50+ Powerful Prayers To Get Out Of Bad Company

If you have been surrounded by the bad company up till now, it’s time for you to stand your point and cut off the bad people from your life.

You must also pray to the Almighty God to give you the wisdom and confidence to keep yourself away from such people.

What Does the Bible Say About Get Rid Of Bad Company?

-Father, I know bad company in life is a curse. True friends motivate you, but bad friends discourage you. I pray to you to eradicate such people in my life who obstruct my development path. Don’t let these people affect my thought processes or actions in any way.

-Dear Lord, please help me identify those people in my life who only pretend to be my friends and well-wishers but are the fake ones who do not care. Show me the ones who talk ill about me behind my back and negatively influence me.

-O God, I ask you to remove those people from my life who negatively affect my mind and heart. I do not want friends who entice me towards sin and encourage me to go down the wrong track of inappropriate behavior and disobey your Holy commandments that shape our lives.

-Good Father, it hurts to even think that I have let this bad company be a part of my life for so long. They have harmed me in several ways, and I find myself weak and devastated. So, I take shelter in you and ask for comfort. Protect my heart.

-O Father, I know that this realization is a blessing from you. You are using these failed relationships in my life to teach me a lesson so that I can become wiser. I am grateful to you for this wisdom that lets me recognize the true people in my life.

-Dear Great Lord, bless me so that I can overcome this naivety that keeps me in the shadows and lets other people take advantage of me. Be with me when I try to choose my friends more carefully and show me if I am right or wrong in my judgment.

-Almighty Father, I pray to you today so that you always look after my activities. I must always associate myself with people that are good company. Even if I can’t do that, I must refrain from mingling with bad people from whom I’ll have nothing to learn. Keep them away.

-Good God, I think it’s better to stay alone and focus on ourselves rather than being in bad company. Help me so that I can build myself up like that. Make me realize that I am not losing friends, but I am getting to understand who truly are my friends.

-Dear Lord, bless me so that I can have enough self-respect to walk away from the things and people that do not serve me any good. Let me detach myself from whatever obstructs my growth or takes away my mental peace and happiness. Development is the only aim in life.

-Father, in the rush of our daily lives, we have forgotten the importance of ‘think and reflect.’ Give me the wisdom to be slow and wise when I decide to be friends with someone. Allow me to evaluate their qualities and then decide if I want this friendship or not.

-O Good God, some friends in my life only focus on my flaws, and they strive to point out to me in which ways I am imperfect. This may bring me down and discourage my good spirits. Help me to walk away from these people who qualify as bad company.

-Blessed Lord, I think if I spend too much time in bad company, it will ruin all the good habits that I have developed up till now. I pray to you to stop me from being misguided. Take me back to the correct way of thinking where I cannot sin.

-Good Father, one of the biggest disadvantages of being in the bad company for too long is that it takes us far away from you. These people are unaware of your Holy Spirit, and they implore us to go away from your influence as well. Protect us from these people, Lord.

-Dear God, I pray to you to protect me from the friend who tries to slander me secretly. Do not let the toxic pride and haughtiness of such people prevail in my mind. Let me find refuge in your blissful spirit and take pride in my faith in your grace.

-Good Father, introduce me to people who will serve me with all the good things that I am lacking. Let me be friends with those people only who have lived their lives with integrity and morals. They will help me to get closer to you and live in your presence.

-O Blessed God, the more I stay in contact with bad people, the more trouble it brings to me. It will detach me from the good friends I have, and I would not even be able to comprehend my loss. Don’t let these people tempt me to hurt other people.

-O Almighty Lord, I find myself surrounded by people who are wicked and who only speak the language of deceit. Their words are misleading, and I find myself falling into the trap gradually. So, I pray to you to save me and show me the way out of this trouble.

-Dear God, the bad people in my life, lie to me constantly, and they only talk of hatred and despair. I find myself attacked by them for no reason at all. Protect me from their destruction and take me to light. Only you can save me, and I trust you.

-Blessed Father, amid all the bad company, I find the warmth of my friends being insulted. They accuse your child of no reason, and I don’t find the strength to protest. I ask you to be my shielding armor and protect me from their bad influence. Be my strength, Lord.

-Loving Lord, I have belief in myself because I am a man of prayer and I have you watching over me all the time. So, keep me away from anyone who tries to repay my good deeds with their evil ones and spread hatred against my compassion to every person.

-Good Father, these people spread ill words about me so that they can destroy my reputation. They say things to me that they do not mean in their hearts. Help me to stay unaffected by their wicked stances and activities and take myself above all this petty gossip and rumors.

-Loving Lord, I find myself betrayed by my closest friends, and this hurts me so much. I pray to you to give me the strength to fight this mental tug-of-war, knowing in my heart that I have done no wrong. No matter who turns against me, I will have you.

-Blessed God, even enjoying myself in the bad company will be a huge sin. Understanding the bad influences but not doing anything about them will bring me no good. Help me to be strong to face my enemies and stand my ground, no matter what, while I fight with sinful men.

-Good Loving Lord, these people have set their hearts upon ambushing harmless souls and destroying their peace and confidence. I pray to you to eradicate these evil powers who try to take away our optimism and plunge us into depression. Guide us so that we stay away from such people.

-O God, instruct me so that I can identify the true nature of people in my life under the mask of their goodness and benevolence. Bless me so that I don’t trust their words that sound good but also try to understand what they truly want to convey to me.

-Dear Father, don’t let me be flattered by the nice things that these bad people say to me. Let me understand that there is always the possibility of them harboring deception in their thoughts and actions. Let me be able to reflect on their hearts that capture their true images.

-O Good Lord, stop me from connecting to people who are not ideal in their character and who live their lives being astray from your commandments. I believe whoever does not have you in their souls leads an impure and scattered life, and I have nothing to get from them.

-Father, bless me with your wisdom so that I can avoid being friends with people who have no control over their temper and misbehave with people for no reason. There is no meaning in encouraging a hothead and letting them abuse us. We will end up learning their ways instead.

-O Blessed God, I believe that people who are bad company are simply fools because they assume they understand the world more than anybody else. They do not value knowledge, and so it stays away from them. I must always keep my distance because they will ruin my innate wisdom.

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