41+ Prayers For Thursday: To Start Each Day With Joy

If you are feeling confused or lost, you probably need to start focusing on yourself right now. One of the best ways to do so is to sit alone and pray to God. Here are a few prayers that can make your Thursday morning better and give you the motivation you need.

Powerful Prayers For Thursday

Thursday Morning Prayer

-Dear Good Father, this Thursday morning, I stand before you, and I bow down to your majesty. I pray to you to let me have heightened senses, the eyes and ears, so that I can hear and see the words and actions of your Spirit. Let me understand you completely.

-Dear Good Father, I want you to purify my spirit. Give me your wisdom and reveal yourself to me so that I can be more mesmerized by your greatness. I want to know that my calling and praying to you is not in vain and you are listening to me.

-Dear Good Father, do bless this Thursday morning. Bless every task and responsibility that I am about to set my hand upon so that I can be sure of my success. Even if I face failure, never let that bring me down and give me the power to bounce back.

Prayers of God’s Presence

-Dear Good Father, I give this Thursday the entire day to you, and I pray to you to be with me throughout the day at all times. Never let me forget your presence or neglect it. I want you to allow me to follow your lead everywhere I go today.

-Dear Good Father, if I can get even a small portion of your Godly wisdom and knowledge, I will consider myself blessed by you. I will never again doubt the decisions I make or the activities I do. I will be able to experience your hand in everything around me.

-Dear Good Father, I am your child. I constantly need your parenting. Throughout the day, whatever choices I make, even the smallest of them- I want you to show your full support and affirmation of it. Only then can I be completely sure that I am not doing anything wrong.

-Dear Good Father, anyone who comes in contact with me must be able to feel your presence in me. I must be able to give out that vibe of love that I have acquired from you. Your teachings are my support, and I must be able to spread your word.

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Prayers For Thursday

Prayer For Guidance or Direction

-Dear Good Father, you are the best parent a child could ever ask for. This morning, I also pray to you that you must be my guide and show me the way. Your word is the final one, and with you by my side, I shall never get carried away.

-Dear Good Father, as I look around myself on this lovely and bright Thursday morning, I just feel so grateful to you, and I would like to thank you for blessing us with another day in your world. Everything around me is so beautiful and appears to carry your word.

-Dear Good Father, I want to experience your holy presence in my life all the time with better clarity. Help me to see through you and appreciate that you are an integral part of my life. Let me see the beauty in you and your creation all around the world.

Thursday Peace Prayer

-Dear Good Father, life in modern times is spinning out of control. Everyone is too busy and there is no time for solitude and prayer. I pray to you to let me have some peace today as I sit and pray to you. I must slow down, pause and reflect.

-Dear Good Father, with violence and cruelty raking over the world, I pray to you this morning to calm our hearts and give us peace. Let our hearts be kind and caring towards people that we come across in our daily lives and let us spread only love, no hatred.

Thursday Prayer For Faith

-Dear Good Father, this Thursday, I want to rest in you completely. I want to have faith in you, the kind of faith that can never be questioned by me or anyone else. Let me know that you are always there as my guide and mentor.

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Thursday Blessing Prayer

-Dear Good Father, this morning, I just pray to you to make Thursday a very good day. Bless me with wisdom and kindness, and be with me and I set out to rule the day. Help me through my hard times and in tackling the obstacles that I come across.

Prayers For Thursday

Thursday Prayer For Strength

-Dear Good Father, supply me with courage and patience throughout the day so that I can work peacefully and not lose my temper. I will come across different types of people throughout the day. Give me the knowledge and strength to deal with them, accordingly, without unnecessarily misbehaving with anyone.

Thursday Prayer For Stay With Me

-Dear Good Father, throughout the day, I will need grace and confidence to go by. These qualities can be incorporated in me when I receive them as a blessing from your Holy Spirit. Help me by sending your angels ahead of me. I pray to you to be with me.

-Dear Good Father, I can never praise you enough for your greatness and goodness. Bless not only this day but also the night. I constantly want to express my gratitude to me for everything you have done and are still doing for me. I pray that you never leave me.

-Dear Good Father, all I pray this morning is that you please hold me closer to you. Stay in close touch with me so that I never feel that I have no one to go to. Work through my soul and transform me so that I can become more like you.

Thursday Prayer For Protection

-Dear Good Father, bless me in a way so that I bear good fruits. Keep me away from evil. Let my work and activities be of glory and make them last for a longer time. Everything I say or do, I do in the name of your power and glory.

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Thursday Prayer For Night Sleep

-Dear Good Father, when I end my Thursday and go to bed to take a rest, bless me with peace and comfort so that I rest my body and it feels refreshed when I wake up tomorrow. Let the worries of my day not interfere with my good night’s sleep.

-Dear Good Father, it is not that I do not need you when I am sleeping. Give me nice dreams, and let me properly comprehend the true meaning of them. Speak to me when I feel distressed and confused, and comfort me.

Thursday Thanksgiving Prayer

-Dear Good Father, I know that you will listen to my prayers and guide me and comfort me throughout the day. I pay my regards and gratitude to you for doing so beforehand. Thank you for staying close to me and helping me in moments I needed you the most.

-Dear Good Father, I would like to thank you for my family. It is just the way I wanted- they are supportive and loving, and they take care of and love me unconditionally. Protect them and fulfill their wishes too. Bless all of us, and let us have faith in you.

Prayers For Thursday

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