50+ Uplifting Prayers For When You Need God To Be With You

Despite the Holy Almighty’s eternal presence in our souls, there may come a time when we feel like we are getting off course, and we need to feel His divinity around us more clearly. We must pray to our Lord and ask Him to be with us at all times.

Here are Uplifting Prayers For When You Need God To Be With You

-Merciful Lord, you have always assured us that we will get what we seek, only if we can be honest and faithful to you. You have fulfilled all my needs and wishes, and I have never been forsaken by your holy love. Today, I pray to be closer to you.

-O Holy Father, your Commandments have promised us that the door to your heavenly abode is always open for all your blessed children, and it shall welcome us with a warm embrace, especially in our difficult times. I pray to you today to guide me well and direct my way.

-Precious Dear God, I pray to you to listen to my earnest prayers. Please continue to be the perfect guardian that you always have been to us and shower us with all the favors that have helped us in life till now. Give us the gift of your constant presence.

-Kind Good Creator, I have always been blessed by your magnificent grace that has given me all the goodness in this mighty Universe. I have been created, nurtured, and cherished in your heavenly love. So, I want nothing but you to be constantly present with your grace by my side.

-Beloved Almighty, you have promised to look after us and protect us forever only if we can lead a righteous and truthful life, lighted by the Spirit of your Holy Commandments. I promise to follow your Holy Word in my life so that I can always be blessed by you.

-O Heavenly God, in humble prayer, I submit myself to you, and I ask you to take control over life and lead all my thoughts and actions. Whatever I do or say, let it be a reflection of your divine energy working through me. Bless me with your Holy Wisdom.

-Savior Beloved, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you are by my side, guiding my way and deciding what’s good for you. I have put my faith in your Holy Way to keep me away from all forms of evil, only encouraging me towards everything good and pure.

-O Great Master, like all other human beings, I am flawed, and my understanding is limited. I do not find myself capable of making difficult decisions or handling the tough situations of my life efficiently. So, I seek your help and guidance and ask you to come by my side.

-Good Gracious God, I believe that the only reliable guidance that I can hope to receive shall come from you, and you will lead my way most efficiently. So, I place all my faith into your hands, and I promise to be faithful to you with all my heart forever.

-Almighty Great Lord, every time I feel like I am straying from your divine presence, I pray to you to make me more spiritually disciplined so that I can feel your eternal presence in my soul. Allow me to comprehend the different ways by which you have inspired me constantly.

-Precious Divine Deity, please come to me with your graceful presence so that I can understand that your Holy will is aligned with my plans and that I am always walking the right path, making the right decisions, and there is only pure joy and prosperity in all my endeavors.

-Beloved Gracious God, today I pray, not seeking anything or asking you to fulfill my wishes. I come to you with a heart full of gratitude and respect for you. I am so thankful for all you’ve done for me to make sure that I always have a blessed life.

-O Master, please teach me to spend some time with you in solace every day so that I can understand that you have never turned your face away from you and that I always have your constant presence in my life. Please keep me close to your Holy Spirit forever.

-Loving Lord, I regret not spending more time in worship. I admit that I have been distracted by the petty pleasures of my life, and I’ve forgotten to sing aloud the glory of your Holy Name. I pray to you to be merciful and bless me with your grace again.

-Gracious Almighty, the regular business of my life has drowned the serene voice of your Holy Spirit speaking through my soul. Amid the rush to achieve greater things and be more prosperous and happy, I have neglected your divine presence in my life, and I ask you to forgive me.

-Holy Father, I ask you to forgive me if I have tried to establish my limited power over your divine supremacy. I pray to you to guide me in every aspect of my life because without your burning light showing the way, I will be lost and confused in everything.

-O Holy Spirit, I have realized that trying to lead this life without acknowledging your divine intervention in all matters would be very stupid. Every time I have tried to follow my way, I have failed miserably. So, I pray to you to take control of my thoughts and actions.

-O Great Almighty, every time I have been lost and found myself in complete chaos and darkness, you have rescued me by shining your bright light upon my way and standing firm as a pillar of strength and courage for me. I pray to you to continue doing so forever.

-Gracious Holy Spirit, I am currently going through a difficult phase of my life where all I have is hopelessness and despair. I don’t know which way I must go, and I cannot find any strength in myself. So, I seek you to come to me and uplift my spirits.

-Father Beloved, the more I understand you, the closer I am drawn to you. I feel there is no such place that can comfort me and give peace to my heart as you can. I need your divine presence, and so I ask you to always stay close to me.

-O Merciful Master, I do not wish to go to any place which does not make me feel like you are eternally present to me. I find solace and comfort in your divine compassion, and I know that only you can protect me from all dangers that await me ahead.

-Kind Sweet Protector, I trust in your Holy commandments to show me the way that I must lead in life. There is nothing more comforting than having the constant guidance of a faithful guardian like you, and as long as I have you by my side, I want nothing else.

-Dear Holy Being, I want you to guard each step I take. Bless every word that is spoken through my mouth and bless the hand through which I work to fulfill your Holy Purpose in my life. Allow me to utilize every great opportunity that you have placed before me.

-Blessed Almighty, I want your constant presence and guidance because I know that when you are there to help me make my choices, I shall never make any mistakes, and whatever I do or say will be correct. Please allow me to see everything in the light of your truth.

-Gracious Great Lord, I place all my responsibilities, both personal and professional, into your hands. I ask you to watch over my relationships so that only good things happen to me, and even if something unwanted happens, I must have the courage to overcome it and move forward in life.

-Good God, thank you for never letting me wander alone amid confusion and indecision. Thank you for always rescuing me from drowning in a pool of depression and anxiety for being unable to decide or act wisely. I am so grateful to have you as my constant mentor in life.

-Precious Dear Protector, I trust you to come to me and rejuvenate my spirits when I feel too weary and incapable of working with determination. I ask you to bless my mind with strength and optimism. Allow me to always look forward to life as an ocean of endless opportunities.

-Blessed Father, I want nothing else but to always follow your Holy Way so that I will always be assured of fruitfulness and happiness in whatever I venture in. Allow me to stay on the right track by keeping me grounded in the Spirit of your unconditional compassion and protection. 

-Dear Almighty, I pray to you to guide me in my communications. Look after me so that I never behave unjustly or rudely with anyone. Allow my words and actions to be a reflection of your Spirit in my soul that has constantly motivated me to be kind and positive.

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