50+ Prayers To Stay Away From Selfishness

Taking care of ourselves is a good and important thing, but we must take care that it does not make us selfish. Working to fulfill just our selfish desires will do us no good. We must pray to the Almighty Lord to bless us with empathy and compassion towards mankind.

Prayers Against Selfishness: Embracing a Life of Service

-O Almighty Father, being a part of this mighty Universe created by you, I have been lucky enough to witness the glory of nature and your inconceivable power to create good things. There is nothing that can match your supreme power, and so I reach out to you for guidance.

-Good Lord, I am just a naive person in this world, not even worthy of serving your Holy Purpose. I am flawed, just like any other human being, but I come to you, knowing that you will never turn away from me. I find solace and comfort in your presence.

-O Lord Jehovah, every time I act with a selfish attitude, I ask you to remind me that the effects of short-sightedness can be perilous and affect our thoughts and actions adversely. Teach me the vanities of my selfish interests and allow me to get closer to your Holy Word.

Prayers To Stay Away From Selfishness

-Gracious God, only when I can feel your divine presence around me do I feel humble. Your majestic Spirit makes me bow down to you in respect, and I just want you to consider me as a part of your Holy Kingdom and let me serve your Holy cause dutifully.

-Precious Creator, there is no bigger privilege in life than to be able to serve you. But, I am ashamed to admit that I have been acting very selfishly, only thinking about my desires and interests. I ask you to forgive me and bless my life with benevolence and humility.

-Savior Beloved, I am confused and disturbed because I don’t understand what could have motivated this selfishness in my spirits. It seems that I’ve molded everything around me to suit my needs and interests. This has also kept me away from your presence, and I don’t know what to do.

-O Kind Master, selfishness is an enemy, and only you can save me from it. I pray to you to take away all the extraneous desires that fill my heart and lead me to work towards satisfying my interests only, forgetting about the majesty of being able to serve you.

-Loving Lord, my selfishness has made me unable to feel your divine presence in my soul anymore. Life seems to have no meaning at all, and so I pray to you to come and reside in my heart so that this selfishness can never ruin the truth I believe in.

-Good Almighty, you have always taken care of me and made sure that all my sins are expunged. Being grateful for your graceful mercy, I cast my selfishness into your hand, and I ask you to get rid of it from my heart, taking me towards the Spirit of kindness.

-Dear God, I pray to you to help me identify the poisonous nature of my selfish desires and be honest about them. Help me find ways by which I can quell the cravings of my selfish soul. Only your divine peace can transcend my selfish understanding to greater glory.

-O Faithful Father, I pray to you for the wisdom that allows us to have control over our desires that arise out of selfishness. Let us trust our desires into your hands so that you can fulfill them for us without evoking the Spirit of selfishness and pride in us.

-Heavenly Beloved Almighty, I have tried to lead my life without adhering to your Holy Commandments, and this has made me into a selfish person, being whatever I was not supposed to be. I have acted adamantly, fighting for my will to work instead of your Holy way. Forgive me.

-O Good God, being selfish and unkind has been of no good, and it has rather made me fall short. So, I am repentant for my behavior, and I seek you with the purpose of being protected by your mercy once again. Please take me into your divine protection again.

-Good Lord, I have always thought and cared only about my accomplishments, without keeping in mind that this blessed life given by you has a far greater meaning, and being selfish ends up making us feel as if we are nothing. I have learned my lesson, and I am repentant.

-Almighty Holy Spirit, my selfish life has turned me into a jester of chance, and I feel that I am not worthy of your majesty and all the good things associated with it. The realization that I am nothing without you breaks my heart, and I seek you for comfort.

-Gracious Beloved Protector, chasing my dreams to fulfill a selfish purpose without taking into consideration the divine plan you always have for us has led me to burn my way in this busted world without any good effects. I ask you to forgive me for being stubborn in my behavior.

Good Prayers To Stay Away From Selfishness

-O Savior Beloved, now that I am aware of my selfishness, I pray to you to keep me away from things that can evoke the Spirit of self-contentedness in me. Let me find refuge in your divine presence and trust you to direct every step I take in life now.

-Gracious Lord, my selfish desires have made me desperate to achieve the things I crave for, sometimes even by unfair means. Strayed away from holy guidance, I am disappointed, and the pangs of failure torment me sharply. Please help me through this difficult time and take me to salvation, Father.

-O Merciful God, you have always been very into me. You have rescued me from the pit of hell and helped me to rise to glory. This time, I pray to you to keep me away from selfishness and find peace in your divine love where there is only joy.

-Heavenly Beloved Master, my selfish soul is tormented and worn-out. My knees are battered, and I don’t find any ray of hope in the future. So, I bow down to you humbly, and I ask you to give me strength. Listen to my prayers and reaffirm my faith in you.

-Blessed Father, I do not have the appropriate words to ask forgiveness from you, and so I just pour out my heart to you. I plead with you with a true heart, and I ask you to forgive me because I need it to reshape my life with your righteousness.

-O Sweet Lord, please forgive me for my pride and haste. I pray to you to shape me in whatever way you feel like. Let the burning light in my soul seek you forever. Everything I am, I repent it to your Holy Spirit, trusting you to give me glory.

-Kind Holy Being, I feel relieved that I can place my withered soul in your hands and trust you to mend it with all your grace. You are free to do anything you want, and there is no great satisfaction to know that your Holy Way works through my life.

-Loving Holy Spirit, I refuse to participate in the rush to achieve more to satisfy my selfish needs. I rather choose to settle down in your mighty love, incorporating all your pure ways in my life. I believe everything that happens accords to your Holy Will and brings us prosperity.

-O Lord Jehovah, I have recently been struggling with the fact that I focus on myself too much. I pray to you to keep me humble and allow me to focus on others as much as I do on myself. Let me look at the other broken people around me.

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to make my life proof of your unconditional love and how your compassion can save us from selfish desires and lead us to work for the greater things in life. I pray to you for the purity of my defiled and weary soul.

Nice Prayers To Stay Away From Selfishness

-Precious Holy Protector, allow me to always place the troubles of other people before mine and serve them, knowing that I am working for your Holy purpose. Let me learn from your selfless Spirit and seek the eternal life that you have spent, dying for the sins of other people.

-Blessed Almighty, you have shown us how selfless and kind you have always been. Allow us to keep that divine image in our souls forever and make sure that it reflects in our thoughts and actions. I ask you to be with me in this struggle to overcome my selfishness.

-O Merciful Father. I pray to you to constantly remind me that the world is massive, and it never spins around me only. Allow me to consider the feelings and opinions of other people as much as I do mine. Give me the Spirit of kindness to share with everyone.

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