50+ Prayers For The Trials Of Life

Our lives are a mixed ride of ups and downs. Sometimes we are at our peak, with prosperity and happiness around us all the time.

Also, there come certain times when we face trials and challenges. Only the graceful love of our Almighty Lord can help us in these times.

Prayers For The Trials Of Life

ask of your mighty strength

-O Lord, I am going through a very difficult phase of my life. The challenges are tough, and it seems impossible for me to overcome them alone. So, I ask of your mighty strength to be there for me, motivating me to get through these days as easily as possible.

-Good God, you have always been supportive in all my endeavors. I have found your Spirit to rejoice in my happy times. Now that I am in a troubling situation, I ask you to encourage me that this will go away too, and I will overcome these trials very soon.

Pray To seek your assistance and love.

-Precious Dear Father, I feel overwhelmed by the burden of anxiety and confusion put upon my mind and heart by the difficulty of these trials. I don’t know which way to go, and nothing around me is helpful enough to uplift my spirits. So, I seek your assistance and love.

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Thank you for the endless mercy

-O Faithful Beloved Master, you have always been a pillar of strength in my difficult times. You have taken my worn-out and depressed soul, and with your graceful compassion, you have transferred it into a soul full of joy and warmth. Thank you for the endless mercy you’ve given me.

-Kind Lord, these tough trials I am currently facing are giving me quite a difficult time, but I choose to believe in you and stand firm in my faith in your Holy Spirit. My immovable faith has always sustained me, and I have reaped joy and compassion out of it.

-Merciful Good God, I promise to walk the path of life as directed by your Holy commandments. I will follow your Holy Way rigorously so that in my difficult times, I can rely on your favors and prosperity to be showered upon me endlessly. All glory be to your Name.

Pray For your divine truth to bless my heart

-O Lord Jehovah, in these dark times, when all I encounter are hopelessness and tough challenges, I call upon your divine truth to bless my heart with hope and positivity for the better days yet to come. Encourage me to go through these times with your merciful compassion and truth.

-Precious Dear Creator, while facing the trials in life, I believe none but you because I believe that only your divine Being has the power to lift me out of this darkness of despair that looms around me. All I need is the optimism and hope that comes from you.

Bless me with the assurance

-Savior Beloved, you have promised to be considerate of our needs and wishes, especially when we are in a difficult situation and need your divine presence in our souls only. Bless me with the assurance that no matter what the circumstances are, I shall always have you by my side.

-Heavenly Good God, in my most vulnerable times, when I feel overpowered by the trails that threaten to break me down, I pray to you to come to me and reassure me that with your strength in my soul, I am capable of overcoming every challenge with patience and faith.

-Gracious Almighty, I ask for your graceful blessings so that I can overcome these trying circumstances soon and rise to a position of glory and prosperity, consequently giving all glory and praise to your Holy name. Allow me to have endless faith in your compassion that will sustain me forever.

Pray to you to keep me away from a very evil force

-Sweet Deity, I pray to you to keep me away from a very evil force that tried to break the confidence and strength that you have blessed me with. Allow me to remember that you are the source of my strength, and therefore I shall fear nothing that may come.

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Pray to you to bless my soul

-Kind Holy Spirit, I pray to you to bless my soul so that the power of your divine self is reflected within me that makes me strong-willed enough to face every challenge with a brave heart. Shower your grace upon me so that I can never be tempted by fear.

to lift me in your divine righteousness

-O Heavenly Almighty, I ask you to lift me in your divine righteousness so that no matter how difficult circumstances are, I may never walk the unjust and unholy path, not guided in the light of your divine truth because I am always guided by your righteous Spirit in life.

-Good Father, as I wait patiently for your Holy Spirit to come and renew my worn-out strength, I also express gratitude to you for always listening to my prayers. Bless me so that I can overcome my fears and fly high with wings of strength and faith in your Name.

-Blessed Lord, peering out of the depths of anxieties and restlessness that may come to me as a consequence of the difficult trials I have faced, I ask you to be merciful to me and listen to my prayers. I beg for your attention to my urgent prayers for help.

Forgive me if I have not expressed enough gratitude

-Faithful Beloved Protector, I have always kept immense hope and faith in your mercy, knowing that your eternal grace is always being showered upon us. Forgive me if I have not expressed enough gratitude or respect to you, and take me back into the graceful comfort of your divine compassion.

Help me in these distressing

-Good Gracious God, this tough trial has arisen in my life very unexpectedly, and I don’t know what I should do. Perhaps I have lost my footing and, with it, all my hopes of finding joy and peace again. Please help me in these distressing times with your mighty love.

-Blessed Father, allow me to consider these difficult trials to be a test of my faith. Allow me to learn the values of endurance and determination from these difficult times and incorporate your values in my thoughts and actions so that I can be prepared for more such days ahead.

Pray to you to ensure

-Savior Beloved, I pray to you to ensure that once this trial is over, I must learn to develop the qualities of patience and strength within me, knowing that there is always an end to difficult times, and these dark days just help us to build our character and courage.

Pray to you to rally to my side in these difficult times

-Holy Deity, I pray to you to rally to my side in these difficult times so that I can know that you share my pains, and I am not alone in this. Bless me to overcome these trials with the hope of being able to rejoice in your glorious revelation.

pray for a divine miracle

-Loving Lord, I pray to you to buoy me through the difficulties of this situation that I am facing now. I believe the only way to overcome this trial is to use your divine support and motivation in whatever steps I take. I pray for a divine miracle to happen.

Bless me with definite victoria

-Dear Blessed Father, I go into this very difficult battle with firm faith in my heart that you will fight on my behalf, and you will protect me against all dangers that await me. Bless me with definite victoria, the end of all this struggle that I am going through.

Keep all my hope and trust in you, now and forever

-Almighty Protector, I ask you to bless me with the ability to stay calm and composed every time a troubling situation arises. Quieten my disturbed soul and always keep me hopeful towards the possibility of a brighter future. I keep all my hope and trust in you, now and forever.

Pray for your divine wisdom to guide me

-Lord Jehovah, nobody knows better than you that I am facing a difficult trial in my life right now. Only you understand what’s good for you, and so I ask for your divine wisdom to guide me through the right path and your abundant grace to be showered upon me.

Come to me with your divine regenerating power

-Precious Creator, I choose to be delighted by my weaknesses and shortcomings. I find joy in my trials and hardships. This is because only in our adversities do we realize the value of your presence in our lives. Bless me so that I can validate and honor your divine guidance.

-O Blessed Father, as a result of constantly being subjected to such difficult trials, I find myself weak to go after my accomplishments. There is a lack of determination and Spirit in me, and I cannot get rid of this weariness. Please come to me with your divine regenerating power.

-Faithful Good God, you have always given strength to the weak, motivated the one who lacked motivation, and rests to the one who has been burdened by worrying thoughts. I come to you, placing all my burdens in your hands and resting with this great hopeful faith in my heart.

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pray for your divine compassion

-Beloved Lord, I pray for your divine compassion to help me through this difficult trial so that I can rise to glory once again and serve your Holy Cause, fulfilling the true purpose with which we were sent into this life. With heartfelt gratitude, I give all glory to you.

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