50+ Uplifting Prayers To Stay Protected From Family Battles

We all are bound to face family problems. No matter what the reason is, misunderstanding and disputes with our loved ones are never appropriate and expected. We must pray to the Almighty Father to bless us with his godly peace so that we can resolve all our problems very easily.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Stay Protected From Family Battles

-Dear Good God, I pray to you to lift the curse that has brought about this family battle in our life. Teach us to live in harmony and respect each other, never giving scope to any evil power to bring corruption and unkindness in the minds of any family member. 

Nice Uplifting Prayers To Stay Protected From Family Battles

-Faithful Father, your godly truth and kindness are our source of hope amid these family battles that we have been experiencing recently. Fill our minds and hearts with your divine love and understanding so that we can stop ourselves from fighting with each other and try to live together peacefully. 

-Good God, I believe that family battles are solely the consequence of ignorance and lack of compassion in our hearts and souls. We engage in verbal or physical warfare with our loved ones when we fail to incorporate your godly love into our lives and treat each other with kindness. 

-O Savior Beloved, people who engage in family battles are simply strayed from your divine truth and kindness. Lift the veil of darkness from their life so that they can realize their mistakes and try to rectify them by asking you for forgiveness and treating their loved ones with respect and kindness.

-Lord Jehovah, we were born in this world by the grace of your Holy Spirit. You have nurtured us to become believers, and we must do everything in our power to stop family battles from happening. Guide us in your Way so that we can stop spreading negativity and unkindness. 

-Holy Creator, there is no bigger sorrow than realizing that our loved ones have become our enemies, and we do not mind having family battles with them. Bless us with your divine wisdom and understanding so that we can stop this from happening and submit ourselves humbly to your hands. 

-Gracious Almighty, family battles can have dire consequences on an individual. It can lead to nothing but great loss or even death, and this is something that we do not expect to happen in our life. Help us understand the futility of such battles and keep us away from them. 

-Precious Holy Protector bless us with the compassion to realize that we must never think of harming our loved ones by engaging in family battles. No matter what the reason is, we must try to resolve our issues peacefully and remember that our relationships are also a blessing from you. 

-Kind Loving Lord, it is more difficult to fight against someone who is connected to us by blood rather than fighting against an enemy. Family battles can bring no good, and therefore we must try to stay away from them and protect others who are influenced by their selfish needs. 

-Dear Great Master, bless us with the Spirit of sympathy and kindness so that we may love our family members just as you have loved us, thereby removing all chances of engaging in a family battle. Allow us to treat each other with the respect that you’ve blessed us with. 

-Eternal Savior, there are dimensions to family battles, and we can’t know beforehand when a loved one turns into an enemy and threatens to harm us. Bless us with the awareness to keep this possibility in mind and always stay alert so that nothing like this ever happens to us. 

-Good God, you have promised to guide and lead us in all our battles. As I have no option left but to engage in this family battle, I ask for the victory of righteousness and honesty. Please be with me as I protest against the wickedness of my family members.

Wonderful Uplifting Prayers To Stay Protected From Family Battles

-Holy Father, it is almost painful to realize that our loved ones- parents, uncles and aunts, siblings, or cousins can be a source of dispute that may lead to an unexpected family battle. Bless our minds and hearts with your divine peace so that we can love them unconditionally forever.

-Blessed Lord, family battles often plunge us into great depression and frustration. It fills our hearts with great sorrow to realize that we are fighting against our loved ones with whom we have created such great memories. Therefore, it is another good reason to realize the futility of this endeavor.

-Kind Deity, engaging in family battles often leads to the loss of confidence and dignity and threatens to ruin the understanding and love between family members. Therefore, we must never indulge ourselves in any such activity that is physically and spiritually exhausting for us. All praise be to your Name. 

-O Father Beloved, it is disheartening to realize that often people of the same family use each other for their selfish benefits. But the Commandments promise us that only if we can continue to be ardent believers will you help us overcome all wickedness that we come across in life. 

-Dear Almighty Protector, remind us that being a part of any family battle will bring no good to us but instead cause endless pain and anguish in our hearts and souls. Therefore, we must learn to choose wisely, and we must validate peace and understanding over our petty, selfish desires.

-O Blessed Savior, family battles can affect several aspects of our lives in unimaginable ways. Family is the closest association we can ever have, and therefore, we must never look at our loved ones from a perspective of selfishness on negativity. Fill our hearts with your divine joy and understanding. 

-Beloved Creator, the family battle that I am a part of is taking a toll on my mental health, and I am constantly tormented by the dispute and troubles. We need your godly understanding and kindness in our lives, and therefore, I pray to you today with all my heart.

-Lord Jehovah, there is no problem in this world to which you cannot provide a solution. Your Word promises that you will deliver us from our troubles, and therefore, I place my family battles into your hands, and I trust you to help us live with each other lovingly again. 

-Lord Jehovah, family battles often arise out of the Spirit of emptiness where an individual feels that he/she is not materialistically or spiritually abundant. This leads to the growth of selfish desires that makes a person ready to fight against his/her family members without thinking of the consequences. 

Best Uplifting Prayers To Stay Protected From Family Battles

-Precious Master, evil forces try to cause disruption and misunderstanding among loved ones by leading them into family battles. They go through a very dark time, and only the glory of your Holy Spirit can bring light and hope to them in such difficult times. Please be merciful to them. 

-Loving Lord, we are all your blessed children, favored by the redemption that you brought us so gloriously. We are bathed in your divine purity and kindness, and therefore, it is wrong for us to engage in family battles and ruin the godly peace that you have blessed us with. 

-O Heavenly Almighty, I believe that as long as I can lead my life in your divine righteousness and kindness, no family battle can hamper my physical or spiritual stability. You will protect me against evil powers, and you will lead me to walk the path of truth and kindness.

-Kind Sweet Deity, we are so grateful to you for the abundant love and understanding that you have blessed us with forever. Remind us that when we engage in family battles, we are restricting ourselves from experiencing your divine intervention in our lives that brings us great peace and understanding.

-Faithful Father, I’ve always been able to trust you with all my heart, especially when it comes to family matters. Thank you for keeping your watchful gaze upon my family and me and protecting us from the evil eyes of negativity that could have led us to a family battle. 

-Savior Beloved, I believe that family battles can have severe negative consequences on our minds and hearts, and therefore, I pray to you for protection. Let my life and destiny remain safe from evil forces that constantly try to bring me down and take me away from your compassionate love 

-O Good God, without your divine intervention, we could never have rescued ourselves from the wrath of this family battle that almost would have consumed us. Thank you for protecting our faith in the mercy and glory of your Holy Spirit and being with us in times of need forever. 

Uplifting Prayers To Stay Protected From Family Battles

-Loving Father, thank you for breaking the generational curse that had led our family members to engage in a futile war among themselves. Thank you for letting us place you at the center of our family, and remember that we are constantly guided and loved by your Spirit. 

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