless job opportunities so that they can choose efficiently what they are passionate about and do their work responsibly, thereby finding a way to work with diligence and faith in their hearts, serving your Cause and giving you endless glory and praise.

Best Uplifting Prayers For Those Who Are Out Of Work

-Precious Master, although I’m unemployed and this causes me a lot of despair, I want you to make sure that I never stray from the path of your truth and righteousness. Keep me away from indulging in any unjust activity or doing something inappropriate that may cause you to dishonor.

-Loving Lord, my inability to find work is making me suffer so much, and I am confused. I submit all my pains and worries before your Holy Spirit, trusting you to take care of me. No one can care about me better than you do, and therefore, I believe you.

-O Heavenly Almighty, this economic downturn resulting from unemployment has often made me question the truth of your Holy Spirit. Bless my faith so that I can always remember that no matter what, you are always there for your children, and you are the only Sovereign Lord of our lives.

-Kind Sweet Deity, without your Holy Will, nothing can work out in our lives. I pray for your Way to work out meticulously in every aspect so that I can always lead my life according to your teachings and therefore remember that you will never keep me unemployed and distressed.

-Faithful Father, remind me that it is you who sustains us. Since you have blessed all your children with your defined abundance, nobody shall suffer because they are out of work, and you will provide sufficiently for everyone. Please protect our faith by granting our wishes and making us happy.

-Savior Beloved, despite the despair and hopelessness that this unemployment brings to me, I choose to believe in you. I choose to stand firm in my faith that says that only if I can trust you with my life I will receive all the good things that I seek earnestly.

-Precious Protector, I pray to you to open the doors of employment in abundance for me so that I can get over the despair of always being out of work. Reassure me that I am worthy of everything, and I just need to be patient and faithful for some time.

Excellent Uplifting Prayers For Those Who Are Out Of Work

-Kind Loving Father, we are nothing without your love. Without your mercy and guidance, we will never be able to overcome this employment. Therefore we pray to you earnestly to help us find stable jobs so that we can use the strength you have given us and prosper in life.

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