50+ Uplifting Prayers To Be Merciful

Receiving the Lord’s mercy is one of the most priceless gifts that we can ask for. Since all human beings are flawed in some way, we must ask Him to bless us with his eternal mercy and compassion. These uplifting prayers to the Lord to be merciful can be helpful.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Be Merciful

-Good God, I am so grateful to you, for you have taught us to be merciful and compassionate, just like you. Allow us to remember that when we behave kindly and lovingly with people around us, we honor you and your eternal mercy and love towards all your blessed children.

-Good God, as I submit humbly to you today, I admit that I am often ignorant and sinful. But I have never lost faith in the righteousness of your Commandments where you have promised to bless us with mercy and compassion, especially in our weakest times when we have nobody.

Uplifting Prayers To Be Merciful

-Lord Jehovah, it is only because of your eternal mercy and grace in my life that I have always been able to overcome all my troubles. I have always been able to rely on you, and so I ask you to keep showering your graceful favors of love and understanding.

-Merciful Master, now that I find myself bound to the temptations of my materialistic life, I ask you to be merciful and come to me so that I can receive the freedom I seek. Allow me to find solace in your merciful Spirit and shower me with your eternal love.

-Gracious Loving Deity, I ask you to consider me worthy of receiving the grace of your godly gifts. I have always looked forward to receiving your eternal mercy in every aspect of my life, and so I pray to you today, asking you to grant my wishes for your compassion.

-Blessed Almighty, I pray to you on behalf of every blessed child of yours in this world. We seek your mercy in our hearts, and we all approach before your Spirit humbly with a heart full of gratitude and respect to you for everything you have given us till now.

-Holy Father Beloved, I ask for your endless mercy and compassion to be imparted upon those people who have been feeling that they are forsaken from your divine grace. Reassure them that you will never leave us alone, especially during our vulnerable times, and we will always have your mercy.

-Dear Protector, the reason we have great faith in your mercy is that we believe that your Spirit has the power to bring a transformation in the lives of the people who are weak or distressed. Therefore in times when we feel lonely or depressed, we seek inspiration from you.

-Lord Jehovah, we promise to lead our lives in your Holy Way, and we ask you to guide the path of our lives with your shining light of knowledge and wisdom. Let us rejoice in the divine righteousness of your Commandments so that you can give us your graceful mercy.

-Merciful Master, I believe that every person around the globe tries to understand you and honor you in their special way. I ask you to look toward every person who is seeking your mercy and love so that they can always know that they have your endless love and hope 

-Faithful Father, I pray to you to forgive us for the sins we have committed and if we have ever been negligent of your divine presence in our hearts. We believe that you will never forsake us from your mercy and love only if we can be repentant and faithful.

-Father Beloved, the world is in chaos right now. We need your mercy and guidance more than ever. Please show us where we have gone wrong in leading our lives according to your Holy Commandments and help us rectify our mistakes. Teach us to incorporate your lessons into our lives.

Best Uplifting Prayers To Be Merciful

-Kind Deity, it breaks our heart to see that we can no longer understand the divine intervention of your Spirit in our lives. No matter how hard we try, we feel to see your divine reflection in our hearts. Forgive us for our negligence and give us your divine mercy.

-Good God, without your divine presence in our lives, our existence has no meaning. We get all our strength and inspiration from you, and therefore, we will be able to achieve nothing in our lives if we cannot attain your godly mercy and guidance. Please be merciful to your children.

-Gracious God, I am so grateful to you for showering me with the gift of your materialistic favors. However, I pray more eagerly for your spiritual grace that allows me to have your endless mercy and compassion in every aspect of my life. All glory be to you.

-O Beloved Almighty, I believe that you can never turn away from us when you find us afflicted and miserable. Therefore I choose to stand firm in my faith that assures me that no matter what, I will always receive your mercy and love when I need you the most.

-Precious Creator, I pray so earnestly to receive your grace and mercy so that I can lead a righteous life, guided in your Holy Way, and give glory and praise to you for being the supreme lord in my life. Thank you for always letting me seek comfort in you.

-Heavenly Protector, it breaks my heart to realize that I have often been rude and unkind to other people. I have foolishly wandered away from the solace of your merciful Holy Spirit. Teach me how I can be more respectful and kind to others who are also your blessed children.

-Loving Lord, bless my life with the virtues of strength, mercy, and love so that everyone can understand your divine intervention in my life and realize that I am constantly guided by the teachings of the Commandments. Allow my life to be a source of praise and honor to you.

-Almighty Master, there is so much hatred and malice around us because we are negligent of the spirit of mercy and forgiveness that brings joy and prosperity into our lives. Teach us to be merciful and kind to each other, forgiving people and helping them get back on their feet.

Amazing Uplifting Prayers To Be Merciful

-Gracious Almighty, my heart goes out to all those people around the globe who need your mercy in their lives. They try to understand you better, and they try to see your divine reflection in their souls more vividly so that they can be assured of receiving your glorious mercy.

-Savior Beloved, I ask you to let me become a worthy messenger of your Holy Word of mercy and compassion so that I can speak of your graceful spirit to people around me who are seeking your love in their lives. Let my life be a perfect example to them.

-Gracious Good God, bless me so that I can be worthy of reaching out to your spirit whenever I feel alone. Remind me that I am nothing without your mercy, and therefore, I must work hard for my spiritual prosperity, making sure that I always seek your mercy very earnestly.

-Loving Lord, I ask you to forgive me if I have ever tried to stray from your Holy Way and tried to live my life on my own. Without you, I am nothing, and I realize that I need your mercy and love constantly in every aspect of my life.

-O Heavenly Father, with every new day that I spend in this blessed world created by you, I feel lucky to witness your graceful mercy and love all around me more vividly. Bless my mind and heart so that I can always look forward to seeking your compassion within myself.

-Dear Holy Father, you rescued me from a pit of despair and hopelessness and filled my life with joy and prosperity through the mercy of your Holy Spirit. I ask you to bless me with the humility and faith that makes me want to serve your Cause throughout my life.

-Savior Beloved, there are no words to describe how grateful I am to you for always listening to my prayers and granting me the favor of your eternal mercy and love. I ask you to always watch over me so that I can be righteous and kind to everyone else.

-Father Beloved, I wish to see the reflection of your Spirit in my heart more vividly so that you can evoke the spirit of mercy and love in my heart. Show me how I can incorporate your Holy Commandments in my life and treat other people with respect and honor.

Great Uplifting Prayers To Be Merciful

-O Faithful Father, I wish to be united in the Holy Name of your Spirit, and so I ask you to be merciful towards me and forgive me for all the sins I’ve committed. Please accept my humble prayers of repentance and help me lead my life in your Way.

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