50+ Uplifting Prayers To Be Free From Covetousness

Covetousness is a great sin that can disrupt the goodness of a person’s character. Our uncontrollable greed and jealousy for materialistic possessions can take us away from the love and mercy of our Lord, and we must pray to Him to bless us with the strength to not covet ever.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Be Free From Covetousness

-Faithful Father, recently, I can feel myself constantly struggling with covetousness. I am tormented by the achievements of other people, and I find myself focusing on their breakthroughs more than I try to work hard and achieve success myself. Please grant me your divine wisdom and guidance in such times.

-Good God, forgive me if I am not able to commit to your Holy Word and give in to covetousness. Let your divine comfort and peace rule over my heart and soul so that I never feel bad when I see other people being successful and happy in their lives.

-Savior Beloved, I have always believed that when your divine peace and understanding are in our hearts, the desires for materialistic possessions can never torment us. But, as a mere human being, I fail to have self-control over myself, and I often give in to unnecessary jealousy. Please forgive me.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, I pray to you for the eradication of all covetousness from my heart. Uproot any jealousy or selfishness that I may have bred within and teach me to be enlightened in the glory and knowledge of your Holy Spirit so that I can evoke kindness and understanding.

-O Holy Creator, I have always wanted to be guided in your Holy Way. Let me reach out to you whenever it feels like I am thinking or acting out of covetousness and selfishness. It is always wise and honorable to appreciate others, even if we are not successful ourselves.

-Gracious Almighty, I often find it difficult to cope with the fact that good things are happening to people around me. I admit that I am gradually giving in to covetousness. Remind me that with my capabilities and favors, you will also bless me with your divine abundance and compassion.

-Precious Protector reminds me constantly that it is always unwise to covet what other people have, even if they have achieved it through ungodly ways. Bless us so that we can keep faith in you and ourselves and know that you will always have good plans for your blessed children.

-Loving Lord, I ask you to let me learn from your Commandments and keep me away from all jealousy and selfishness that tries to lead me into ungodliness and injustice. Let me remember that although many people have had breakthroughs, they refuse to glorify you through their lives and works.

-Dear Great Master, the burden of this covetousness is tormenting me constantly. I understand that this ungodly feeling in my heart and soul is eating me away, but I cannot do anything about it. I ask for your godly love and understanding to help me deal with my weaknesses efficiently.

-Eternal Savior, I suffer because my materialistic wishes have not been fulfilled. Remind me that if I have your spiritual abundance, no covetousness can ever overcome my heart and soul. Teach me to yearn for the good things in life and not run after mere selfish desires with no meaning.

-Holy Father, even if my expectations are not met, allow me to rejoice in the abundance of your Spirit. Let me know that if I have the right motives and values, I will never fall prey to greed or selfishness. Teach me to learn kindness and compassion from your Commandments.

-Blessed Lord, allow me to eradicate all jealousy and selfishness from my heart. Point out to me when I am coveting in any aspect of my life and bless me with the values of positivity and contentment so that I can be satisfied with what you have blessed me with.

-Dear Kind Deity, eradicate all unjust desires from my heart and soul that does not help me seek your divine mercy and compassion. Protect me from covetousness and fill me with thoughts and emotions that only align with your Holy Will to bring great joy and abundance into my life.

-O Lord Jehovah, bless my life so that I can always be righteous and kind, adhering to the grace of your Holy Word. Allow me to look towards your divine abundance instead of looking toward other people and their materialistic possessions. Purify my heart with your holy grace and love.

-Dear Father Beloved, I desire to be nurtured in your divine reflection. Free me from the shackles of my desires that lead me towards covetousness. Remind me constantly that no good can ever come out of jealousy and selfishness, and therefore, I must learn to control my thoughts and emotions.

-Almighty Protector, whenever jealous thoughts emerge within my heart and soul, I rely upon your divine grace to comfort me and let me find contentment and solace in the peace of your Holy Spirit. Teach me that I must always be happy for my loved ones when they achieve success.

-O Blessed Savior, purify my heart of any ungodly feeling that is leading me to feel jealous about other people’s abundance. Teach me to always turn towards your godly abundance that helps me lead my life in your Holy Way and protects me from thinking or acting unrighteously or selfishly.

-Gracious Good God, you have always tried to bring great abundance and happiness to the lives of your blessed children. Bless me so that I can incorporate your values of kindness and understanding and learn to be happy for other people when they find prosperity and compassion through your grace.

-Beloved Creator, even though I am imperfect, you have never forsaken me from your unconditional love and understanding. I pray to you to make me humble and diligent so that I can get away from all unnecessary covetousness and focus on receiving the grace of your eternal mercy and compassion.

-Lord Jehovah, protect me from developing any competitive thoughts when I see other people around me being successful and happy in their lives. Teach me to embrace the uniqueness of my character that you have blessed me with and understand that I’ve been favored with your divine grace and understanding.

-O Good Lord, teach me to remain grounded in your unconditional compassion forever so that no selfishness or covetousness can overpower my mind, heart, and soul. Remind me that as long as I can look towards receiving your eternal love, I need not try to be better than anyone else.

-Precious Master, remind me that there is no impartiality or discrimination when it comes to your eternal love for your blessed children. Therefore, only if I can be patient and faithful will you also bless my life with your divine prosperity. Therefore I must try my best not to covet.

-Loving Lord, I pray for your divine presence in my heart and soul so that even if there is any jealousy or selfishness, it can be removed and replaced with the divine joy and abundance of your Spirit. Teach me to love other people just like you have loved us.

-Heavenly Almighty, as a consequence of my materialistic expectations not being fulfilled, I find myself dealing with trust issues. Forgive me if I’ve let this uncertainty take a toll on my fellowship with your Spirit. Protect me from covetousness and give me a chance to strengthen my bond with you.

-Kind Sweet Deity reminds me that covetousness and selfishness lead to insecurities that can evoke several evil thoughts and emotions within our minds and heart. Forgive me if I have acted like a jealous person and not followed your Holy Commandments. Please turn your merciful and watchful gaze towards me.

-Faithful Father, bless me with your divine understanding so that my heart and soul can be at peace. Instead of being jealous about what other people around me possess, teach me to focus on my spiritual possessions and how I can trust you to give me the abundance I seek.

-Savior Beloved, covetousness, and jealousy are ungodly, and it gives rise to negative feelings within our mind and heart. I ask you to bless me through your divine grace so that I can find fulfillment in your godly presence in my heart instead of searching for contentment in materialistic possessions.

-O Good God, the prosperity and abundance of other people can often make life seem quite unfair to us. In these unsettling times, remind me of your godly love and understanding and how your supreme power rules forever, and therefore none of us shall be forsaken from your divine abundance.

-Kind Loving Father, teach me to commit to your Holy Spirit so that I can work hard with determination and discipline in my life. Let me be spiritually and materialistically successful so that I can get rid of any covetousness or selfishness that may have overpowered my heart and soul.

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