50+ Uplifting Prayers to Get Rid of The Fear of The Coronavirus

These COVID days are very hard times. Panicking or giving in to the fear of the pandemic would be completely useless. Instead, we must pray to the Holy Father to bless our hearts and eradicate the fear we have been breeding within us. These prayers can be hopeful and uplifting.

Here are Uplifting Prayers to Get Rid Of The Fear Of The Coronavirus

-O Lord, I openly state that of all people, I trust you the most. You are my secure fortress, and you had sheltered me when I had no hope. Living in the dreadful times when COVID is threatening us every day, I ask you to keep me close to you.

-Faithful Father, you are the most powerful of all. With heartfelt gratitude and respect, I lift myself and all my fellow inhabitants of your mighty Earth to you so that you can take care of us all and protect us from the red eye of the Coronavirus that looms constantly.

-Dear God, we pray now for nothing but the favor of your divine protection in our lives. We ask you to look after our provisions in everyday life, making sure we have all the necessities we need to survive through these difficult COVID times when all essential things are scarce

-Blessed Holy Savior, we pray to you to impart your divine compassion upon every person in every nation around the world so that we can be sympathetic towards each other, fighting with unity and courage so that we can put an end to the dreadful impact of the dangerous Coronavirus.

-Gracious Good Creator, every time we have found ourselves in distress and despair, you have been our pillar of strength. You have rescued us, and you have shown us the correct way to lead. We pray to you to show us how we can defeat this outrageous Coronavirus from spreading.

-Father Beloved, all across the world, people are scared. They are constantly living in fear of the Coronavirus, and there is no peace in their hearts. This is affecting their mental health, and they are turning away from you. Please bless them by protecting their faith in your Spirit.

-Heavenly Almighty, my heart goes out to the people who are mourning the loss of their loved ones to the pandemic and are constantly afraid of losing more. Please come to them with your divine peace and comfort them. Please be present when they need you to be with them.

-Loving Good Lord, it is becoming quite impossible to live in fear of the Coronavirus waves that are supposedly approaching very rapidly. We are terrified when we hear of the alarming rates at which cases of infection are increasing all across the world. Please help us in these difficult times.

-Almighty Savior, I ask you to be merciful and listen to the earnest prayers of all my brothers and sisters around the globe who are asking you to eradicate the fear and panic of the Coronavirus and save them from the pandemic by obliterating the virus as soon as possible.

-Precious Dear Creator, in these difficult times of the COVID, I pray to you for strength and hope. Let us maintain the safety guidelines, remembering that if we can be careful and honest, you will rescue us from this devastating pandemic that has taken away all joy from our lives.

-Kind Holy Spirit, I pray to you to look after those people who are panicking and scared because they do not have easy access to the medical facilities they need when threatened by the Coronavirus. I pray to you to ensure that there are adequate medical privileges available to all.

-O Lord Jehovah, I pray to you with a heart filled with gratitude for sending us the bravest healthcare workers who are constantly working for the welfare of others, saving lives, and bringing happiness to people. I ask you to bless them with the divine grace that they truly deserve.

-Good God, my heart goes out to every person across the globe who is risking their own life to do good to other people. I ask you to look after the people who are caring and helping people who need their service in pandemic times. Keep them safe and healthy.

-Father Beloved, I pray to you for every person who has been affected by the Coronavirus. I want you to come to them and assure them they must not fear the virus because you will look after them, and you will save their lives. Bless their hearts with unquestionable faith.

-Holy Protector, I ask you to bless us so that we can work on your behalf, acting as messengers of your divine peace and comfort to people who need to get over their fears of the Coronavirus. Allow us to bring comfort and peace to anyone feeling troubled right now.

-Heavenly Almighty, I pray to you for all the people who place their faith in precarious work. Bless them with your divine strength so that they can sustain themselves through these difficult times. Remind them that no matter how difficult times are, you will always give them hope in life.

-Good Creator, I ask you to bless the hearts of all people across the globe, assuring them that even though the COVID times are difficult, we must never lose faith in your Spirit, remembering at all times that love wins over everything else and we must be brave and compassionate.

-Blessed Holy Savior, bless our souls so that we can always believe in your divine and graceful compassion, no matter what. Let us remember that when we’re facing the darkest days of our lives, this love shall sustain us, and together, we can fight to stop this pandemic from spreading.

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to bless us all with unity so that we can remember that we are in this battle together with courage and love in our hearts. Whatever the problems may be, scarcity of resources or endless poverty, we must be kind and help each other.

-Blessed Holy Spirit, allow us to believe in the love that compels us to place the welfare of all before our own selfish needs. Bless us so that we can think of our neighbors besides our family and friends and help them if they need us during the COVID times.

-O Loving Lord, I pray to you to bless our hearts so that we can give love to others with an open heart and think and act as one. Let us remember that whatever happens would be for the entire mind, and we should never isolate or discriminate between ourselves.

-Faithful Father, these COVID times have revealed to us more clearly the importance of harmony and unity in our lives. Although we are isolated within our homes, the entire nation and the world are together in this, and therefore, we can help each other by eradicating our fears and anxieties.

-Gracious Almighty, the Coronavirus has spread a good deal of panic and anxiety in our hearts. We are constantly rushing to fight against the sonic, and this is affecting our mental peace. Allow us to pause and reflect on ourselves amid all this rush and submit ourselves humbly before you.

-Dear Almighty God, I thank you for sending us people who are working with unconditional dedication and compassion to save mankind from the terror of the Coronavirus. Thank you for giving us the health workers and researchers who are constantly working to serve us with the best medical facilities available.

-Precious Holy Protector, I pray to you for those people who might be feeling unwell and are living in fear of the Coronavirus. I ask you to bless them with your divine graceful love and reassure them that they will be cured through the magical touch of your Holy Spirit.

-Savior Beloved, it is natural that the underlying conditions related to the pandemic spreading worldwide have made people think these times to be very vulnerable. Bless them and let them know that you are constantly watching over all of us, and we will get over this tough time very soon.

-O Blessed Almighty, although the fear of the COVID looms above us, some people have no option but to go out and work to provide for themselves and their families. These people are risking their lives, and so I pray to you to impart your watchful gaze over them constantly.

-Lord Jehovah, I pray to you for those people who are grieving and are bereaved during these COVID times. Bless the only who feels lonely and terrified and comfort their hearts. Remind them that with your divine love in our souls, every obstacle in life can be overcome very easily.

-O Holy Father, in the difficult times of the COVID, we can do nothing but pray to you with heartfelt gratitude and love, asking you to give us the comfort and strength we need right now. Bless us so that we can have endless faith in your Holy Spirit forever.

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