50+ Uplifting Prayers For When You Feel No One Is There For You

Even surrounded by our loved ones, we may feel lonely at times. It may seem like there is nobody to be with us in our most vulnerable times. But, we must remember that the Lord is forever with us, giving us company when we feel isolated and protecting our hearts.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For When You Feel No One Is There For You

-O Lord, I am one of those people in this world who are worn-out and alone in every way. Our souls are constantly hurting, and we want you to be merciful and shower us with your gracious eternal presence so that we can feel that you are with us forever.

-Beloved God, I have always found solace and peace when connected to your Holy Spirit. Now that I feel lonely, I want you to rescue me from this empty sensation and remind us that we have never been forsaken by your unconditional pure love, and we are blessed by you.

-Kind Good Father, you have always proven your faithfulness and compassion towards your blessed children by coming into their lives and healing their physical and mental burdens with your gracious hands. I pray to you to bless us with your loving mercy now that we feel so lonely and depressed.

-O Merciful Almighty, you have promised to set us free of all the bondages that life comes up with. You have been there to share our joys as well as sorrows. We pray for your divine presence in our hearts for comfort and healing in these moments of deep isolation.

-Gracious God, you have never turned your Holy face from anyone who has reached out to you with a plea for mercy. You have given comfort and compassion to the one who needs you, especially in their most vulnerable times. I need you, and so I seek you eagerly now.

-Lord Jehovah, why is it so that even when I have my family and friends to cheer me up when I’m sad or lonely, there is a sense of emptiness in my soul that never goes away? I feel that only your divine love can save me from this now.

-Precious Dear Creator, I feel like I am a prisoner to my mind, and I am incapable of thinking with a broad perspective. I believe in your Holy Word and all it has decreed, and I believe that you will always come to rescue me whenever I feel lost/hopeless.

-Holy Father, I have a hope in my heart that if one day, even my closest ones don’t stand by me when I need them, I have nothing to worry about because I will always have you by my side. You are the only eternal friend I need in life.

-O Great Master, I am so grateful to you for especially being with the ones who feel lonely. Thank you for fulfilling every promise you have ever made. Thank you for never letting us feel that we cannot reach out to anyone in our days of utter darkness and hopelessness.

-Beloved God, I feel like I am sinking into depression, and this loneliness is killing me from inside slowly. Keeping myself engaged in different activities doesn’t help in any way as nothing can address the cause of this empty feeling in my heart. Please save me from this situation, Lord. 

-Almighty Good Lord, my inability to express clearly to anyone exactly what I am going through right now makes it more difficult to survive this isolation. But I believe that you are the all-knowing God, and you can save me even if I don’t tell you what’s wrong with me.

-Gracious Father Beloved, I pray to you to help me overcome this feeling of loneliness soon so that I can go back to enjoy the blessing of this great life given by you. I pray to you for salvation so that I can rediscover the lost joy in my heart.

-O Holy Protector, it makes me feel depressed every time I realize that I am on my own in this life, and no one can understand my lonely feeling or be with me when I need them the most. But then, I am reminded of your eternal and generous compassion.

-Blessed Master, you have always stood by me whenever I have needed you. Now that I suffer from loneliness and my heart hurts badly, I want you to be there at all times. My soul can only be comforted when it has the magnificent peace given by your Holy Spirit.

-Heavenly Beloved, as I pray to you today, I already feel much relieved as I have endless faith in you. Only you understand what’s right for me, and I can always trust my life with you. I pray to you to replace this loneliness and depression with an uplifted spirit.

-Great Father, it gives my heart great joy and peace to know that I can call upon your Holy Name and seek your presence whenever I need it, no matter what I am doing or which place I am in. Your love surpasses all understanding, and I am grateful forever.

-Precious Dear Creator, you have always been merciful to me. I have been lucky enough to receive your constant love and guidance, and your compassion has helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life. Thank you for always answering my prayers and granting all my wishes.

-Holy Lord, I have recently felt that nobody truly cares about my presence in their lives. I doubt myself, and I constantly blame myself because I think I am good for nothing. I pray to you to eradicate all doubts from my heart and replace it with confidence and enthusiasm.

-O Blessed Almighty, I can understand that everyone is busy with their own lives, and they are not obligated to entertain me constantly, but what do I do about this sinking feeling in my heart that no one understands me? I know you do, and so I seek you now.

-O Heavenly Father, I also pray to you for every other person who is going through a similar phase as I am. Please look after everyone who feels isolated. Be their friend in need and comfort their broken and hurting souls, replacing them with your eternal compassion and graceful mercy.

-Dear Lord, I pray to you to guide me so that I can stop focusing on the things that make me feel lonely and turn myself towards your loving Spirit, knowing that the company and intimacy I desire so deeply in my troubled heart can only be provided by you.

-Kind Loving God, since I have always considered you as my comforter, I believe that the perfect peace that you bless my soul with will protect me from this feeling of loneliness. You will always reveal yourself to me in a new light, and I have unquestionable faith in you.

-Heavenly Master, I pray to you to consider me worthy of receiving your mercy. Allow Me to be drawn closer to your mighty Holy Spirit so that I can know you better. This will ignite a sense of peace and kindness in me, which will keep me safe from loneliness.

-Lord Jehovah, I pray to you to allow me to be a messenger of your Holy love. May your peace and mercy flow through to me to other people who are also isolated and depressed. Bless me so that I can comfort other troubled souls by sharing your Holy Word.

-Blessed Almighty, amid all the crowd and chaos that surrounds me at all times, I can’t escape this tightening grip of loneliness. It suffocates me, and I can’t even speak to anyone about it. I pray to you to divert my mind to more positive things for better mental health.

-Gracious Good God, as I find it difficult to overcome this feeling of isolation, I start feeling sorry for myself, and my weaknesses make me more lonely and depressed. Please give me strength and hope and reaffirm my faith by helping me get over this tough time with your grace.

-Dear God, I feel ashamed to find myself sinking into depression due to this loneliness. I do not wish to waste the gift of the great life that you have given us to fulfill a Holy Purpose and serve your Holy cause. Please help me get back on my feet.

-Lord Beloved, following your Holy Commandments has always helped me in my life. They have helped me to stay on the right track and kept me away from unnecessary distractions. So, I ask for your guidance to conquer this constant lonely feeling and move on to lead a better life.

-Almighty Blessed Father, loneliness brings along with itself numerous negative feelings that are too difficult to overcome. But with your power in my hearts and your blessings constantly over me, I am not afraid to face them. I believe in the magnificent power and sheer grace of your Holy Spirit.

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