50+ Prayers Against Missing A Flight

People who regularly fly by air always have the risk of missing a flight. No matter how disciplined or careful they are, there always remains the chance of not catching the plane on time. Therefore, while traveling, we must pray to the Almighty Father for his watchful gaze upon us.

Prayers Against Missing A Flight

-Faithful Father, it may sound funny to some people when it is suggested that we must pray before leaving our houses to catch a flight. But, with complete faith and humility in my heart, I pray to you so that you can make sure that I never miss a flight.

Prayers Against Missing A Flight

-Good God, catching a flight on time often becomes very crucial, especially when it comes to official or business matters. As I leave my house for the airport, I seek your blessings. Be with me throughout this journey so that I can have the reassurance of never missing a flight.

-O Lord Jehovah, no matter what the destination is, we must always reach there on time, and so catching a flight on time is very important. I pray for your supervision over my activities constantly so that I can always get to the airport and catch the plane on time.

-Holy Creator, keep your watchful gaze upon me constantly so that I never oversleep or get stuck in heavy traffic on the days that I have to catch a flight. Bless me with your divine assurance so that I can know that I will always reach the airport on time.

-Gracious Almighty, protect me against any unwanted delays or obstacles that may lead me to miss my flight. Throughout my journey to the airport and thereafter, I want your divine presence around me all the time so that I can be reassured that no bad thing shall happen to me.

-Precious Holy Protector, I pray to you against the spirit of procrastination which can be a very important reason for someone to miss their flight. Restrict me from being undisciplined or forgetful when it comes to the daily affairs of my life. Teach me to have more self-control and integrity.

-Loving Lord, I’ve often noticed that unnecessary slumbering and forgetfulness have made me miss a lot of flights. Therefore, I want your divine intervention in my further journeys so that I can be guided in your Way and always be on time, making sure I never miss a flight again.

-Dear Great Master, you have always taught us the importance of order and discipline in every aspect of our lives. So, I pray for your divine guidance and wisdom to make sure that I am always on time and that no unexpected circumstance shall lead me to miss my flight.

Savior Beloved, it may happen that not being able to catch a flight on time has dire consequences on our plans. It makes us miss some great opportunities given by you. I ask you to bless me with more precision and discipline when it comes to catching flights on time.

Best Prayers Against Missing A Flight

-Holy Father, I have always found your guidance and support in every aspect of my life. You have taught me to be disciplined, and I believe that the regular activities of life like catching a flight on time and not being irregular are a great way to make that work.

-Blessed Lord, thank you for blessing me with the ability and abundance to take a flight. Remind me of the graceful favors that you have showered selflessly upon me and help me realize why it is important to honor and validate those favors by following a disciplined and regular lifestyle.

-Lord Jehovah, keep me in your compassionate protection so that no danger shall befall me, especially when I am about to catch a flight. When I leave my house to go to the airport, I lead the Way so that I can be reassured that no unexpected obstacle shall stop me.

-O Father Beloved, bless my mind and heart with your divine grace so that I never forget the important matters of my everyday life. Being someone who has to fly regularly for work, I must learn to be disciplined and organized and make sure that I never miss a flight.

-Dear Almighty Protector, it only owes to your divine supervision over my daily activities that I go to bed without worrying about the flight that I have to catch tomorrow. You will guard my sleep and make sure I wake up on time and go to the airport dutifully.

-Blessed Savior, my endeavors have been successful only because I had your divine wisdom and direction with me. Small matters like catching a flight on time or having a safe journey on board matter to me the most, and this is why I seek your direction and protection so earnestly.

-Gracious Good God, with your love and guidance, constantly working through me, I know that no evil force can lead me to be undisciplined or dishonest in any way. You will make sure that I am regular and organized in all my activities, be it catching a flight on time.

-Eternal Savior, I have to take an early flight tomorrow, and I’m constantly afraid that I will miss it. This may be a trivial matter, but it affects my mind and heart greatly. Please calm down my troubled soul and reassure me that I will catch the flight on time.

Amazing Prayers Against Missing A Flight

-Beloved Creator, please keep me surrounded by your guardian angels so that I can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that I will never miss a flight. On my Way, I ask for your divine intervention and safety so that no obstacle can stop me from reaching the airport on time.

-Lord Jehovah, recently, no matter how hard I try to be organized and disciplined, I keep missing flights. I believe this is a consequence of a pattern in my family lineage, and I pray to you to destroy it and help me be more regular and diligent in such matters.

-Good God, I have a very important flight to catch tomorrow, and if I miss it by any chance, the doors of great opportunities shall close for me. Please bless me with your eternal mercy and compassion and watch over this particular journey to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

-O Precious Master, I pray to you to keep me alert against any unwanted circumstance that can lead me to reach the airport late or miss my flight. Bless me with your divine understanding so that I can plan things wisely before, making sure that I am always on time.

-Loving Lord, I have often missed a flight because of a misunderstanding with the airline company. I pray to you to restrict me from getting any wrong or misleading information that may stop me from catching a flight on time. I pray for your divine intervention in the flight authorities.

-O Heavenly Almighty, I have recently missed several flights because of my lack of discipline and my constant negligence. Teach me why it is so important to be organized in the regular matters of life. Allow me to consider this as a way of giving glory to you as well.

-Sweet Deity, I have often missed flights because of petty matters like not being able to book the tickets on time or heavy traffic restricting me from reaching the airport on time. I pray for your supervision so that I may never fall into the trap of such trivial problems.

-O Faithful Father, no matter how hard I try, I fail to be organized and regular in my daily activities. I am always late and irregular, and recently I have missed many flights. Please forgive me for my negligence. I ask you to help me restore balance in my life.

-Savior Beloved, forgive me if I haven’t considered the matter of catching a flight on time to be important. Help me overcome this procrastination and negligence and teach me to be more disciplined, even if it is a small matter like catching a flight or reaching the airport on time.

-Good God, remind me that missing flights not only makes us lose a lot of time and effort but also affects our financial conditions. Catching a flight on time must always be considered seriously. Our activities should be adjusted to make sure that we always reach the airport on time.

-Dear Kind Deity, instead of worrying about my destiny, I choose to trust you with all my heart. I have your divine supervision in every matter of my life, and therefore, I shall always be able to catch my flight on time. Nothing shall delay my journey to the airport.

Great Prayers Against Missing A Flight

-Kind Loving Father, my practice of being late for everything is affecting my flight schedules. I keep on missing flights, and it also affects my personal and professional matters. Please help me realize that I must be more organized and focused regarding these matters and forgive me for my carelessness.

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