50+ Prayers to Be Decisive Seeking Clarity in Decision Making

Prayers to Be Decisive” is a collection of prayers and meditations designed to help individuals become more decisive in their lives.

Making decisions may frequently be difficult, and the worry that you’ll pick the wrong one can be crippling.

Those who suffer with indecision will find wisdom and inspiration in this book, which exhorts them to believe in their own judgement and the choices they make.

The prayers in this book are meant to bring about a sense of calm and clarity, enabling people to proceed with assurance and purpose.

Prayers for Decisiveness

-Dear Lord, making decisions without giving it much thought is the work of a foolish person. It just demonstrates the lack of sense and patience in us and affects us in the future. Bless us so that we can learn to be decisive and never rush into anything.

-Good God, bless our minds so that we can always stay on the right track and always act sensibly. Keep us away from deciding recklessly and getting involved in bigger problems only because we failed to be decisive. Be with us as we make the important decisions of our life.

-Loving Father Beloved, allow us to seek your guidance before making any discussions to have your divine assurance in everything we do. Teach us to be decisive so that everything we do or say can be well-informed and wise. Bless us with your divine wisdom and intellect.

-O Holy Savior, allow us to believe in your plans for our welfare. Let us trust our decisions into your hands so that you can guide us to be decisive regarding the important aspects of our lives. I pray for your godly plan to be successful in our lives forever.


-Blessed Almighty, I pray to you to help me become a more sensitive person. I wish to be decisive so that everything I do can align with your Holy Will, and I can refrain from doing anything that does not give prosperity to me and glory to your Holy Spirit.

-Precious Dear Creator, I am well-aware of the troubles I may face due to reckless decisions. I ask you to forgive me for times when I have failed to be decisive, although the circumstances required me to be patient and firm. Please help me get back on the correct path.

-Merciful Master, I ask you to help me become a wise and decisive person so that I can follow your Holy Way before making any important decisions and never do anything to dishonor you or neglect the teachings you have given us. Allow us to rejoice in your divine knowledge.

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to consider me worthy of growing in the glory of your divine understanding. Allow me to recognize your spirit of knowledge and wisdom and incorporate those values within myself so that I can deal with my life’s problems more wisely and decisively.

-O Dear Protector, I wish to lead a righteous and determined life in the light of your godly knowledge. Help me see what truly matters in life and focus on the little details that can help me make a well-informed decision, considering the pivotal things.

-Eternal Savior, allow me to be decisive in life so that there can never be any scope of blaming myself for making silly mistakes or facing troubles only because I have not been well-informed and patient while deciding. Bless me so that I can always keep myself away from blunders.

-O Lord Jehovah, I ask you to eradicate all stagnancy of knowledge in my mind that keeps me from being determined and decisive. Let me always bask in the glory of your eternal revelations, helping me make better decisions and refraining from making mistakes that can affect me.

-Blessed Holy God, I pray to you for discernment. Allow me to think before I act and turn myself into a decisive person so that I can always make the appropriate decisions that will only bring me joy and prosperity. I for your watchful gaze over my thoughts and decisions.


-O Heavenly Almighty, bless my mind and heart with your divine wisdom and discernment so that I can always be assured that I have been decisive in every aspect of my life and none of my decisions were made harshly. Let all my decisions be aligned to your Holy Will.

-Kind Holy Deity, with an earnest grateful heart, I pray to you for spiritual wisdom and resoluteness so that it can facilitate my practice of becoming a decisive person. Allow me to always discern and determine what’s good for me and how making my decisions will never negatively affect me.

-Righteous God, I have endless faith in your Holy Way. I know that whatever you decide for my welfare will always bring me great joy and prosperity. Bless me so I can humbly submit myself to you and trust you to help me become decisive and strong-willed.

-Lord Jehovah, I ask for your mercy and guidance so that I can always stay on the right path. Whatever I do or whichever decision I make, I want you to constantly assure me that I have always been decisive and that you approve my thoughts and actions.

-Precious Dear Creator, I want to become a decisive and righteous person in life. Allow me to lead my life, guided in the light of your Holy Commandments. Bless me with the humility and faith to follow every word you’ve spoken and incorporate your values in my life with honesty.

-Heavenly Beloved Father, I pray for your constant guidance so that I can never stray from the path you have shown us. You have always taught us that it is a sin to not believe in oneself and not try to learn the value of determination and decisiveness in life.

-Good God, bless me with your divine insight so that whenever I have to make a decision, I can look out to you for guidance and trust you to help me be decisive. Incorporate your divine understanding into every aspect of my daily life and in all my important decisions.

-Holy Protector, I ask you to remind me that a person’s outward appearance never matters if they do not have a striking personality. I ask for your divine decisiveness and wisdom to work through me and help me achieve prosperity and glory through everything I do or say.

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to bless my heart. Allow me to see things from your godly perspective and learn to go deeper into things, being decisive before choosing anything that has a very important role to play in my life. Bless me with your divine perseverance and wisdom.

-Dear Lord, there is always more to everything than meets our eyes. Allow me to restrain myself from having shallowness of thought and be decisive, knowing that whatever I do will affect me later on in some way, and therefore I must be very careful and strong-willed regarding making it.

-O Faithful Almighty, let spiritual sensitivity and decisiveness be in every aspect of my life. Allow me to approach my decisions with flexibility and wisdom so that I can always have the assurance of success. Bless me with a depth of thought and understanding.


-Blessed Holy Savior, your Holy Will has always reigned supreme in the world and our lives. You have aligned our minds and hearts with your Will so that we can always be decisive and wise and never make any mistakes. Bless us with your divine approval and assurance in everything.

-Dear Kind Lord, I pray to you to impart your endless power upon my life and govern every step I take so that I can learn to be dissolved and patient before making the important choices of my life. Assure me that you are directing the path of my life.

-Precious Creator, I am so grateful for your divine guidance and motivation in everything I do. You have always been there to rectify my mistakes and given me good qualities that have helped me a lot in my life. Thank you for making me decisive and wise.

-Holy Protector, I feel so confused now that I have no wisdom and decisiveness in my character. Everything seems so tedious and whatever I do brings me failure and disgrace. Please help me overcome my weaknesses and bless me with your divine comfort and strength in these distressing times.

-Father Beloved, bless me with the assurance that I will lead a fruitful and peaceful life because you will always be there to guard my decisions and actions, making me decisive and understanding enough to always make the right decisions that shall bring prosperity to me and glory to you.

-O Merciful Almighty, I express gratitude to you for you have always treated us so generously and wisely. You have blessed us with the promptness and determination we need to succeed in every field of my life. I ask you to work your divine way through my life forever.

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