50+ Uplifting Prayers For When You Are Broke

We may not always be financially stable in our life. Being broke can be very difficult, and it can make us feel depressed and unconfident. In these times, we must pray to God to help us by improving our economic condition so that we can be happy and prosperous again.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For When You Are Broke

-Dear God, thank you for always showering your graceful blessings upon us and being so kind enough to look after all our necessities and luxuries. It breaks my heart to admit that I haven’t been able to use the opportunities you have given, and consequently, I am broke right now.

-O Faithful Father, I call upon your divine abundance in these difficult times when I am always running short of money. You have promised to take care of our physical and spiritual needs, and only you can help me now to get back on my feet and have good finances.

-Gracious Good Lord, I have always been thankful to you for the countless blessings that I have received from you. Now that I find myself financially weak, I submit myself to you again, and I pray to you to bless me and my finances with your unconditional grace and compassion.

-Holy Creator, even when I am fully broke and have no economic privileges, I pray to you to make sure that I never lose my nobility and humility before your mighty Spirit. Allow me to be just and truthful in my words and actions, no matter what the situation is.

-Dear Blessed Almighty, I pray for your divine wisdom and guidance during this financial shortage so that I can understand where I have gone wrong and amend the situation by working hard, maintaining the dignity and self-respect that I have always had. Exercise your omniscient power over me every day.

-Lord Jehovah, your constant generosity and kindness has always been all-abounding. Your graceful favors have always made us humble and led us to bow down before your Holy Spirit with a heart full of respect and gratitude. I call upon that favor to support me during this tough financial time.

-Great Dear Master, I pray for your merciful abundance over my weak finances because it is painful for me to see that I am broke and I cannot support my family economically. Bless us all so that we can acquire wealth and power to sustain us with comfort and peace.

-Good God, your unconditional love and concern for us surpass anybody else. Nothing happens without your divine intervention, and so only you can help us in our times of distress. I call upon your loving gaze to spread upon us so that we can be rescued from this financial crisis.

-Precious Protector, without your graceful blessings, we can never rise to a position of financial stability. We want you to give us the monetary advantage that we need so urgently, especially now that we are broke and out of money. Please be merciful to us and grant us our wishes.

-Kind Sweet Master, while I am broke, I don’t just ask you to make me financially strong, but I also pray to you to give me the strength and determination to work hard and achieve success and prosperity. May I never look forward to getting help from anyone but you?

-O Divine Deity, you have always taught us the importance of hard work and determination to be successful and happy. Bless us so that we can use the blessings you have given us and the infinite opportunities you have placed before us and revive this situation to a comfortable one.

-Father Beloved, I believe that this financial crisis has arisen because we have failed to keep up with your instructions and have not been able to serve you the way we should’ve. We pray to you to give us persistence in our work so that we can regain our abundance.

-Blessed Almighty, I call upon your divine protection over my financial gains. When I am no longer broke again, make sure that I am always wise enough to handle my resources carefully, remembering that they are a part of your mighty and abundant world, and they are coming from you.

-O Great Protector, I pray to you to bless me with the humility and benevolence to consider my finances as an instrument to serve your Holy cause in the world. Let me be able to help others who might be facing a similar situation and can benefit from my assistance.

-Merciful Lord, the Universe and everything in it is run by your majestic power. Your divine energy is visible in every natural element, and so only you can save us during a crisis, whatever it may be. In my moments of financial depreciation, So, I seek you to help me.

-O Savior Beloved, I pray to you to give me work that you think would be fit for me and through which I can make sure that I am never broke again. Allow us to earn our monetary rewards justly without expecting to receive them for free from someone else.

-Precious Holy Creator, I ask you to deem it just and righteous that if we are broke, we must know to earn our finances with effort and hard work. Bless us so that we can improve our finances to bring back the sorority in our lives that we have lost.

-Heavenly Almighty, I bow down before your Holy Shirt in eager prayer, and I ask for your blessings and love to be with us always so that we can always be materialistically stable enough to focus more on receiving your divine love instead of focusing on our finances and resources.

-O Good God, I find myself completely broke, and I think it is time for me to receive a great financial favor from you. I apologize if I haven’t been wise with my monetary resources, and I promise to be considerate and careful regarding how I am spending my money.

-Kind Sweet Deity, I do not wish for you to grant me more than I need. I ask for only what would save me from the misery of being broke. Teach me the value of contentment so that I don’t spend my life rushing after getting more wealth and providence.

-Lord Jehovah, I would never want to trouble you with prayers for a luxurious and glamorous life full of privileges and advantages that may not be very crucial for my existence. I choose to believe in the divine satisfaction and peace that comes from staying connected to your Holy Spirit.

-O Almighty Father, the worries of my financial crisis are taking a toll on my mental health, and I cannot bear the burden of my woes anymore. I pray to you to help me overcome this situation so that all this heap of unwanted stress and anxiety can go away.

-Gracious Beloved Master, being broke is depressing because I cannot do your work anymore. I have failed in serving the purpose with which you had sent us into this world. Bless me with the means to do those things again so that I can be a messenger of your grace.

-Precious Holy Lord, I admit that I am responsible for being broke because I have been very callous with my finances. I have spent money unwisely, and I have made some terrible mistakes which have led to this bankrupt condition of mine. Please forgive my negligence and guide me well.

-Holy Father, it confuses me to see how I have led an unjust and undisciplined life that has led to the accumulation of so much debt that I can’t handle it anymore, and I’m broke. Please show me the way by which I can bounce back and have stable finances.

-Blessed Almighty, I feel proud to be one of your blessed children who can reach out to you for help and when they want you to intercede on their behalf. Please provide me with abundance in my finances so that I can again lead a life in your Holy Way.

-Great God, your Commandments have always been a source of strength and inspiration for me throughout my life. But, somehow, I have failed to follow them rigorously in the case of my finances, which is why I am so broke right now. Please take me back into your divine protection.

-Dear Father, I ask you to look after every decision I make and every activity I make so that I can never make any mistakes. With your blessings and assurance, I will always be relieved to know that I am doing the right thing in all aspects, financial or otherwise.

-Father Beloved, I have always believed in the sheer generosity and magnificence of your glorious presence in our lives. We will always be provided for with kindness and compassion, and so, I place the burden of being broken into your hands, and I trust you to take care of it.

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