57+ Prayers To Be Cheerful: Finding Joy and Gratitude

The purpose of the prayers and reflections in “Prayers to Be Cheerful” is to encourage readers to adopt a cheerful and upbeat outlook.

Elizabeth Goudge, an English author best recognized for her fiction and inspirational writing, is the author of the book.

In “Prayers to Be Cheerful,” Goudge shares thoughts on the efficacy of prayer and the value of thanksgiving, hope, and joy in our day-to-day lives.

This book offers readers of different origins and religions a source of consolation and inspiration, whether they are enduring difficulties or simply seeking to live life more joyfully and purposefully.

Prayers To Be Cheerful for Happiness and Contentment

-O Beloved Father, human beings are flawed in many ways. We are naive and search for joy in people or things around us. Remind us that our hearts can cheer up when we learn to seek the joy of your godly abundance and compassion.

-Holy Savior, I have always believed that true cheerfulness comes from your divine love for us. We can truly be happy and content in our lives when we are loved by your Holy Spirit immensely. Please keep us in your divine solace forever and love us as you’ve always done.

Prayers To Be Cheerful Finding Joy and Gratitude

-Good Lord, I constantly find myself in this inexplicable darkness where sorrow and depression engulf me. I reach out to you for help, and I pray to you to shower me with your divine mercy and compassion so that I can overcome my sadness and be cheerful and joyous again.

-Negative thoughts and feelings have clouded faithful Blessed Master, the cheerfulness and positivity of my life. Every day of my life seems to be so difficult, and I am becoming more hopeless. Please come to me with your divine comfort and help me overcome my sorrows very soon.

-Good Creator, why do I keep stumbling in this blindness where there is nothing but sorrow and despair? I pray to you with an earnest heart, and I want you to help me avoid being overpowered by this sadness that restricts me from being cheerful in life.

-Savior Beloved, I pray for your Spirit to come and touch my heart and soul so that I can have the strength and joy needed to shine even amid this engulfing sadness. Bless me with the assurance that this shall pass, and I will be able to be cheerful again.

 -O Blessed Master, I pray to be drawn into your Divine Being strongly. Please reign over my life as your shining beacon and fill me with cheerfulness and hope. Assure me that I will survive this despair only if I have eternal faith in your plans for me.

-Kind Father, I pray to you to consider us worthy of being conformed to your godly image that is reflected in our souls and that keeps us cheerful and hopeful. Allow us to be able to find light and hope even when there is only room for darkness and negativity.

-Gracious Almighty, everywhere I look, I find sorrow and confusion overpowering the entire mankind. Noone is cheerful anymore, and everybody is going through their share of troubles and issues. I want your godly compassion to be imparted upon us so that we can learn to be happy and peaceful again.

-Precious Holy Spirit, my heart breaks to see that although the evil forces prosper in this world, the one who leads a righteous life has to suffer. Life is difficult, and it is so hard to be happy and cheerful. I ask you to restore balance in the imperfect world.

-Dear Great God, all the cheerfulness and positivity in my heart go away when I cannot find answers to the unending questions that trouble my heart. There is no peace anywhere, and my mental stability is hampered. Please help me overcome this dilemma and give glory to you.

-O Lord Jehovah, I can make no sense of this sorrow. Everything is confusing, and I can no longer be cheerful and hopeful, no matter how hard I try. I pray that you comfort my troubled souls and assure me that you will help me solve all my problems.

-Merciful Almighty, I want your Spirit to come into this world and impart your divine understanding so that everyone can understand the importance of leading a righteous life with cheerfulness, hope, and peace in their minds and hearts. The world needs your divine guidance and compassion now more than ever.

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to be merciful towards your blessed children and kindle the flame of your cheerfulness and kindness in our hearts. Let us learn the importance of being united in your godly love. Let your divine presence rule over our hearts and souls forever.

-Blessed Holy Savior, nobody wants to be sad and depressed deliberately. I believe we cannot be cheerful and hopeful in life because we no longer seek your godly presence and love in our hearts. We ask you to forgive us for our negligence and rudeness.

-Loving Lord, my heart is broken, and my soul is troubled. All cheerfulness and excitement seem to have burned out from my life. I have nothing to look forward to, and this despair growing in my heart is unbearable. Please restore my lost energy and joy and uplift my spirits.

Best Prayers To Be Cheerful: Finding Joy and Gratitude

-Almighty Beloved, I pray for my worn-out soul. I ask you to energize my spirits and teach me how to find joy and cheerfulness in every aspect of my life, no matter the difficult circumstances. Allow me to be able to turn my despair and plight into delight.

-O Kind Sweet Deity, I have never lost faith in you, and so I trust you to bring me the cheerfulness and positivity I seek so earnestly. You will only bring me my salvation if I stay forever devoted to you with pure gratitude and respect in my heart.

-Almighty Master, I pray earnestly to you so that you can eradicate all negative and gloominess from my life and replace it with your divine joy and cheerfulness. You are why I still believe I will be restored to the hope of joy and peace in my life.

-Holy Savior, there are now words to express how much I long for your divine cheerfulness to be imparted upon my heart. I ask you to help me remember that it is useless to search for happiness elsewhere because you are the source of hope and contentment in our lives.

-Dear Good Lord, I am tired of chasing others to bring cheerfulness and joy into my life. I have realized that nobody can be trusted fully because they would never keep their promise of keeping us happy and cheerful forever. So, I trust you to give me what I want.

-Blessed Master, I pray to you to keep me away from being cheerful because of the false vanities I have in my life. Give me humility so that I place myself into your hands with trust and respect and believe in you to bring joy and kindness into my heart.

-O Heavenly Almighty, I call upon the power of divine cheerfulness that, unlike our materialistic pleasures, will never perish and will always be there to bring us joy and hope in our most vulnerable times. I believe in your eternal ability to fill the space in our hearts and souls.

-Dear Beloved Lord, as human beings, we are flawed and have sinned. There is calamity and despair in every aspect of our lives. But, we believe in your Holy Spirit to help us overcome the burden of our shortcomings and achieve great joy and cheerfulness in our blessed lives.

-Faithful Father, why does it feel so difficult to be able to trust anyone with an open heart? Why can’t I find joy and be cheerful although I’ve always led my life in the light of your Way? Please comfort my troubled soul so that I can be happy again.

-Father Beloved, I believe that no matter how much materialistic abundance we have, it can never bring us cheerfulness and positivity if we don’t seek your presence in our souls. Allow us to remember that true joy comes from being spiritually rich and having the gift of your divine compassion.

Amazing Prayers To Be Cheerful Finding Joy and Gratitude

-Good Gracious God, the Commandments have assured us that you will always be merciful enough to forgive us for the sins we have committed, and we will never be forsaken from your divine love. I call upon that mighty Spirit to help us be kind and cheerful in life again.

-Father Beloved, I ask you to be with us as we embark on a new journey where we leave behind the regrets and sorrows of the past and try to be happy and cheerful again, guided by your Holy Will. Bless us with the assurance of your constant divine presence.

-Lord Jehovah, we pray to you to consider us worthy of witnessing the magnificence of your godly love that has given strength and power to your blessed children. Allow us to know the joy and cheerfulness of your Spirit so that we can reflect it in our hearts and souls.

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