55+ Prayers For Weight Loss and Healthy Living

When we put on a little extra weight, it can seriously affect our bodies as well as our minds. The stress makes us moody and irritated, and we start hating our bodies. Praying to the Almighty Lord to help us overcome this situation can be very helpful and motivating.

Prayers for Successful Weight Loss

– Dear Lord, today I pray for self-control. You are the solid foundation of my life, and only your godly strength can help me practice self-control, which is a great virtue. Let me control what I eat and how much I eat. I have to deal with this extra weight.

– O Father, I have often noticed that I eat without control whenever I am distracted by the anxieties in my life. I have always thought eating junk food would distract my mind temporarily. Help me to move away from unwise choices like this and towards nourishing and body-friendly food habits.

– Blessed Lord, help me to run my life by a fixed schedule. Look over my exercise routine so that I can be rigorous in following it. I have been informed about the best way to lose weight, and I pray you will help me execute the activities well.

– O Heavenly Father, you have always protected me from falling into any trap that harms my body or mind. Please help me as I try to identify which factor keeps me motivated and let me work for the cause. I must always maintain my inner resolutions to continue losing weight.

– Lord Beloved, despite being overweight, I find it very difficult to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. I always feel that I lack the discipline and control over myself that would have implored me to be strict about how I lead my regular life. Bless me with your love, Father.

– Almighty God, I pray to you to imprint this clearly in my mind that I must drop these extra kilos if I want to live a long and healthy life. Help me to take a strong resolution and stay completely dedicated to it. Encourage me to live a happier life.

– O Dear Lord, you are the wisest counselor I have ever known. So, today when I am dealing with the stress of weight loss, help me to deal with it peacefully. Keep me away from unnecessary binge eating and make sure I eat nourishing food that isn’t harmful.

– Good God, as I look at my eating habits, I see that I mostly eat food that is full of carbohydrates and fats. These are extremely harmful to the body and are causing all the extra weight. Please guide me so that I can adopt strategies that keep me healthy.

– Dear Father, I pray to you to guide me as I try to make permanent changes in how I lead my life and my eating habits. Ensure that I keep practicing the appropriate activities to help me reach my target of having a healthy body.

– Blessed Lord, weight issues come with several secondary problems like stress. Look after me so that I can find a way to deal with the stress positively and keep my mind on optimistic thoughts and better living. I must meditate and exercise to improve my mental and physical health simultaneously.

– O Truthful God, I pray to you to be with me constantly at every phase of my journey to lose the extra weight I am carrying. I know this is seriously detrimental to my health, and to overcome it, I will need your strength in my spirit.

– Blessed Father, once I have achieved the goal of reducing my weight and being restored to normal health, I pray to you to keep watching over me so that I don’t become reluctant and leave all the good habits that I had picked up during the process of weight loss.

Prayers For Weight Loss

– O Father, often we take up resolutions but lack the determination to keep ourselves stuck to them. But, with your strength within us, we must be capable of being confident in what we do and know the importance of commitment. Help me to stay committed to my positive health habits.

– Beloved Father, help me choose a suitable and highly effective weight-loss plan. I must stick to the plan, no matter what. I must sacrifice some luxury and comfort if I want to have a healthy body and avoid the chances of suffering later from problems like obesity.

– Beloved Father, I have numerous reasons to work on losing weight. Extra weight is never healthy; it makes me look bad; I can never wear the clothes I want to, and it tires me out very easily. To remedy all of these issues, I must strictly follow a rigorous lifestyle.

– Beloved God, I have been guided by people in my life who know the importance of a healthy lifestyle and are constantly trying to help me with the matter. So, I pray to you that whatever their plans are, they must be very sustainable, and I must follow them accordingly.

– Holy Father, you have always led us to victory in every aspect of our lives. I firmly believe that with your blessings in my soul, I will never be afraid of anything that comes my way. So, I will win this weight loss battle with all my might.

– O Lord, this is a quest to understand my body and determine what’s good for it and what isn’t. I want you to be present alongside me so that my knowledge is better, and I will never forget to honor your wisdom. I pray to you to keep me constantly motivated.

– Blessed Lord, amid all the positive eating habits, I pray to you to keep me away from negative habits like excessive eating and junk food choices. Give me perseverance so that I can keep the focus on exercising and maintaining a diet and everything that keeps me healthy and dedicated.

Prayers For Weight Loss

– Good Father, please keep me away from a sedentary and reluctant lifestyle. Give me the power to be able to resist temptations and win over bad habits that try to bring me down. Bless me with the proper health habits that will serve my body throughout my life.

– Good Loving God, I am so weary of being overweight that I am now ready to do everything it takes to overcome it. I am willing to make suitable changes in the way I eat or work. Please help me find newer activities to aid my weight loss schedule suitably.

– Dear Lord, even if I am very stressed or emotionally in trouble, I must never let go of the healthy habits that have helped me to lose weight. I am noticing some positive changes in my body, and this gives peace to my heart. I thank you for helping me.

– O Great God, I thank you because you have always cheered me to feel positive and never shamed me. You have never tried to sabotage the efforts I am putting in to improve myself, and your unconditional grace and unfailing love have always given me hope.

– Lord, throughout this journey of weight loss, I am grateful to have found companions who exercise with me and share their experiences related to the matter. They have implored me to eat healthily and be accountable, and they share my enthusiasm as well. I am encouraged toward a healthier lifestyle.

– O Good Lord, up till now, you have always helped me to accomplish the things I have wanted to, This extra weight is a result of my reluctance towards my body, and I must take responsibility for losing it. I pray to you that you keep supporting me constantly.

– O Blessed God, please help me realize that it is no use blaming myself for gaining the extra weight. Condemnation never helps, and it just makes things worse. Rather than playing the blame game, I must try to motivate myself to get better and have faith in myself.

– Blessed Lord, thank you so much for the people you have sent to work on your behalf and help me make this weight loss thing a bit easier. They are so supportive and help unconditionally without judging or discouraging me. I give all glory to you.

Blessing Prayer

– Great Father, you have done so many great things for me and have been the strongest support system one could ask for. I take charge of my health strategies, and I want you to bless me with regularity and help me gradually progress towards a better lifestyle.

Prayers For Weight Loss

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