55+ Prayers To Be Prayerful: Cultivating Gratitude

Prayers To Be Prayerful is a collection of heartfelt and motivational prayers for anyone seeking solace, direction, and spiritual development.

This book has many prayers on many subjects, including thanksgiving, forgiveness, courage, and hope.

The prayers are written in a straightforward and succinct style, making them simple to comprehend and memorize.

Prayers To Be Prayerful is a priceless tool that can assist you in connecting with God and discovering inner peace, whether you’re looking for comfort during trying times or want to strengthen your spiritual practice.

Prayers To Be Prayerful: Fostering Forgiveness

-Faithful Beloved Father, I wish to seek your godly love and grace more. Bless Me is that as I begin my day, I can remember to be with your Holy Spirit and ask you to watch over me as I go through the daily activities of my life.

-Blessed Lord Jehovah, as I begin a new day now, I need your encouragement and compassion to support me all the time. I try to be more prayerful and bow down before you, asking you to empower me with your courage and wisdom in every aspect of my life.

-Dear God, I believe that only when we can be prayerful and dedicated to you can we meet you personally. Your Spirit will come to us if we can stand firm in our faith. Bless me so that I can use my prayer time to connect to you more closely.

-Precious Dear Protector, every morning, as I wake up to start afresh day, I seek your blessings through my prayers. I call upon your SPirit to give me the energy and wisdom I need to go through every difficult life situation. Bless me for all future endeavors.


-Good Lord Beloved, I ask for your divine protection so that nothing can separate me from you. Allow me to reinforce my faith through my prayers and prove to you that I am worthy of being your blessed child and receiving the love and adoration you have showered upon us.

-O Holy Savior, with a prayerful heart, I ask you always to let me seek your Way in my life. Bless me so that I can take every step in your Holy name. No matter what I do or wherever I go, I wish to stay close to your Spirit.

-Blessed Dear Master, I ask you to let me control my feelings. Bless me so that through my prayers, I can hope to walk the path shown by your Commandments. Watch over my steps so that I can eventually walk the path leading towards receiving your graceful love.

-Heavenly Good God, I ask you to keep me prayerful and devoted to you so that you can bless my heart with your unconditional love and make it pure and dedicated. Bless me with faith so that I can keep myself away from unproductive and careless thoughts that are fruitless.

-Gracious Holy Almighty, I ask for self-control in my earnest prayers to you. Allow me to have enough determination to protect myself from temptations and not get carried away by selfish desires. Bless me with your graceful contentment so that I can stop rushing after gaining greater prosperity in life.

-Dear Creator, I have great faith in the power of honest prayers. Only if I can be faithful and earnest in prayers will you guide me to make the best use of every opportunity I come across in my life. Bless me so that I can use my favors wisely.

-Precious Holy Protector, I bow down before you with a prayerful heart and ask you to let me rest in the grace of your divine truth and compassion. Allow me to remember that the power of your godly love and mercy towards your blessed children is immense and magnificent.

-Loving Lord Beloved, as I pray to you today, I submit all my weaknesses before you. I know you are very well aware of how I can mess things up; therefore, you will show how I must avoid making mistakes that can have negative repercussions.

-Eternal Savior, my prayerful heart reaches out to you in need of your mercy and compassion. I need your graceful love and protection to be my strong pillars of strength in life, for, without you, I am nothing. Please listen to my prayers and grant my wishes.


-Holy Deity, thank you for blessing us with your love, even when we didn’t deserve it. Thank you for always assuring us that only if we can be prayerful and respectful to your Holy Spirit will you listen to us and fill our hearts with hope and love.

-Heavenly Almighty, with a prayerful heart and soul, O give this day to you. I wish for your Holy Will to be fulfilled throughout my day. No matter what happens, I wish to be in the divine comfort of your protection and guidance in every aspect of my life forever.

-Precious Creator, I ask you to forgive me if I have ever been negligent of your great influence over our lives. With a humble heart, I ask for forgiveness and submit myself so that you can take control of my life and help me overcome my problems.

-Dear Lord Beloved, I pray to you for my spiritual inheritance. Bless me so that I can never let any materialistic reason take away the godly privileges I have received from you. Keep me in the comfort of your divine shelter and bless me with your constant grace and compassion.

-Blessed Savior, I consider this day to be an opportunity given by you so that I can start afresh, leaving behind my regrets and weaknesses. Thank you for eradicating all doubts and fears from my heart and allowing me to walk the path of this life fearlessly.

-Gracious Good God, this new day, I ask you to keep me prayerful and faithful to incorporate the spirit of love and mercy as shown by your Holy Spirit. Bless my heart so that I can treat others with the unconditional love and compassion they truly deserve.

-Beloved Father Almighty, with a prayerful heart, I ask you to consider us worthy of being filled with your uplifting Spirit. Bless us with your graceful and abundant joy and calmness, bringing goodness and prosperity into our lives. Teach us how we can be more faithful towards you forever.

-Precious Creator, my heart goes out to you in prayer, asking you to fulfill our desires to stay closer to you and trying to become your blessed child. Allow us to worship you with deep faith and respect, knowing that you have created us and you will sustain us forever.

-Holy Protector, with a prayerful heart, I ask you to refrain me from indulging in any sin that may take me away from the great love and mercy you have given me. Give us the wisdom to understand that achieving your Spirit is far more valuable than fulfilling materialistic desires.


-Lord Beloved, I feel so humble and powerful whenever I come near your Holy Spirit. Thank you for constantly informing us of how magnificently and powerfully you influence our lives. Thank you for always blessing us with the best things possible in our lives and thinking about our welfare.

-Beloved Savior, with a prayerful and humble heart, I ask you to forgive us if we have not expressed our gratitude enough. Thank you for sacrificing so much for our welfare and creating the perfect example of a righteous and honorable life led on the foundation of truth and glory.

-Heavenly Almighty, I pray to you to bless my senses so that I can set my eyes and ears towards you. Bless my heart so that I can always look forward to seeking the glory of your divine truth, no matter how difficult circumstances I have to face in life.

-O Loving Lord Jehovah, I ask you to forgive me if I have not been prayerful enough. Renew my worn-out spirits and fill my heart with your joy and peace when it is troubling. Help us remember that even amid the most distressing and difficult times, you are our shelter.

-Kind Holy Spirit, we pray to you because we love you and your divine presence in our soul is something we need more than ever. Thank you for always being there for us and answering our prayers. Every good favor in our life, we owe them to you.

-Eternal Savior, you deserve all the glory and praise in this world. You have provided for us abundantly and always ensured that we can live joyfully and peacefully. Thank you for being our comfort place when our minds and hearts are troubled by difficulties.

-Merciful Master, as I begin my day with a prayerful heart, I ask you to bless me so that I can protect myself from the clutches of the enemies who try to bring me down and question my endless faith in your Spirit. Watch over every step I take today.

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