50+ Uplifting Prayers For Wealth Blessings

Excessive love for wealth can keep us away from the things that truly matter in life. But, when you pray to God to give you wealth as he pleases, this shows that you are placing yourself in His hands and trusting Him to take care of your requirements in life.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For Wealth Blessings

-O God. You are all-powerful. You are the personification of everything good and just around us. It feels like looking at righteousness itself. Today, I pray to you for abundance. Bless me so that I have the kind of wealth that keeps me comfortable but does induce greed in me.

-Dear Good Lord, everything in this world has been created by you. With your blessings, beautiful flowers and fresh fruits grow on trees. I pray to you to reflect the prosperity of nature within me and give me everything I need. Bless me with riches- both materialistic and spiritual ones.

-O Good Father, I have been created uniquely in your image. You promise that you will fulfill all my needs. So, I pray to you to shower gifts on me. It is up to you to decide how much wealth is suitable for me and will not be considered overflowing.

-Dear Father, no matter how many worldly treasures you bless me with, it will be incomplete if I don’t have the gift of faith in you and your powers. I ask you to give me this blessing so that the greatest wealth will be kept forever in the mighty heaven.

-O God, exert your almighty and eternal power and majesty over our lives. People ask you to give them wealth so that they can enjoy it themselves. The money they receive is what is considered to be their reward. But, I pray to you with a different purpose than this.

-Blessed Lord, I pray to you to give me the kind of wealth that I can use for my benefit as well as to help other people who need wealth. Let it not just be your blessing for my gain but also an instrument of a helping hand for others.

-O Dear Father, it is my earnest petition to you that you help me to increase my wealth by elevating my means of income. Be with me so that I can bring in more riches in life. This money must always be used for good purposes, to help the people.

-O Almighty Lord, there is no one stronger in power than you. Earning money is easy, but what becomes more difficult is knowing how to manage this acquired wealth. I pray to you for your power so that I can learn this tedious task and help myself to become richer.

-Good Lord, I also accept that great folly and greater evil come with a larger amount of wealth. As I pray for wealth blessings, I also pray to you to keep me away from any evil greed. This greed captivates people and clouds the judgment and thought process of people.

-Good Blessed Father, I want to ask you to keep away from every object that can cause any form of temptation. Teach me to be content with the wealth that you will provide me with and not run after more money. Be with me so that I can be faithful.

-Dear Good Father, according to your mighty Word, we will surely receive our blessings if we just ask you for it. Since I am a believer and I have always followed every Word you ever said, I want to keep my trust in this promise of yours today as well.

-O Father, work your blessed ways within me so that I walk on the right path and make only the correct decisions that pave the way for me to achieve more wealth than I would have expected. Help me to keep my endless trust in you and fulfill your happiness.

-O Good God, I know that our creation by you is a selfless act, and you have nothing to gain from it. You have made us so that we can be blessed children who are worthy enough to experience your love and compassion for us, which is perfect and unmatched.

-Good Blessed Lord, I pray to you to bless me with everything that I have prayed to you for so long. Never turn away your face from me and always look after me and fill me with abundance. I am your servant, and I can only prosper by your grace.

-Good Father, my prayer today is based on an urgent request. I want you to hear me out regarding my wealth struggles and do something to help me out of this troubling time. I want to ask you to do me a favor and give me your support and blessings.

-O Kind Father, although I ask you to bless me with wealth, I also ask you to look after the fact that I never do something wicked or get indulged in cheating to serve my cause of acquiring luxuries. No matter what, I must stay on the path of righteousness.

-Dear Father in Heaven, no matter what I do or say, nothing reaps success. All my endeavours have ended up in failure, and all my efforts seem null and pointless. I pray to you to show me the cause of this major setback and help me to address the cause.

-Almighty Lord, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen success or income. What is more disheartening is that my life seems to have no growth; it is as if I always end up at the same point where I previously was. I am broke, and I need your help.

-Dear Father, it breaks my heart to realize that I can no longer provide for the comfort and luxury of my family, and I cannot be of any help to take up any responsibilities. I am depressed, and this whole situation is taking a toll on my heart. Help me.

-Dear Father, since you are all-knowing and nothing happens without your knowledge, I presume that you are already aware of the fact that how desperately I need a change in my life immediately. I want your help and support in finding success and reviving my lost glory in all aspects.

-O Almighty God, illuminate my hopeless mind and heart with your bright light and help me to see where I am lacking or which aspect of my life I have messed up. Only with your help and motivation can I expect to live a life full of virtue and integrity.

-O Dear Father, lack of adequacy or a feeling of lost glory can often take away a person’s faith in your power and love upon us. I pray to you never to let that happen to me. No matter what happens, I must always possess unquestionable faith in your glory.

-Lord Beloved, I have always been that you help us and hear our prayers in ways that we cannot comprehend beforehand. You bless us with a miracle all of a sudden, and we often may not even understand that you are behind it. I thank you for everything you do.

-Dear Beloved God, our means of understanding you and your glory is meagre, and our imagination is very limited. We can only keep trust and believe that you will always help us in all conditions. I pray to you in this dire phase to provide me with a stable income.

-O Great Father, as I keep my faith in you and praise your holy name, I also pray to you to bring me wealth from different sources- the ones I would never have expected the money from. Work out one of your mighty miracles in my life today, Dear Lord.

-O Great God, you are my ultimate refuge. In you, I find shelter, and I feel completely protected. As I look for ways to make myself a better steward who can properly utilize the gifts that you shower me with, I seek you and ask you to bless me endlessly.

-O Dear God, bless me with your great wisdom and strength so that I can find better ways to use the wealth I have and use it smartly to get back more health. Show me the ways that I can invest my money and create a scope for greater returns.

-Dear Good Father, despite proper planning and execution, I have been unable to achieve the level of success and glory that I have always wanted to. I pray to you today to bless me with a breakthrough if possible so that I can get back on my feet very quickly.

-O Almighty Lord, be with me as I make my decisions. Guide everything I say or do and let my emotions never cloud my decision-making or problem-solving abilities. My decisions should only be based on strong principles and moral values. Let me remember you while speaking or acting in life.

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