50+ Uplifting Prayers To Stay Protected From Addiction

Getting involved in any form of addiction can bring great despair. We must pray to the Almighty Father to bless us with His wisdom and self-control so that we can stay away from any such thing that can cause us unhealthy addiction and lead us towards the path of sin.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Stay Protected From Addiction

-Faithful Father, I see people giving in to addictions that are harmful to their bodies and minds. I place myself into your hands, and I ask you to take care of me so that I can always stay away from any addiction that can ruin the peace in my life.

-O Good God, addiction has the power to bring despair and violence into people’s lives, and it breaks my heart to realize that many people consciously choose to indulge in such detrimental activities. I ask for your watchful gaze so that I can always stay away from such negative practices.

-Savior Beloved, let your divine peace and understanding always rule upon my heart and soul so that I can receive instant deliverance from any sort of addiction. In such times, we generally have no one to look to for help, and therefore we seek your divine presence and guidance earnestly.

-Lord Jehovah, as I pray today, I admit that I have almost given into addiction. I am ashamed of my behavior, but I know that you will embrace me without any judgment. Let me find hope and positivity in you so that I can stay away from such unhealthy practices.

-Holy Creator, I pray to you to protect me from addiction so that with your grace and compassion, I can feel your strength and motivation flowing through my body, mind, and soul, teaching me what is right and what is not. I call upon your godly judgment in my life.

-Gracious Almighty, it breaks my heart to see that the youth of today indulge in addiction. They look towards such momentary pleasures to be the path laid out for them, and they fail to look towards you for guidance and comfort. Please fill them with your godly love and understanding.

-Precious Holy Protector, I pray to you for those people who cannot stay away from addiction, no matter how hard they try. Please let them understand that you have great plans for them, and therefore they must learn to trust you with their lives instead of indulging in unnecessary addiction.

-Loving Lord, often people come under negative influences that take them towards addiction. I pray to you to guard the heart and souls of all your blessed children so that they can stay away from the evil plans of the enemies and never be imprisoned to any form of addiction.

-Dear Great Master, let us see ourselves through your divine perspective and understand that we were sent into this world with a great purpose to fulfill, and therefore we must justify our value in this life. Remind us that it is unnecessary and detrimental to be involved in harmful addictions.

-Eternal Saviour uproots all negative feelings from our hearts and souls that may try to indulge us in addiction. Let us remember that we have our identity in your Spirit, and therefore we must always try to be disciplined so that we can give you eternal glory through our lives.

-Holy Father, free us from the shackles of addiction and bless us with the wisdom and self-control to understand that you would never want us to lead an unrighteous and undisciplined life. Bless us with the grace of your commandments so that we can follow your teachings rigorously in life.

-Blessed Lord, I pray for my deliverance from the Spirit of addiction. Let me remember that I have always placed my trust in you, and therefore you will guide me towards righteousness and honesty in life. Allow me to be able to hear your divine voice speaking through my soul.

-Dear Kind Deity, I wish to be bathed in your divine purity and righteousness that keeps me away from indulging in any such practice that may cause you displeasure. I must never be involved in any form of addiction that may cause guilt or shame in my heart later on.

-Lord Jehovah, rescue me from this addiction that can eradicate all joy and peace in my life. Let me stay away from alcoholism or drug abuse that can make me weak and incapable of serving your Cause. Bless me with your strength and protection in every aspect of my life.

-O Father Beloved, consider me worthy of seeing your divine reflection in my heart and soul so that I can remember that I must always lead a clean and right here is life to glorify your Name. Let my life be a testimony of your divine compassion and understanding.

-Dear Almighty Protector, deliver your blessed children from the bondage of addiction. We generally get involved in such activities to provide momentary comfort for our broken hearts and souls, and therefore, I wish for your constant divine healing grace upon us so that we can remember that we have you.

-Blessed Savior, bless your people with the wisdom to understand that giving into addiction is slavery that they must always stay away from. Give them your divine light and understanding so that they may never get involved in any such activity that may cause damage to their bodies and minds.

-Good God, I ask you to forgive me if I have ever been keen on addiction. I pray for your love and guidance to be upon my life so that I can start living a healthy life. With a humble heart, I pray for your constant divine presence and mercy.

-O Beloved Creator, I pray for your healing grace to be upon those bodies and minds that have already been hampered by addiction. Let your love and understanding flow through people who have not been able to follow your path and have tried to live their lives on their terms.

-Lord Jehovah, your Word says that you will bless those people with salvation and mercy who always follow your Way in life. Forgive me if I have been involved in any form of addiction, not understanding that it is ungodly or abusive. Shower me with your eternal mercy and understanding.

-Good God, I pray to you to protect me from wicked people who take us towards the path of ungodly activities like any addiction. Never let me stray from the path of your divine truth and knowledge that helps us understand how we should lead our lives righteously and honestly.

-Precious Master, I have been involved with people who try to take me away from your godly compassion and understanding by getting me involved in addiction. Surround me with positive and disciplined people who can make me understand why addiction is harmful to us and help me overcome my weaknesses.

-Loving Lord, I pray to you to bring such people into my life who can influence me in the right way and protect me from addiction. Allow me to be purified in your grace so that I can lead a clean and disciplined life without giving into worldly temptations.

-O Heavenly Almighty, quench all evil desires from our hearts that try to get us involved in addiction. I pray for your divine compassion and understanding to help me achieve complete freedom and salvation that makes me understand that I must never get involved in any ungodly or unjust practices.

-Kind Sweet Deity, I pray for those people who want to quit addiction but do not have the self-control to do so. I believe that these people need your divine intervention in their lives, and when they achieve your godly strength and understanding, they will successfully overcome all their adversities.

-O Faithful Father, please lead us away from the crooked paths of life that tried to lure us into addiction and other unhealthy practices. I choose to look at addiction as a setback that the enemy sets before us, and I rely upon your strength to protect me from it.

-Savior Beloved, please forgive those people who have not followed your Holy Way in life and are now stuck in the prison of addiction. They do not know which way to go, and only you can come to their rescue right now. Let them feel your divine compassion and understanding.

-O Good God, shower your kindness and mercy upon those people who are currently weighed down by addiction. Keep them uplifted in your generous Spirit of understanding and love so that they can learn to discriminate between right and wrong. Wash all their impurities with your divine truth and compassion.

-Kind Loving Father, bless me with the strength and humility to never fall back to addiction. Remind me that when I choose to give up my bad practices, you will forgive me, and you will show me the way I must lead to achieving your divine compassion and mercy in my life.

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