50+ Prayers For Widows

Dealing with the loss of a husband and the fact that a woman is a widow for the rest of her life can be very painful.

These uplifting prayers are for those widows who need spiritual growth and quick emotional recovery when their hearts are suffering from pain and uneasiness.

Prayers For Widows For Giving Peace And Calmness

Prayers For Window To Overwhelming Grief

-Faithful Father, my heart is broken, and I do not know the appropriate way to deal with this pain right now. The closest person in my life, my husband, who has always been so loyal and affectionate to me, has passed away. Help me overcome this overwhelming grief very soon.

-Gracious Almighty, I need your divine strength and patience working within me to endure the pain and suffering of being a widow. Losing a loved one so unexpectedly has been very overwhelming for me, and it torments my mind and heart like nothing else. Please calm down my worn-out spirits.

-Savior Beloved, you are our sole caretaker and protector. The loss of my husband has indeed been very overwhelming for me to accept, but I find comfort and peace in your divine presence. Allow me to turn to you for solace whenever I feel my life turning upside down.

Prayers For Window To Comfort And Motivate

-Good God, after the passing away of my beloved husband, I have been feeling so lonely and depressed that I can only turn to you for comfort and motivation. Please touch my broken heart with your healing grace and reassure me that you will fix my life with your compassion.

-Lord Jehovah, it has been very difficult to accept the fact that I am now a widow and that I have to live the rest of my life without my husband. The pain and sorrow that comes along with this realization are unbearable, and so, I seek your divine comfort.

-O Good God, there is no such adversity in life that cannot be overcome with your godly power and love working in our souls. Many widows across the world need your guidance and motivation right now because they find it difficult to deal with the difficulties of life by themselves.

Prayers For Widow To Guide

-Lord Jehovah, right after my husband’s demise, I need your divine intervention in my life more urgently. Come to my children and me and show us that your unconditional love and motivation will never fail us, and we can always turn to you for guidance and comfort in distressing times.

-Great Master, I am a widow, and life is going to be very difficult. But what gives me the strength to go through this difficult time is knowing that your loving compassion and protection will never forsake me, and I can always find guidance and comfort in your divine presence.

-Faithful Father, for a woman who has spent most of their life with their husband, it is difficult to cope with their sudden absence. Please give company to all such widows who feel lonely and think they have no one to reach out to when they need comfort and guidance.

-Beloved Creator, I promise to abide in you forever. You have always taken care of my physical as well as spiritual abundance. The fact that I have lost my husband and I am now a widow it’s very difficult to cope with, and I want your guidance and love now.

-Holy Creator, I don’t think I am capable of handling this pain by myself anymore. The death of my husband is unacceptable, and I need your divine guidance and inspiration to understand what I must do next. Please shower your eternal mercy and compassion upon my broken heart and soul.

-Precious Holy Protector, I have recently lost my husband, and now I am a widow, lonely and sad. I believe this difficult time is a test of my faith, and therefore I ask you to protect my trust. Fulfill your promises of helping me endure through all the difficult times.

-Kind Loving Lord, my husband was everything to me. No matter how hard I try, I fail to accept that he is no longer with me. We had a very loving relationship, blessed by the grace of your Holy Spirit, and I thank you for sending him into my life.

Prayers For Widows

Prayers For Widow To Give Courage

-Eternal Savior, as a widow, it is my responsibility to take care of my children. They have recently lost their father, and they are more depressed and sad than I am. Grant me the courage and patience to look after them, remembering that I am their only hope and inspiration.

-Precious Master, the enemies are taking advantage of the vulnerable situation I am in right now, after the demise of my husband. I know I have to fight my battles, but I need you to be there and provide me with the courage and patience to deal with these adversities.

Prayers For Widow To Peace

-Holy Father, the Commandments tell us that you are a father to all. My children need your divine mercy and compassion very much right now. I, as a widow of my late husband and a mother to my children, pray to you to shower us with your peace and understanding.

-Blessed Lord, my children are young, and I can’t explain to them that they cannot see, touch, or speak to their father ever, even if they wanted to. I cannot do this without your help, and so, I pray to you to bless me with your godly strength and love.

-Dear Kind Deity, I know it will be very difficult for my children and me to come to terms with my husband’s sudden demise. I pray to you to touch us with your healing grace so that we can overcome the pain and distress we face right now more easily.

-Father Beloved, the loss of a loved one can leave us emotionally devastated. In these uncertain times, we are bound to make wrong decisions and behave unjustly. I ask you to bless the minds of all widows with your wisdom and understanding so that they can choose or act wisely.

Prayers For Widow To Give Strength

-Dear Almighty Protector, being a widow is not going to be easy. But, I choose to have faith in your Word that promises to help us overcome every obstacle. With your divine strength and kindness in my life, there is no such tough circumstance I cannot deal with by myself.

-Blessed Savior, as a widow, I please myself in your hands. I seek your help and compassion, and I want you to provide me with the strength and patience I need to overcome this distressing time and get back on my feet again. Grow my faith in your Holy Spirit.

-O Heavenly Almighty, after I have lost my husband, I have found refuge in you. You are my defense in life, and you help me find the strength and motivation to fight my battles, even when life has been treating me very unjustly. Thank you for your constant motivation and compassion.

-Kind Sweet Deity, I pray to you for every widow who feels lonely and lost right now. Be their constant source of strength and inspiration. Correctly lead them with your understanding and help them get back on their feet once again. Remind them that your unconditional love never forsakes them.

-Gracious Good God, my husband’s sudden death has left me in a financial crisis. I don’t know how I shall provide for myself and my children. You have always been merciful enough to meet to provide solutions for all my problems, and therefore, I trust you with all my heart.

Prayers For Widows

-Lord Jehovah, the death of my husband has left me overwhelmed and devastated. I do not find the energy or motivation to work hard and set a goal in life. Reassure me that this sadness will soon pass away, and I will find hope and positivity in life once again.

-Good God, it is easier for us to be distracted when our minds and hearts are depressed and sorrowful. The demise of my husband has left me in a situation where I need to make several important decisions, and I want you to lead me in the correct direction forever.

-Loving Lord, my husband was like a shield to us. He always made sure that our family was happy and protected. After his demise, as a widow, it is my responsibility to make sure that I can look after my family. I ask you to help me in this endeavor.

Pray to you for the welfare of all those widows.

-Savior Beloved, I pray to you for the welfare of all those widows who have put their trust in you. Even during the most difficult circumstances of their lives, their faith in your Spirit has not been shaken, and they deserve to be treated kindly and compassionately by you forever. 

Prayers For Widow’s divine reassurance

-Loving Father, widows constantly feel a sense of loneliness and anxiety when they have to deal with specific matters after the demise of their husbands. In such uncertain times, grant them your divine reassurance and let them know that you are always there to help them out of every trouble.

Prayers For Widows

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