55+ Prayers For Wife: Guiding Light for My Soulmate

For any man, his wife should be one of his priorities. He should always take care of her and protect her. Proper communication is the key to a healthy relationship between two people. Husbands must also pray to the Almighty Lord for the welfare and good health of their wives.

An Endless Stream of Prayers for My Precious Wife

-Dear God, I pray to you today for my wife. I ask you to teach me the proper way to lead my life with her and live in such a way that it brings glory to her and, most importantly, you. I pray for her good health, prosperity, and success.- Amen

-Almighty Father, although we are partners and we live together, I want you to guide me so that I can give her personal space, which is important for every person. Give me the ability to respect her privacy and not interfere in matters that she is uncomfortable sharing with someone.- Amen

-Dear Good Lord, allow me to be of help to my wife in her process of grouping as an individual- emotional or spiritual development. Let us be able to grow together as a powerful couple and understand each other. Give me the power to help her build herself in life.- Amen

-O Father, please guide me so that I never do anything that hurts my wife or breaks her down somehow. Let me be able to understand what troubles her and comfort her accordingly, just like you do. Help me to love her with all my heart.- Amen

-Dear Kind God, help me to create a healthy and easy relationship with my wife with good communication. Let us be able to speak openly to each other about everything without any restrictions. Help me to be a patient listener and listen to her whenever she has something to share.- Amen

-O Dear Lord, help me to be an appropriate husband to my wife. Allow me to be happy when she achieves something big in life or experiences great joy. I must also be able to share her pain and sorrow with her when something hurtful or troubling happens to her.- Amen

-Beloved Father, to maintain any relationship, strength and patience are very important qualities. Give these to me so that I can be true on my part, and I can never allow my wife to question my actions or behavior. Let us never be exasperating or rude to each other.- Amen

-Mighty Father, give me the power to strengthen my wife so that she can work towards being her best self. She is efficient in everything she does and looks after the household like a perfect caretaker. Let us be able to support and motivate each other for greater things.- Amen

-Dear Lord, let us focus on the love we share between each other and call out to each other the same love. Look after me so that I can always be completely honey with my wife and never cheat on her. I love her truly.- Amen

-O Father, as a husband, I am responsible for loving my wife as much as I can and caring for all her needs. I think myself inadequate to play this role, and I pray to you to teach me how to fulfill my promises and do my duties.- Amen

Prayers For Wife

-Dear God, quarrels are a part of our daily lives. So, even if I fight with my wife, make me humble and kind so that I can realize my mistake and apologize for it. Or, if my wife accepts her mistakes and owns up to them, I must forgive her.- Amen

-Dear Lord, give me the kind of love that you have in your heart for us. Give me the humility to be able to keep aside my desires and consider serving my wife to be my priority. I should always keep this in mind no matter how difficult it is.- Amen

-Beloved God, the secret to a happy relationship between a husband and a wife is learning how to adjust to each other. To do this, both individuals need to be selfless and kind. I pray to you to give me this sheer kindness and push me to challenge my limitations.- Amen

-O God, as I look at my wife every day, I realize to myself how lucky I am to be married to her. She is beautiful and kind and there are many things to learn from her. Allow me to give her the respect and importance that she so correctly deserves.- Amen

-Dear Good Father, I know how devoted my wife is to you. She spends every moment thinking about you and has immense faith that you are always with us. I pray to you to see her love for you and bless her for being who she is.- Amen

-O Father, bless me with your endless grace so that I can be a blessing in her life, as she is in mine. Let me be able to find newer ways to be of service to her and teach me how I can always be in tune with her needs.- Amen

-Dear God, I don’t want anything between my wife and me to be pretentious or just a show-off to the world. So, whatever I do or say, let me be selfless for her benefit in doing that. I must never do something to look good in front of her.- Amen

Thanksgiving Prayer For Wife

-Dear Lord, I express all my gratitude to you for blessing me with the perfect wife in the world. Thank you for letting me be a part of her life and allowing me to get to know her more. Allow me to demonstrate my love to her.- Amen

-O Great Father, I want to show my wife how much I love and adore her through every word or action. But, the busy schedule of my regular life often keeps me distracted and away from my wife. Allow me to make up to her for it now and then.- Amen

Prayers For Wife

-Heavenly Lord, I can feel that my wife is facing some trouble and is going through a rough phase in her life. She refuses to speak to me about it, so I think it is serious. So, I pray to you to help her come out of this.- Amen

-Blessed Lord, even though I am there to support my wife, I know that she wants to be in your presence. She wants you to guide her and motivate her to be positive. I pray on her behalf that you listen to her prayers and give her what she needs.- Amen

-O Good Lord, today we pray to you to be with us in this house and fill this space with your peace and kindness. Be our comfort so that we can run to you whenever we need you. We love you, and we want you at all times with us.- Amen

-Dear Blessed Lord, let me feel your Holy Spirit within my wife so that I can look at her with a different eye and love her and treat her how I would have treated you. Be with us in our moments of conflict and let us resolve our fights easily.- Amen

-Good God, I pray to you to watch over me so that I can always be true to my word and do all those things that I have promised to do for my wife. Just like she takes care of us, let us be able to take care of her.- Amen

-Blessed Lord, I pray to you to give my wife the rest that she deserves. She has recently been feeling exhausted from the struggles of her life. Let her know that she needs to know how to take a break. Let her know that she will get all the love.- Amen

-Good Gracious God, although I am her husband and she is very close to me, there are things in my wife’s life that I cannot understand well. But I trust you, and I know that you will understand her needs on my behalf.- Amen

-Blessed Father, help us to remember at all times that you control us, and you will give us peace and comfort. You will also help us get rid of all anxieties and discomfort. I pray to you to keep us away from all troubles and make us happy.- Amen

-Dear Father, this relationship is a duty for both of us. None of us can do this alone. Bless us both with your love and grace so that we can reflect on that between ourselves and lead a happy and fulfilling life. Watch over us as the shining guiding light.- Amen

-God, I pray to you today to keep the light of the love between us burning for long. Help me to put my efforts into this relationship and bless us so that we never become weary of being with each other. Let us be keen to pursue each other.- Amen

Prayers For Wife

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