50+ Uplifting Prayers to Stay Safe Under His Wings

In our moments of distress and fear, we must pray to the Lord to take us under His loving protection and assure us that we will always stay safe under his wings. He should never forsake us from his merciful love and be with us in our difficult times forever.

Here are Uplifting Prayers to Stay Safe Under His Wings

-O Dear Lord, as I pray earnestly, I ask you to protect me. Keep me away from the evil forces that try to take away my happiness and shake the strong foundation of trust I have in you. Give me the courage to fight against them with a brave heart.

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to keep me in your safe arms, away from the vulnerability and fear that we are exposed to daily. Let our minds and hearts never be impacted by the power of evil, and allow us to always look towards you for hope and joy.

-Gracious God, I pray to you to let me be surrounded by the hedge of your love and security. Let your divine powers have an inspiring effect on our lives all the time, protecting us from everything that may try to instill fear and anxiety in our hearts and souls.

-Beloved Almighty, I pray to be encompassed by your divine strength forever. I pray for you to be my shield against all fears. Let me always rest in the assurance that you are fighting on my behalf, and I have nothing to worry about as long as I have you.

-Precious Creator, the Scriptures lead us to believe that as long as we can love your Spirit with a pure heart, we shall exult in you. Bless us so that we can lead a righteous life, guided by your Will, so that you can shower your graceful favors upon us.

-Heavenly Dear Protector, I ask you to keep our mind under the divine protection of your mighty Spirit so that we can think of things that fill our souls with joy and positivity only. Eradicate all negative thoughts so that we can set our minds on nothing else but you.

-Loving Lord, allow us to save ourselves from being conformed to this world. Allow us to believe in your mighty powers that can transform our frightened souls and refresh our lost strength and positivity towards everything around us. Allow us to prove that our lives work according to your Will.

-Gracious Almighty, allow us to be protected by your mighty Spirit that only leads our hearts towards everything honorable and just. Allow us to place our minds in your divine truth so that we can be sheltered in your divine refuge forever. Allow us to believe in your pure Being.

-Savior Beloved, I believe that no evil force can overpower us if we are shielded by your divine might. Bless us so that we can stand firm against all adversities and fight with all our heart and soul, believing that you are constantly watching over us and protecting us forever.

-Almighty Master, I ask you to give us strength and let us seek protection and solace in your divine refuge when threatened by the darkness that tries to engulf us and the evil powers that try to bring us down. Allow us to always believe in you, no matter what.

-Loving Lord, we believe you to be our Keeper and Protector. We trust you to take care of us in all adverse situations, helping us overcome all our problems and guarding our thoughts and actions so that we never think or do anything wrong. All praise to your Holy Name.

-Gracious Good God, I pray to you to take my family and me into your safety protection. Look after our materialistic as well as spiritual well-being so that we can leave our worries to you and focus on fulfilling the true purpose of our lives by serving your Holy Cause.

-O Heavenly Father, I pray to you to bestow your grace and love upon my family and house so that we can always stay away from evil. Bless my family members and friends so that they can always trust you without any doubts and believe you to be their strength.

-Dear Holy Father, we pray to you to keep us safe under your protective care, assuring us that you will fight against all injustice and discrimination we encounter, thereby helping us to lead a spiritually healthy life where we can focus solely on fulfilling the cause of your Holy Spirit.

-Savior Beloved, we are only living in a temporary shelter on this earth, and our truest and safest refuge is in your divine haven. Bless us so that we can lead our lives righteously and be worthy of being taken into your protection, where we can sing your praise forever.

-O Faithful Father, I ask you for the protection of our minds so that we can guard ourselves against any instruction or thought that might be detrimental to our spiritual well-being. Give us the courage to stand against all evil powers and help us win the battles of our lives.

-Heavenly Almighty, I pray to you for the protection of all kids around the world. Their minds are new, and everything intrigues them. Bless them so that they can find out the true purpose of their existence and work to lead a righteous and just life, guided by your Way.

-Loving Lord, bless us so that we can see the world through your divine vision. Let us be clear in our thoughts and actions and never be afraid to face challenges, knowing that you’re constantly guiding us, and we must never fear anything that threatens to discourage or demotivate us.

-Precious Holy Creator, we pray to be taken into your divine care and be showered with your divine compassion so that no matter what we do or say, we can stay grounded in your merciful godly love forever. Bless us so that we can understand your magnificent love for us.

-Good Gracious God, bless us so that we can understand that the understanding of your godly protection over us is far more important than the worldly knowledge we gain. Let us know that the most important thing is to know that we must stay blessed in your divine love forever.

-Dear Divine Deity, I pray to you to always be with me. No matter which direction I go or whichever part of the world I am in, I must be able to feel your divine presence around me that assures me that I am being watched upon by you constantly.

-Saviour Beloved, we are blessed and kept by your Holy Spirit. We pray for your divine face to shine upon us so that we may fear nothing in our lives and know that we are constantly being protected by you. I ask you to continue being gracious to us forever.

-Faithful Father, you are our eternal Lord. You have always treated us with the utmost kindness, and you have fulfilled our wishes of safety in every aspect of our lives. With a truly grateful and humble heart, we thank you for all your favors, and we give you all glory.

-O Kind Creator, I ask you to be gracefully merciful to us and defend against all adversities that may come our way. We, as human beings, are flawed, and we place our imperfections into your hands. This is because you will never judge us, and you will protect us forever.

-Dear God, I pray for your generous favors to be imparted upon those people in our lives who are very close to us. Let them become worthy of being approved, loved, and protected so that we can all be blessed together in your Holy Spirit and sing of your praise.

-Gracious Almighty, we pray to you to watch over those mistakes in our lives that are unalterable. Show us the correct path where there is no fear of being led into unrighteous and unkind ways that may harm the people around us and us. Please be kind to your children.

-Precious Holy Protector, I pray to you to keep us in your safe refuge, away from all the temptations that threaten to ruin our self-control and modesty. Bless us so that we can always be humble towards your Holy Spirit, irrespective of the success and prosperity we achieve in life.

-O Lord Jehovah, every time we experience fear and anxiety, we ask you to bless us with the grace of your comforting presence. Let us be able to feel your helping hands in our life and know that at the end of everything, your Way shall work through our lives.

-Holy Father, we don’t consider ourselves worthy of being showered with your eternal grace. But, we also ask you to be merciful and compassionate towards us and never forsake us from your love, helping us overcome our fears and rectifying our mistakes. Bless us with the great favor of salvation.

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