50+ Uplifting Prayers To Be Free From A Judgemental Spirit

As human beings, we all are flawed. Therefore we must never make the mistake of developing a judgemental spirit towards other people around us. We must pray to the Almighty Father to keep us away from developing any false judgment and mold us in his divine purity, grace, and kindness.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Be Free From A Judgemental Spirit

-O Faithful Father, you are in control of everything that happens in our lives and this blessed world as well. Therefore, we must learn to trust you with all our hearts and stop being judgemental about the things that happened to us, remembering that you are in charge of everything.

-Good God, I believe without your divine guidance and wisdom, we are nothing at all. We derive our knowledge and understanding from you, and I believe that you would never want us to develop a judgemental spirit that may be harmful to us in the daily course of our lives.

Uplifting Prayers To Be Free From A Judgemental Spirit

-O Savior Beloved, I pray for your constant divine presence around me, especially when it is time to make important decisions that may alter my life. Bless me with your divine wisdom and intellect so that I can approach the matter rationally and never treat it with a judgemental spirit.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, I find myself in a difficult time of my life when I’m judging everything and everyone around me. I wish to be guided in your Holy Way so that I can stop developing this bad practice and lead my thoughts and actions as you would’ve directed us.

-Holy Creator, I often chide myself for the judgemental spirit that I have developed and which causes problems in many aspects of my life. I ask you to bless me with the humility and wisdom to understand that I must not be judgemental about everything and rather trust you wholeheartedly.

-Gracious Almighty, bless us with your gracious wisdom and divine peace so that whenever a critical situation in our lives arises, we can learn to deal with it wisely and patiently and not be sensitive and judgemental about it. Guide us in the light of your Holy wisdom and strength.

-Precious Holy Protector, you are the ultimate decision-maker of our lives. Therefore, we should always trust the process of judgment with you because your approach to any problem we encounter in our lives will be more wise and generous than we can even try with our naive knowledge and wisdom.

-Dear Great Master, remind us that only your decisions make a huge difference, and therefore we must let your gracious Holy Will work out in its Way in our lives. Bless us with the humility to submit ourselves to you so that you can lead the Way for our welfare.

-Eternal Savior, I seek counsel and wisdom for you because I find myself being judgemental about serious matters without thinking of its repercussions in the future. Allow me to count on you with faith so that you can restrict us from making faulty or unjust choices out of our judgment.

-Kind Loving Lord, as I find myself developing a judgemental spirit, please lead me into the path of your divine truth and compassion so that I can learn to see things more easily. Allow me to walk only on straight paths that do not lead to any form of indecision.

Great Uplifting Prayers To Be Free From A Judgemental Spirit

-Holy Father, free us from the need to be judgemental about everything and analyze every little thing before we make a decision or action. Allow us to keep endless trust and respect in your Holy Spirit, remembering that you are constantly guiding us, and therefore we must never fear anything.

-Blessed Lord, remind us that it is more important to be righteous than judgemental. Make us wise, but in the light of your divine knowledge so that we can be spiritually prepared in every aspect of our lives, no matter how difficult situations are. All glory be to your Name.

-Dear Kind Deity, whenever I find myself speaking or acting out of my judgemental spirit, I remind myself that I only need you in my life. Only you can give me the humility and compassion I need to be able to trust you completely and therefore stop worrying or judging.

-Lord Jehovah, free us from the shackles of false idolatry. Remind us that there is no one perfect choice or option in a particular circumstance, and therefore we must never be judgemental. Allow us to think of other people around us so that it isn’t harmful or abusive to someone.

-Father Beloved, I admit that I have often approached matters with a judgemental spirit and made decisions that led to my comfort but did not serve me for a long time. Remind me those good choices may not always result in positive outcomes, and therefore I must rely on you.

-Dear Almighty Protector, I ask you to come to me when I’m being judgemental and remind me that in every aspect of our lives, your Will is our sanctification, and therefore we must trust your Way to work meticulously. Build our hearts and souls with your divine faith and wisdom.

-Gracious Good God, allow us to be able to listen to your divine voice that speaks through our soul so that we can be sure of your divine reassurance when we are being judgemental about making important decisions. Bless us with the patience and understanding to rely upon your understanding.

-Beloved Creator, bless me with the humility and attention to listen to your commandments and follow your instructions rigorously in my life so that I can’t remember that you are there to help me out with every tough decision in my life. Therefore I need not be judgemental about anything.

-Blessed Savior, allow us to turn our hearts and souls towards you every day, growing in the spirit of your compassion and understanding so that we can restrict ourselves from being judgemental and offensive and try to seek your divine love and understanding in our hearts and souls more vividly.

Nice Uplifting Prayers To Be Free From A Judgemental Spirit

-Lord Jehovah, I’ve always been able to feel your divine presence in my heart throughout my life. Now that I fail to hear your voice guiding me in the most important decisions of my life, I ask you to be merciful, stop me from being judgemental, and lead the Way.

-Precious Master, draw me closer to your Holy Spirit where there is no fear of developing a judgemental spirit. Fill me with your divine hope and love so that I can always remember that I’m one of your blessed children, and therefore you will guide me correctly in every aspect.

-Loving Lord, I pray to you to be merciful to me and allow me to get a glimpse of how you perceive the world around us. This will prepare me with your godly strength and wisdom, and I will stop being judgemental about the various things or people around me.

-O Heavenly Almighty, Bless me with the power of discernment so that I can always make the correct decision that is in no way harmful to the people who are directly connected to me or me. Protect me from developing a false Judge mental spirit that has no practical use.

-Kind Sweet Deity, bless my senses with disappointment and give me an untiring and patient spirit so that I can believe in you, no matter what. I believe this will help me to get rid of the judgemental spirit that is evoking a sense of confusion and despair within me.

-Faithful Father, allow me to place my faith in your Holy Word that has always been pure and radical and helped us to get over our judgment to spirit. Remind me that I should incorporate your teachings in my life if I want my decisions to be wise and appropriate. 

-Savior Beloved, bless me with a spirit of generosity so that I can communicate with the people around me without being judgemental or critical of their behaviors. Teach me to impress every person in their authenticity and remember that you have always asked us to evoke the spirit of brotherhood. 

-Good Lord, allow me to see and experience things through your divine perspective so that I can learn to be wise and patient in dealing with adverse situations instead of being judgemental. Restrict me from behaving rudely with other people as a result of my nurturing of the judgemental spirit.

Amazing Uplifting Prayers To Be Free From A Judgemental Spirit

-O Good God, I ask you to bless us with unity and kindness so that we can treat each other with humility and respect instead of being judgemental of our feelings and actions. Allow us to embrace each other in your loving spirit and be united in your Holy Name. 

-Kind Loving Father, I ask you to bless my heart so that I can help others in getting over their spirit of judgment and place their faith in you so that we can build a kind community based on the foundation of faith and love instead of criticism and abuse.

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