57+ prayer for victory over enemies

Our enemies can be both physical and spiritual. They may attack our bodies and minds equally, and so we need to keep our protective shield ready against any imminent attack. We must pray to the Almighty Father to be our source of strength and grant us victory over our enemies.

prayer for victory over enemies

-Faithful Father, I praise you from the core of my heart. Thank you for always letting me feel your divine protection and guidance. Now that I feel surrounded by enemies Take me into your considerate care and bless me with the strength that assures me victory over all my enemies.

-Good God, you are my shield. I have always been able to seek refuge in you in my times of distress. Bless me with your divine strength and protection when I am conflicted by the attacks of my enemies. I am so grateful to you for always keeping me safe.

-Savior Beloved, thank you for letting your divine compassion flow so freely in my life. It is only because of your constant loving presence that I am not afraid to face my enemies. Your Holy Spirit blesses me with the confidence and patience to deal with my adverse situations bravely.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, your eternal mercy and compassion has helped me emerge victorious in my toughest battles, be it physical or spiritual. I ask you to be ever-present in my life so that when I am surrounded by my enemies, I can always look towards you for guidance and motivation.

-Holy Creator, in the most troubling times, I seek refuge in your Holy Spirit. I call unto you to help me fight my battles with determination and courage in my heart and always remember that your divine power and understanding will not let me be afraid to face my enemies.

-Gracious Almighty, you have always promised us that the battles of our life are yours, more than they are mine. I have always been able to receive your divine assurance that with your supreme power reigning in my life, my enemies cannot overpower me, and I will always gain victory.

-Precious Holy Protector, help me to rejoice in the joy and understanding of your Spirit that reassures us of our victory in every aspect of my life. Bless me with the gift of unquestionable faith and humility so that I can always know that your protective shield is around me.

-Kind Loving Lord, you have always sacrificed for the welfare of your blessed children. You gave up your life on the cross to create the perfect example of the victory of righteousness and compassion over evil. Bless us so that we can learn to incorporate your teachings into our lives.

-Dear Great Master, it is only because of your great compassion and sacrifice that I have been able to achieve freedom from the shackles of my enemies. I choose to believe that if I can trust you with all my heart, you will help me be victorious against my enemies.

-Eternal Savior, there are times when it feels like my enemies are being successful in overpowering me. In such times, let me remember that nothing can exceed the supreme power of your Spirit, and if I have been righteous and strong, you will help me emerge victorious in all battles.

-Holy Father, in your Holy Word, I find that you have promised to give your eternal grace and love to those who have followed your Way in life. Teach me to earn my salvation by being fierce against my enemies, remembering that I must never give up without a fight.

-Blessed Lord, I pray to you to be merciful and come with your divine courage and comfort when I feel crushed down by my enemies. Remind me that no storm in our lives can even stand against your mighty courage, and therefore, I just need to submit humbly to you.

-Dear Kind Deity, I don’t think I am strong enough to face my enemies bravely. My mind is filled with fear and uncertainty regarding the future, and I believe only you can help me cope with this anxiety. Remind me that with your godly power, I will always emerge victoriously.

-Lord Jehovah, in my difficult times, I wish to remember how strong and powerful you are. Remind us that you have a great influence on our lives, and you will bless us for following the path of your divine truth and compassion by supporting us in all our battles forever.

-Father Beloved, whenever the pressure of my battles fills me with fearful thoughts, I pray for your divine comfort. I want your Way in my life so that I can know that I am led in the divine light of your Spirit, and therefore, victory against my enemies is ensured.

-Dear Almighty Protector, bless me with your godly strength and determination so that I can always stay committed to standing firm in my faith in your Holy Spirit. Teach me to always be brave and wise against my enemies, knowing that I have the favor of your power and compassion. 

-Blessed Savior, allow me to walk the path of life in victory. When I feel weak enough to face my enemies, fill me with hope and positivity. Remind me that with you by my side, nothing is impossible, and I just need to be patient and faithful to you.

-Gracious Good God, I ask you to bless me with your godly grace and understanding. Eradicate all my fears and weaknesses and cleanse me of all sin. Empower me in your divine courage and purity so that I can believe in the truth and strength you have blessed me with.

-Beloved Creator, my spirits are worn-out, and I don’t think I can face my enemies with courage and determination. I pray to you so that you can restrict me from doubting my capabilities. Let your power and love worm through me constantly, helping me emerge victorious against all evil forces.

-Lord Jehovah, I am constantly being brought down by the evil schemes of my enemies, and this life is gradually becoming unbearable. I cannot deal with this stress and uncertainty anymore. Please rescue me out of this despair and assure me that I will always emerge victorious against my enemies.

-Good Lord, allow me to witness your divine intervention when I am crushed by my enemies who try to bring sorrow and despair into my life. Let me feel your comforting and watchful gaze over my heart and soul that reminds me that I have your divine compassion and protection.

-Precious Master, no matter how adverse situations are in my life right now, let me stand firm in my eternal faith in your Spirit. Let me know that your protective shield is constantly around me, and therefore, I will have the victory against my enemies that I seek so earnestly.

-Loving Lord, let your divine strength and love in my life be so prominent to the people around me so that even my enemies can retract. Allow them to realize that I am strengthened through the divine glory of your Spirit and, therefore, they cannot harm me in any way.

-O Heavenly Almighty, I declare eternal victory over my spiritual enemies. Fill me with your godly peace and understanding so that no evil thoughts and emotions can even try to creep into my mind and heart and ruin the mental peace and pure sanctity that you have blessed me with.

-Kind Sweet Deity, why does it feel like all my strength and hope have dried up? I fail to keep faith in you, and I am letting my enemies overpower my mind and heart constantly. Please bless me with faith so that I can give myself to your compassionate care.

-Faithful Father, when I feel incapable of standing firm against my enemies, remind me to think of your graceful promises. Let me place my faith in you, knowing that when I have the divine presence of your Spirit in my heart, I will never be brought down by anything.

-Savior Beloved, be with me when I am about to fight my worst enemies, physical or spiritual. Allow me to emerge victorious against all evil powers, and let me praise your Name in the congregation. Let my life be a testimony of the difference that your divine intervention can make.

-Good God, you have always filled my life with great joy and prosperity. You have been with me in the worst times of my life, and therefore, I trust your divine abundance to give me the strength and patience to face my enemies and emerge victorious against their negative influences.

-Kind Loving Father, allow me to rejoice in the triumph and glory of your Holy Spirit. Allow me to have faith in the purity of your Holy Word that has the power to disarm all our enemies and help us be victorious and prosperous in every aspect of our lives.

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