55+ Prayers To Be Fair: Seeking Equality and Justice

We have to ensure that justice prevails over us all the time. We should learn to be fair to others and protest when others are not being fair to us. We must pray to the loving Lord to bless us with fairness and impartiality in every field of our lives.

Prayers To Be Fair and Equity

-Faithful Beloved Father, I pray to you for those obstacles in my life where people around me are not treating me fairly. Bless me with the strength to fight against all partialities and never give in to my evil opponents. Be with me as I embark upon this tough battle.

-O Good Lord, I pray for your divine justice to prevail over our lives all the time so that we can protect ourselves from any form of oppression or injustice. Allow us to never settle for anything that does not treat us with the fairness and respect we truly deserve.

-Dear Great God, fill our hearts with your divine hope and positivity so that we can evoke the Spirit of goodness within ourselves and in others around us. Allow us to love and honor each other through your Holy Spirit so that we can behave kindly and justly with everyone.

Prayers To Be Fair: Seeking Equality and Justice

-Savior Beloved, it breaks my heart to see that mankind indulges in selfishness and injustice. People are used to not being fair to each other, and they treat others with disrespect and negligence. Bless our hearts so that we can understand the importance of being fair and compassionate to everyone.

-Precious Creator, we pray to you to impart your understanding and equality over us so that we can treat each other with fairness and brotherhood. Allow us to be benevolent and humble enough to share the goodness you have showered upon us, remembering that we are all your blessed children.

-Blessed Almighty, I call upon your Holy Spirit to come to us and end this discrimination and strife that is eradicating all fairness and compassion from the world. Teach us to be fair and loving towards each other and never say or do anything that might anyhow hurt others’ feelings.

-Good God, we pray for your divine enlightenment to touch mankind with all its grace and benevolence so that we can mold ourselves in your Way and look forward to the arising of a new dawn where society is made of humans who are true and fair in their hearts.

-Gracious Holy Father, in Your Holy Name, we ask you to help us create a world that is built on the foundation of justice and kindness. Allow us to believe in the possibility of a world where only peace and brotherhood reign supreme and there is no room for oppression.

-O Lord Jehovah, allow us to build ourselves in the light of your Commandments and try becoming fair and wise blessed children in your world. Allow us to look at this world through your divine vision so that we can have justice and kindness in every aspect of our lives.

-Heavenly Almighty, we wish to be part of a world where every person, irrespective of their race or religion, can bond with other people in harmony, never having to worry about being treated unfairly or rudely. Bless us so that we can always maintain kindness and respect towards each other.

-Precious Protector allows us to always be guided in the path of justice and fairness, created out of love and compassion. Bless us with your divine strength and inspire us to create a kind and fair mankind that is guided by the light and glory of your Holy Commandments forever.

-Dear Merciful Master, this world needs your love and fairness. The weak ones seek your protection, and the hopeless ones need your graceful favors. Bless us so that we can create a world where everyone is treated fairly, and nobody has to face any form of discrimination in their lives.

Prayers To Be Fair Seeking Equality and Justice

-Father Beloved, all of us have been created in your divine image, and whatever we do or say is a reflection of the presence of your Spirit in our hearts and souls. Bless us so that we can be fair and kind to everyone in every matter of our lives.

-Eternal Savior, my heart goes out to every person who has to go through discrimination and injustice at some point in their lives. Bless us so that we can be messengers of your godly love and justice and show why everyone has the right to be treated fairly and nicely.

-Almighty Dear Creator, I am so shocked and disheartened to see the injustice and oppression that prevails around the globe. I pray to you to let us experience your divine intervention over our lives by eradicating all such unfairness. Impart your compassionate and glorious grace over our minds and hearts.

-Gracious Almighty, I pray to you to constantly remind us of the fairness we must practice in every aspect of our daily lives. Allow us to remember that every person has their fundamental rights, and we must never be careless about providing them with what they deserve in their lives.

-O Holy Protector, I believe that the only reason we do not practice fairness and justice is that we are deprived of our divine presence in our souls. I pray to you never to exclude us from your divine Spirit so that we can incorporate your values in our lives.

-Blessed Good God, I ask for your godly watchful gaze over the authorities around the world who have the power and opportunity to bring goodness and justice into the world. Bless their minds and hearts so that they can stay away from discrimination and use their power for mankind’s welfare.

-Merciful Master, we trust you to replace all wrongdoings in this world with the glory of your divine truth and justice. I call upon your Holy Spirit for the vindication of those people who have to face injustice and oppression in their daily lives. Bless us with equality and kindness.

-Dear Lord Beloved, bless us so that even if we face oppression and inequality, we must deal with it efficiently and wisely. Keep us away from acting out of fear and anger and allow us to think and act well, empowered by the glory of your divine truth and righteousness.

-Good Holy Deity, I pray to you on behalf of those people around me who have been treated unjustly and unfairly throughout their lives. Bless them with your godly peace and solace and comfort them when they feel troubled and disheartened because of everything they have had to go through.

-Precious Protector, I ask you to keep us away from unfairness and cruelty, remembering that ill-treating other people is a way to show disrespect and dishonor to your Holy Spirit. Allow us to honor you through other people around us so that we can give eternal glory to your Name.

-Beloved Dear Almighty, we ask you to forgive us if we have not trusted your Will in our lives and have tried to take matters into our own hands. Allow us to protect our faith in your power and justice, and always remember that everyone will be treated with fairness.

-Blessed Savior, we are constantly threatened by the dark shadow of discrimination. Hatred and injustice loom over our lives and lead us to be unfair and unkind. Bless us with your hope and positivity so that even in these difficult times, we can look towards you for compassion and grace. 

-Father Beloved, I ask for your divine intervention in our conscience so that we understand that people who don’t learn to be fair and righteous in their lives will inevitably suffer. Therefore, we must work with each other to eradicate the corruption and discrimination that has overpowered your godly world.

Amazing  Prayers To Be Fair Seeking Equality and Justice

-Lord Beloved, we pray for your sacred light of hope and fairness to be kindled in our hearts so that we can evoke the Spirit of indiscrimination and justice within our hearts and look at everyone around us through your divine vision. Eradicate all darkness and exploitation from our lives.

-Heavenly Almighty, help us to open our hearts to everyone so that we can embrace the goodness in mankind. Bless me with strength and humility to defend the weak and the oppressed and help them in any way I can to give them the equality and fairness they truly deserve.

-Faithful Father Beloved, thank you for showing us your life as an example of righteousness and fairness. Thank you for demonstrating to us that truth is the only thing that matters, and we should never compromise with justice and kindness. Bless us with the power to eradicate indiscrimination and cruelty.

-Merciful Master, allow us to care for humanity just as you have. Allow us to stand firmly beside those people who are oppressed or hurting. Bless us so that we can use your compassionate grace to help people come out of their despair as a consequence of being treated unfairly.

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