41+ Prayers For Your Bedtime For Better Sleep

Prayers uplift our souls. After a long tiresome day, when you finally lay down to sleep your mind should be at peace, and relaxed to start a new day with a fresh mind and enthusiasm.

Thus here are some bedtime prayers you can end your day with, which will keep your souls uplifted.

prayers for your bedtime

Prayers For Strength

-Dear Lord, I get my strength to work hard from you. Now at the end of the day, I request you to stay by my side always and help me through my constant battles in life since with your presence in my life, I know and I believe that I will be able to win all the battles in my life.

-Dear Almighty Lord, now when I lay myself to sleep, I pray you to reside in my heart always and guide me through my ups and downs.

Grateful To You

-Lord, I am grateful to you since with your presence in my life I can sleep peacefully at night and wake up to the bright morning sky with a beautiful smile and a happy heart.

-Dear God, I want to thank you since as I close my eyes every day, I picture you in my thoughts which eventually uplifts my soul, and then slowly and gradually, I can see through all the struggles that had led to good outcomes and memories, making me more confident and happy.

-Dear Lord, may my day always start and end with you, be my sunshine as well as my moonlight, and guide me in the path of truthfulness such that I can always follow my morals.

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Keep Me Motivated

-Almighty God, every night before I finally close my eyes, I pray you to keep my close and dear ones happy and prosperous, the smile on their faces keeps me motivated and fills my life with hope.

-Lord, every night before I go to sleep, I spend some of my time just staring at the stars, I wonder how beautifully the world has been created that even the night sky is decorated with shiny little stars, and those stars somewhere help me be positive and motivate me during my darkest phrase.

-Dear Lord, the day today was a hard one, but I don’t want to lose my hope, I want to keep myself motivated and uplifted; thus at the end of my day I pray you to give me strength and courage so that I can keep on chasing my dreams and aspiration.

Keep Protecting Me

-God, you have always been my guardian angel, you have always protected me from all the evil eyes and guided me through my darkest phrase, now as I close my eyes to mark the end of my day, I request you to be by my side always and keep protecting me.

-Dear Lord, before closing my eyes to go to sleep today, I pray you to fill my heart with sympathy and patience such that tomorrow when I start a new day, I can look around myself, listen to the weak and ignorant and help them out with whatever little I have.

pray to you to keep me away from all sorts of negativity When I sleep

-Dear Almighty God, as I lay down to sleep, I pray to you to keep me away from all sorts of negativity since it is vicious for my mind and soul and always fills me up with positivity.

-Lord, as I go to sleep I pray to you, kindly please listen to the cries of the poor and needy, help them survive through these difficult times, help them manage their daily wages, and listen to their prayers.

-Dear God, every day when I come back home tired and exhausted, I have a family that greets me with a warm smile and I always get my meals ready and served. Thus at the end of the day I want to thank you for blessing me with people who I know will always be there for me and with me.

-Almighty God, there are times when I go through my lowest phase, almost on the verge of losing myself, at night when I sit in front of you all hopeless and tired with my head bowed down and tiers rolling down my cheeks. Thank you for listening to me and showing me my way out.

I pray you to bless me so that I can catch hold to my opportunities

-Dear Lord, every night denotes an end to the day giving rise to a new bright day, full of hopes and opportunities, thus before I go to bed today, I pray you to bless me so that I can catch hold to my opportunities and turn them into my prosperity.

-Dear Almighty God, before I lay myself down to sleep, I will request you to always keep me morally upright, so that in this world full of sham and drudgery, I can stick to the path of loyalty and truthfulness.

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give physical and mental strength

-Dear God, the only thing I want to ask from you at the end of the day is, give physical and mental strength to those who have lost their close and dear once in this time of crisis, may they find their mental peace and happiness soon.

-Dear Almighty God, I can sleep peacefully every night, because somewhere I know you are showering your blessings on me and my family, protecting us from all the mishaps and misfortunes.

-Almighty God, as I lay down to sleep, I bow down before you and pray to you, please keep me and my close once in good health, both physically and mentally.

-Lord, despite all the broken dreams and aspirations, at the end of the day, let mankind believe in the power of love, such that no one becomes cynical towards love; let them realize that it’s the strongest rope that keeps them tied together even during their worst times.

-God, as I lay myself to sleep, I request you to always keep me humble, and bless me so that I can be satisfied with whatever I have, such that my greed can never overpower my honesty and truthfulness.

-Dear Almighty God, at the end of the day, bless me so that I can be happy in others’ success and prosperity, such that my failures can never stop me from appreciating someone else hard work and dedication.

Pray To You give me new opportunities

-Dear Almighty God, before going to sleep today, I pray to you, please give me new opportunities to gain knowledge, and help me to explore new sides of the world, such that I can gain new and exciting experiences in my life.

-Dear Lord, at the end of the day let me cherish all the beautiful and lovely people I came across in my life and all those beautiful memories I made with them.

-Dear God, at the end of the day, before I lay myself to sleep, please, god, always stay by my side, help me heal when someone hurt me, and help me to justify myself when someone judges me.

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Thank You God

-God, as the day ends, I thank you for giving me what I needed for today, now as I sleep, send me peaceful dreams, I love you, and I have trust in your powers. Amen.

-Lord, before I go to bed today, thank you for showing your every bit of mercy, love, and grace and blessing me with the strength to deal with my sufferings. Thank you for everything, lord.

-Almighty God, in the end, keep me close to you since I fear the future, I fear the things I couldn’t handle today, please help me make the right choices tomorrow, and I promise to reward you with glory, praise, and my success.

-Dear Lord, kindly cleanse my thoughts of anger and worry, and look after my daily needs. Forgive me if I have committed any sins today and fill my heart with your love.

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