50+Poweful Prayers For Wedding Anniversaries

Anniversaries are a very important day in our lives. It gives us the time to reflect upon our relationship with our loved ones, and we feel grateful to God for blessing us with the best life partner one could ask for. We must say our prayers to acknowledge this gift.

Powerful Prayers For Wedding Anniversaries

Prayers To Grateful

-Dear Loving God, this marriage is a gift, and we are privileged to receive it from you. As we spent another year together, we feel grateful to you for always keeping us blessed. We have shared our lives, and it has been a great journey for us up till now.- Amen

-O Father, we thank you for giving us this day of our anniversary. We choose this day to reflect on the vows we had taken while we were getting married in your Holy presence. We ask you to give us your blessings and look after our welfare in the future.- Amen

-O Almighty Father, we call upon your blazing love to be constantly present in our marriage. With the presence of your Holy Spirit between us. We will never need to think about breaking up or fighting unnecessarily, and our lives will be happier together, more than we can even imagine.- Amen

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Prayers To Understand Each Other

-Heavenly Lord, on our anniversary, we pray to you that you allow us to understand each other better so that our life together can be more convenient and full of love. We must prepare ourselves for the days to come so that we can fulfill the purpose of our marriage.- Amen

Pray To Your Grace

-Beloved God, we pray to your Holy Spirit to shine itself in our relationship so that we can be drawn closer to each other as well as to you. Let all our activities and thoughts be directed to your cause and bring you endless glory. We pray to your grace.- Amen

-Kind Loving Father, bless us so that we can be more profound and honest in our love to you. Only then will our fellowship be filled with your great joy that will help us. We have bound our lives together, and on this special day, we give ourselves to you.

-Heavenly Good God, we ask for your compassionate love to be present within our home where we live together. Further, we also pray for your compassion to be extended to other people who live with us, our family, and our relatives so that we can all live together peacefully forever.- Amen

-Almighty Lord, bless us so that we can build our life together as an instance of love and an example of a healthy and loving relationship with others. Let us be able to spread the word of your grace so that other people start praying to you for their relationships.- Amen

To Protect Our Marriage

-Blessed Lord, on our anniversary, both of us are spending some time thinking of the great things you have done for us and the way you have protected our marriage with your blessed grace. Thank you for everything, for we are nothing without you. Please continue to bless us forever.- Amen

-O Good Father, you have been our pillar of strength in every day of this marriage. We have been nurtured by you, and so has been our love. I have found my life partner only because you have brought us together and thought we would be perfect for each other.- Amen

-O Dear God, just like any other relationship, this marriage has had its ups and downs. We have had a nice time together very often, but difficult situations were also there. Whenever we have found our relationship in trouble, we have reached out to you for help without feeling bad.- Amen

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Prayers For Wedding Anniversaries

Prayers To Give Strength

-Kind father, we believe that in the coming days, there will be situations when we will fall apart. But, we pray to you to keep us together and give us the strength to fight against any negative energy together and emerge victorious as a couple who are in true love.- Amen

-Father Beloved, we believe strongly in our hearts that our faith in you is unquestionable, and we have always called upon your Holy Spirit to bless us with grace. Strengthen our faith in you so that we can be more faithful to each other as a part of this marriage.- Amen

Thank You Prayer

-Gracious Good God, strengthen our relationship with your love and guidance so that we can motivate others to grow more love among themselves. Only with your Holy Spirit within us can we think of encouraging others through the instance of our lives. Thank you for the adventure of this marriage.- Amen

-O Father, as husband and wife, we are thankful to you for having been brought together to spend the rest of our life together. Bless us so that we can be lucky enough to celebrate more anniversaries together in the coming days, in the presence of your mighty Holy Spirit.- Amen

-Kind Dear Father, throughout our married life, in moments of confusion and indecision, we have been guided constantly by your Mighty Word that has always been righteous and just in every aspect. We have never been misled or distracted by your grace, and we are thankful to you for everything.- Amen

Prayers For Your Graceful Love

-O Lord, we just pray to you to keep the light of love in our marriage burning strongly forever. Every day, instill a little more desire in our hearts to be with each other and support each other at all times, remembering that we are together by your graceful love.- Amen

Prayers To Guide Us Everyday

-Faithful God, this anniversary day is replete with your mighty compassion and grace within our souls. As we celebrate this day, we give all praise to your Holy Name, and we promise to lead our lives in a way that only magnifies the Holy Spirit that guides us every day.- Amen

-Great Lord, on our anniversary, we pray that you help us grow eventually in this relationship. We must learn the importance of adjusting to each other and respecting each other. Give us the knowledge to consider each other as individuals and validate each others’ views and feelings all the time.- Amen

-Father Beloved, we believe strongly in our hearts that our faith in you is unquestionable, and we have always called upon your Holy Spirit to bless us with grace. Strengthen our faith in you so that we can be more faithful to each other as a part of this marriage.- Amen

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Bless Us With Peace And Love

-Heavenly God, this marriage is a perfect bond, and we constantly strive to fill it up with peace and love. Bless us so that we can always be united in love, no matter what the situation is. We pray that our relationship is founded on the basis of your compassion.- Amen

Prayers For Wedding Anniversaries

Prayer To Keep Us Happy

-Lord Beloved, help us to walk in your love, keeping your Holy Spirit in our souls so that no matter what we do, you remain at the center of our relationship and keep on nurturing it. Your compassion will keep us happy and never let us stray from each other.- Amen

Prayer To Give Glory Relation

-Almighty Father, on our anniversary, we pray to you to give us wisdom. Give us the strength to face the years yet to come with a brave heart, being confident that we are capable of withstanding any challenging situation as long as we are together. Give glory to our relationship.- Amen

-O Kind God, we want our married life to be a demonstration of your endless love for every one of your blessed children. We want others to know that we have been so blessed to receive your great mercy that helps the one who is righteous in his/her life.- Amen

Prayers To Help Us

-Dear God, today is our anniversary, but unfortunately, we are going through a rough patch in our marriage. Things are pretty strained, and we are helpless and don’t know what to do. This is very difficult for us to believe, and we pray to you to help us with it.- Amen

-Heavenly Lord, it is so terrible to feel lonely on your anniversary. My spouse and I are unhappy because of the problems we are going through, and we need to fix this quickly so that we can revive the lost love between us. Please be with us right now.- Amen

-Faithful God, I pray to your Divine print to not let any selfish ambition or pleasure come in the way of leading a happily married life. Help us to place each other above ourselves and ask for opinions before saying or doing anything. Bless us on our anniversary, Father.- Amen

-Dear Great Father, I want you to guide us through this marriage and show us where things went wrong between us. Instruct us to do what we can to save this marriage. Please give us your blessings and promise us that you will work to help us get back together.- Amen

-Kind Father, on our anniversary, I come before you to admit that I have often acted selfishly and not considered how my spouse would feel about it. I apologize to you, and I pray to you to forgive me and show me the correct way to act in this marriage.- Amen

-Heavenly Lord, I admit that it is wrong to think of my needs and emotions without even thinking about how the other member of this marriage feels about it. I pray to you for unity on my anniversary day so that we are different persons united in your Holy Spirit.- Amen

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Prayers For Wedding Anniversaries

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