50+ Uplifting Prayers For War Survivors

People who have served in the armies and have endured the brutality of war must always be treated with respect and honor. Their contribution to our lives is unmistakably commendable, and so these uplifting prayers for war survivors can help us pray to the Lord for their protection and welfare.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For War Survivors

-Faithful Father, we are so grateful to you for always defending your people who serve the country with all their hearts. Your mighty hand of protection is always over them who protect their nation through hard work and determination, and this is why they have survived the toughest of wars.

-Good God, I pray to you to hear my prayers of gratitude for you have showered the veterans of our country with your graceful mercy. They have survived the disastrous wars, but they have had to go through a very difficult time at the Warfield. Thank you for saving them.

-O Savior Beloved, the veterans of our country work tirelessly to save us from the perilous effects of war by being ready to even sacrifice their lives on the battlefield. They try to incorporate your Spirit of godly mercy and kindness, and they create the perfect example through their lives.

Uplifting Prayers For War Survivors

-Lord Jehovah, bless and protect the ones who have been lucky enough to receive your divine grace and have consequently survived the war. The brutality of war has left a negative impact on their minds, and I call upon your divine peace to clear away all bad thoughts and feelings.

-Holy Creator, I am so thankful to you for being merciful to our military forces and helping them survive through this difficult war. Allow us to treat them with the honor and respect they deserve for serving our nation so selflessly. Their great contribution deserves all the praise and glory.

-O Gracious Almighty, I pray for your divine grace to constantly be imparted upon the blessed war survivors of our nation. They have been lucky enough to escape that brutal battlefield, and they now have a chance to return to leading a normal life with your graceful mercy and compassion.

-Precious Holy Protector, allow our war survivors to be able to feel your divine loving presence around them all the time so that they can escape from the troubling images of war and violence that have been imparted in their minds and hearts as a consequence of their past experiences. 

-Loving Lord, I believe that only because the love and fellowship of your Spirit have constantly been with our military and veterans have they been able to survive the wars and come back to their houses and families safely without the fear of death bothering them all the time.

-Eternal Savior, I pray to you for the protection and welfare of our armed forces who serve our country with determination and courage and have been lucky enough to be War survivors. They need the divine grace and positivity of your Holy Spirit within their hearts and souls right now.

-Great Master, your Way works out in so many different ways in our lives, and you constantly work for our protection and welfare so that we can be happy and peaceful. Bless our war survivors with your godly peace and comfort, and let them find solace in your Holy Spirit.

Good Uplifting Prayers For War Survivors

-Holy Father, allow us to appreciate our war survivors with a grateful and respectful heart so that they can understand that their contribution to the welfare of the nation and its people is properly validated, and we are grateful to them for their courageous and selfless services for the country.

-Dear Kind Deity, I pray to you for world peace so that our war survivors can be appreciated for the great work they have done to bring peace and understanding to their nations and protect the people of the country. Bless us also that we can live in perfect peace.

-Lord Jehovah, our war survivors are depressed and weary. The troubles of the battlefield have taken a toll on their minds and hearts, and they need your divine strength and motivation to refresh their worn-out souls and help them restart the journey of life with uplifted spirits and renewed vigor.

-Father Beloved, I pray for your divine presence to be felt more vividly in the hearts and souls of our war survivors so that they can have the assurance of your constant motivation and inspiration to always be with them, especially when they are brought down by weariness and violence.

-Dear Almighty Protector, you have promised to be with the weak and helpless and to provide them with your godly strength and motivation. Our war survivors and veterans need your grace in their lives both and ever, and so I pray to you to bless them with security and prosperity.

-Blessed Savior, once they are back from the battlefield, it is very normal for war survivors to feel frightened or isolated at times. It is in these moments that they need your divine comfort so that they can always know that you are there to help them overcome their shortcomings.

-Gracious Good God, I pray to you to bless our war survivors with the assurance that their contributions to the welfare and security of the nation in any way would be successful, and they will always be able to fulfill every mission. Fill their lives with your constant divine goodness.

-Beloved Creator, the service our war survivors have provided for the nation and its people must be repaid with your kindness and love accompanying them wherever they go. Allow them to rejoice in the glory of your Holy Spirit and be blessed with the fullness of your love and understanding.

-Lord Jehovah, you have blessed our lives with joy and peace. Our war survivors need your graceful salvation now. They need to rest in the glory and peace of your Spirit, realizing that everything is okay and there is no more threat to their lives being sacrificed on the battlefield. 

-O Good Lord, bless our war survivors with your godly strength and patience so that they can endure the painful memories that come back to their minds when they think of the times spent at war. Fill their hearts with your loving peace and allow them to focus on you.

Nice Uplifting Prayers For War Survivors

-Precious Master, our war survivors would never have been able to endure the difficulties of war if your godly strength and grace had not flowed freely through them. Thank you for empowering them and molding them in the light of your power and wisdom, preparing them for every adverse situation. 

-Loving Lord, I ask you to bless the faith of our war survivors. Thank you for always standing by them and answering their pleas for help. Thank you for saving their lives and letting them return home safely. I believe that our faith in your Spirit shall sustain us forever.

-Heavenly Almighty, we‘ve always been able to stand firm in our faith, knowing that with you, everything is impossible, and you would never let your blessed children lose their lives at the hand of the enemies. Thank you for imparting your godly grace upon the war veterans of our nation.

-Kind Sweet Deity, we cannot express how grateful we are to our war survivors for being so brave and selfless on the battlefield, never even fearing to sacrifice their lives so that we could be safe. We ask you to fulfill all their needs and keep them happy and peaceful.

-Faithful Father, we cannot ever repay our war survivors for the great contribution they have made to take care of our well-being and security. Allow us to always possess a grateful and honoring attitude towards them, reminding them that their services are commendable in every Way and we respect them.

-Blessed Lord, surviving the difficulties of war can have a deep impact on the military veterans, and therefore they need your divine endurance and perseverance to work through them all the time. They need to understand that their services are worthwhile, and they just need to be dedicated and patient.

Best Uplifting Prayers For War Survivors

-Dear Savior Beloved, bless our war survivors with your divine peace and understanding so that they can overcome the trauma they have had to face. Fill them with hope and positivity, and make them look towards the good and peaceful things in this life, so that they can feel better.

-Good God, I pray for your divine face to shine upon the hearts of our war survivors so that they can witness your godly reflection within themselves and understand the important role they’ve played for the nation’s welfare. Allow us to evoke the Spirit of generosity and gratitude towards them.

-Kind Loving Father, we pray to you earnestly for the welfare and protection of our war survivors. Make sure they deserve all the happiness and peace in this world for serving their nations with faith and determination and never giving in to their enemies without putting up a strong fight.

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