55+ prayers to the angels of god

During the most difficult situations of our life, we need the angels of God to rescue us from our distress and show us the path to light amid all darkness. These uplifting prayers will be beneficial in attracting the angels of the Lord when we need their guidance and compassion.

prayers to the angels of god

-Faithful Father, you always release your godly angels to help us witness your divine intervention, especially during the most distressing time. Now that I find myself facing a crisis, I want you to prove your power and supremacy over my life by sending your guardian angels to help me out. 

-Good God, even the most stubborn, difficult circumstances in our life can be solved efficiently and peacefully if we can attract your angels in every aspect of our life. They can take over the situation that’s bothering us and exercise their godly power to help us out of all distress. 

-O Savior Beloved, your angels have the divine power of changing circumstances and making them favorable to suit all our needs. Only through their divine intervention can we make things work in our favor, and so, I pray to you earnestly to help me attract your angels in my life 

-Dear Lord Jehovah, we come across several difficult obstacles that can be very overwhelming for us to overcome. It is in these times that we need the work of your godly angels more vividly. Please send them to provide us with the comfort and strength we are lacking right now. 

-Holy Creator, I pray to you today to attract your angels in my life because I believe that your graceful favors shall never be materialized if you do not release your powerful angels. Therefore, I pray for the manifestation of all my wishes through the presence of your guardian angels.

-Gracious Almighty, I consider prayers to attract your divine angels to be a very important part of my life. Rather than relying upon our naive understanding, it is wise to call upon your divine intervention and let your angels take control over matters that we are unable to deal with.

-Precious Holy Protector, no matter how difficult or overwhelming a situation is, I refuse to give in to my circumstances because I know that you will intervene in all our affairs through your angels. You will also ensure that we make no mistakes that may make us suffer later on. 

-Loving Lord, I have always been able to rely upon your divine angels to bring me abundance and peace. They have showered me with your godly favors, and they have allowed me to see your divine reflection in my heart and soul. Thank you for sending them into my life.

-Dear Great Master, you work your divine powers in our lives through your Angels. You have sent them to protect us, care for us, and make sure that we lead our life in your Way. We are so thankful to receive the constant guidance and inspiration of your godly angels.

-Eternal Savior, there are no words to describe how grateful and privileged I feel to have received the opportunity of witnessing your godly angels in my life, reflecting the graceful compassion and understanding you have for all your blessed children. We are forever indebted to you for your endless mercy.

-Holy Father, I pray for your guardian angels to eradicate all fear and uncertainty from our hearts. Remind us that during the most challenging times of our lives, when everything seems to fall apart, your angels will be there to rescue us and show us the correct Way in life.

-O Blessed Lord, I pray for the constant protection and compassion of your angels. Let all my family members and loved ones be able to attract your godly angels so that their lives are full of peace and abundance as well. Without your divine mercy and compassion, we are nothing.

-Dear Kind Deity, I pray to you to give me shelter in the wings of your holy angels. Fulfill your promises and reassure us that your armor of strength and love is always with us, and we need not fear any unprecedented dangers that we may have to come across.

-Lord Jehovah, you have appointed your angels in every aspect of our lives to ensure our continuous provision and abundance. Thank you for considering us worthy of receiving your mercy and generosity and filling our lives with your graceful favors of peace and prosperity. All glory be to your Name.

-Father Beloved, I pray earnestly to attract your angels so that I can have the strength and patience to deal with the battles of my life. With your strength and love working through these angels, no power in this world shall be able to exert its superiority over my life.

-Dear Almighty Protector, I call upon your guardian angels to eradicate all evil forces that constantly work to bring me down. Let the strength of your generosity and righteousness work through me constantly so that I never give in to the evil schemes of people who wish to defeat me.

-Blessed Savior, only through the power and mercy of your godly angels in my life can I defeat my enemies. Remind me that if I can lead my life in your Holy Way, you will reward me in every Way possible, and I shall receive your constant mercy and compassion.

-Good God, empower your angels and send them into my life so that I can stand firm against all demonic forces, constantly trying to overcome the strength and positivity that you’ve blessed me with. Remind me that even during the darkest days of my life, I should never lose hope.

-Beloved Creator, I pray to attract your angels in my life so that I can have your divine protection against those evil powers that are crushing my faith. Allow me to feel your divine presence through these angels so that I can remember that you are always there with me.

-Lord Jehovah, I pray for the constant protection of your guardian angels so that no matter where I go or whatever I do, I shall always have their intervention in all my matters. Every stubborn problem that doesn’t go away easily shall be easily delivered through their power and authority. 

-Good God, I pray to attract your angels to be around my household all the time so that I can protect my family. Please send your angels to our lives so that we can be empowered with their divine strength and understanding, preparing ourselves to face every obstacle in life.

-O Precious Master, your divine angels always help me fight against every element that tries to bring failure and setbacks into my life. In every aspect and all matters, your angels remind me that you are dominating my life; consequently, all my affairs are being protected by your Holy Spirit. 

-Loving Lord, please release your guardian angels to protect me against all forms of disgrace and humiliation that I may have to face. Promise me that when your divine messengers are there for my protection. Nothing can harm me, and I will be able to rescue myself from all distress. 

-O Heavenly Almighty, I pray to you to let me witness your divine intervention in my life by making your angels work magnificently and bless me with all the good things I deserve. Forgive me if I have ever been negligent of the divine influence they have over my life.

-Kind, Sweet Deity, nothing happens without your divine presence and intervention. I want you to help me attract your angels in my life so that I can fulfill the destination you chose for me when you sent me into this world. Empower me in the strength of your Holy Spirit. 

-Faithful Father, send your guardian angels to bless me with the wisdom and understanding I need to lead a righteous and honest life. Without your power and compassion in my heart and soul, I am incapable and unworthy of achieving anything, and so I pray earnestly to attract your angels. 

-Savior Beloved, allow me to attract your divine angels, the messengers of your Word who shall bestow upon me the knowledge and understanding of your Holy Spirit and teach me to understand you better so that my life is full of peace and prosperity forever. All glory be to you.

-O Good God, strengthen your mighty angels through the glory of your Spirit and send them in my life to intervene in every matter so that I can achieve the victory and testimony I seek in life. Remind me through them that giving up or losing is never an option.

-Kind Loving Father, send your divine angels to work for the welfare of my family so that they can receive graceful favors from you and be reassured that your godly protection and compassion shall never forsake us, and we must always be grateful and obliged to you for everything.

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