41+ Uplifting Prayers For Tuesday

Prayer must be an integral part of our everyday routine. Praying to the Lord for a few minutes in the morning prepares us better for the entire day and gives us motivation. Here are a few prayers that you can say on a Tuesday morning before you head off to work.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For Tuesday

-O Dear Lord, I thank you heartily for gifting us with a beautiful Tuesday morning and I feel grateful to be alive to witness it through my eyes. I am constantly spellbound by the marvels of your creation. I feel so honored to be a part of your beautiful world.

-O Dear Lord, it gives me so much peace and satisfaction to know that I worship you and strive to praise your name. This keeps me going and makes sure I continue to receive your blessings and favors. SHower your grace and mercy upon me, as you do to others.

-O Dear Lord, as I look around, I see you constantly in action, working for our privileges and comfort and protecting us from all forms of evil. I trust nobody else more than I do you because I know that you are the best guardian I could have asked for.

-O Dear Lord, our mere existence stands on the foundation of your mighty Word. This is another reason why I trust you so much. Because I know your endless power and your ability to keep us safe. If we are becoming stronger eventually, this is all being done by you.

-O Dear Lord, this morning, I pray to you to bless my soul, my mind and heart, so that I can lead a completely honest and peaceful life. I am never afraid or shaken by anything because I have set you, The Great Almighty, before anything else in my life.

-O Dear Lord, when I step out of my house today, I feel relieved to know that you will continue to protect me throughout the day. Thank you for keeping us safe continually. I also know that if my family is safe and sound, it is another blessing from you.

-O Dear Lord, before heading off to work, I want to pray to you to give me strength and peace throughout the day. Make our lives peaceful and give us the ability to handle any situation- good or bad- with equal dexterity. Nothing should affect us more than it should.

-O Dear Lord, as I look around on this beautiful morning, I see the elements of your world bringing your word to me. Thank you for the motivation to start the day on a blissful note. This is a new morning, a blessed day, and let us use it wisely.

-O Dear Lord, my mind is occupied with plenty of unnecessary stuff that is bringing me down. So, before I begin another day, I want you to clear my mind of its confusions and worries so that I  can do my work with complete dedication and not be distracted unnecessarily.

-O Dear Lord, I commit all my work and responsibilities to you. I leave everything in your hand. I pray you to take full control over everything- my words and actions. Whatever you choose for me will be the correct path and I shall follow it without asking any questions.

-O Dear Lord, as I feel very anxious this morning, I present all my wishes to you by prayer and petition. And I thank you for everything you have done for me. I have complete faith in your peace that will transcend my understanding. Guard my restless mind and heart.

-O Dear Lord, throughout the day, the tasks I have to perform- even the smallest of them, I surrender into your hands. I need your help and support in doing any work properly and I pray to you to let me have faith in you and be attentive to you.

-O Dear Lord, on this beautiful morning, I bow down to you before your majestic throne in heaven and ask for your blessings and love that you have showered us with till now and done so graciously. We can only pray in your powerful name, that cannot be compared anyway. 

-O Dear Lord, I am just a human being. I am flawed as well. So, I shall not be surprised if my heart and flesh fail in their activities. My only peace is in knowing that the strength of my heart comes from you and that you will protect me.

-O Dear Lord! My soul and spirit are all yours. I want you to control them and show me the correct way to use them. My body and mind work according to your instructions and my thoughts and attitudes are a reflection of what I’ve learned so far from you.

-O Dear Lord, I know that everything that happens to me, in my life, has been planned by you. So, thank you for the good plans that have made me happy and also for the bad plans that have helped me to learn the important and mandatory lessons of life. 

-O Dear Lord, as I wake up to a new day, I pray to you to put a smile on my face and let me be happy throughout the day. I want to be awake, knowing that what my heart has are your purposes. Prepare me for a new day.

-O Dear Lord, thank you for letting me sleep so peacefully yesterday. This is why I have woken up this morning with a fresh and rejuvenated body and mind. I often think that we do not quite deserve your blessings and appreciation which you continue to shower on us nonetheless.

-O Dear Lord! I feel so grateful and lucky that I can say proudly that I am your child. I want to be faithful to you forever and always at the service whenever you need me. It is impossible to repay you for all the favors you have done me.

-O Dear Lord, as I proceed to do my work for the day, I just pray to you to keep me motivated. I don’t want to work with an irritated mind or heart. Help me in putting all my heart and soul into whatever it is I am doing now.

-O Dear Lord, help me in facing my enemies with a brave heart. I know that nothing can ever harm me because your mere presence in my life will protect me and keep me filled with peace and give me the needed power to fight against any form of evil.

-O Dear Lord, before stepping out of the house, I pray to you to hold me together for the day. I need you at every moment of my day and I will be lost without you. Please guide me and don’t let me be misguided by evil or wrong ever.

-O Dear Lord, in times of despair and suffering, you are the only person on whom I can reply completely without any fear of judgment. Please be with me when I am in pain because only you can bring me out from that darkness and show me the correct path.