57+ Prayers To Be Strict: Strengthening Your Discipline

Ups and downs are a regular part of our lives. The ideal way to deal with the hard times of our lives is to learn to be strict and strong. We must pray to our Lord to bless us with the courage to face the adversities of our lives bravely.

Harnessing the Power of Prayer to Be Strict

-O Beloved Lord, bless me with the divine knowledge of your Holy Spirit so that I can accept the difficulties of life with a warm embrace. Allow me to follow the Way you have shown us and remember that you are always there to help us out with our problems.

-Good God, the path of life is not easy. There are trails in every corner, and adversities are a common thing. Bless us so that we can learn to be strict and never fear what may come in our way. Give us your godly courage and wisdom in hard times.

-Precious Creator, in my difficult times, I reach out to you for strictness and compassion. Allow us to remember that even though the times are difficult now, this too shall pass, and we will always emerge victoriously out of our problems. Bless us with the graceful favor of your motivation.

-Blessed Almighty, allow us to possess a strict mind and a kind heart, especially during hard times, so that nothing that comes our way shall overwhelm us. Prepare us for the worst of times and bless us with the assurance of your constant support and courage in everything we do.

-Heavenly Good God, the Commandments have always taught us about the power of faith. Bless our hearts so that we can have endless trust in you to provide us with the strictness and wisdom we need to face the hardships of our lives. Give us the gift of eternal faith.

-Father Beloved, the difficulties of our lives have shown us how unkind and broken the world around us is. We must be strict and compassionate when we are most likely to be vulnerable. Bless us so that we can protect our minds and hearts from the hardships of the world.

-Kind Holy Deity, I believe that these hardships of our lives are an opportunity for us to demonstrate the faith and strictness you have blessed us with forever. Bless us so that we can stand firm against our adversities and act wisely to give glory and praise to your Name.

-Lord Jehovah, I ask you for the strictness of faith. Bless my mind and heart so that I can keep myself away from all confusion, knowing that you’re always there to solve my problems and help me whenever I need you. Eradicate all doubts that have been wrecking my mind.

-Merciful Master, I promise to never give in to my fears because you have guided us to approach the hardships of our life with the strictness of character. Bless me so that I can always be a brave and efficient person who never runs away from their problems in life.

-Faithful Father, strictness, and courage are very important virtues in our life which we cannot do without. I am ashamed to admit that I often think of myself as weak and incapable of dealing with my problems strictly. Reassure me that you are always there to strengthen and motivate me.

-O Gracious Almighty, I have often acted out of cowardice and self-doubt. I have failed to be strict regarding my faith in your Holy Spirit and the endless capabilities you have given me. Forgive me for doubting myself, and fill me with the hope and strength I need right now.

-Good God, loss of faith is a sin which I have given in deliberately. I have not trusted you enough, and I have mocked myself for not being strict and brave. Help me overcome my shortcomings and assure me that I have the favor of your godly courage and wisdom.

-Precious Protector, in these difficult times, I realize that I need your godly strictness and compassion within my soul more than ever. Please come to me and give me the courage I need to face my adversities right now. Allow me to emerge victoriously out of my problems in life.

-Blessed Holy Lord, I need your mercy and compassion now more than ever. Strengthen me with your divine power and bless my mind and heart so that I can always be strict enough to stand firmly against all evil powers in my life that have tried to bring me down.

-Holy Creator, several elements have the power to instill fear and confusion within me. Everything is so tedious, and our ability to deal with our problems demonstrates the lack of strictness and faith in our minds and hearts. Bless us so that we can place all our trust in you.

-Dear Great God, I pray to you to give us strictness against the materialistic pleasures of our lives. Allow us to remember that the true purpose of our lives is to become worthy of serving your Holy Cause with all our hearts. Incorporate your divine Way into our blessed lives.

-Lord Jehovah, destroy all my selfish desires and temptations and bless me with the strictness to be able to place others’ welfare before my petty, selfish desires. Allow us to remember that serving mankind is a way to serve your Holy Cause and give your eternal glory through our lives.

-Faithful Almighty, I bow down before your Spirit, and I ask you to bless me with the strictness and endurance I need to deal with the hardships I am facing in my life right now. No one is more powerful than you, and so we always trust you with everything.

-O Eternal Savior, I am going through a very difficult dilemma in my life. I have to make several complicated decisions, and I feel incapable of being strict and wise in doing so. Give me the strength and intellect to understand and reflect on the decisions before I make them.

-Dear Precious Creator, I pray to you to help me approach my problems with strictness and wisdom so that I can always make the right decisions, knowing well that it would never have any dire consequences in my life later on. Assure me in all my thoughts and actions forever.

-O Loving Lord, I call upon your Holy Spirit to evoke your strict godly principles so that I can incorporate them into my life and follow them rigorously through every day. Prepare me for whatever may come my way and bless me so that I can continue the good work.

-Heavenly Good God, I ask you to always remind me that it is in our most vulnerable times that the evil powers around us try to bring us down. Allow us to be strict, knowing that we must never give in to our adversities, and we must face them bravely.

-Merciful Almighty, I have noticed how I have not been able to stand up to the wickedness around me and how I have led evil powers to inflict destruction and demotivation upon my life. Bless me so that I can become strict enough to keep myself away from such influences.

-Dear Great Master, I pray to you for peace and kindness in my heart so that even though I learn to be strict, I must not become insensitive to the good things around me. Please bless me with your divine solace so that I can resolve my hardships more efficiently.

-Father Beloved, the hard times of our lives demand us to make complicated choices. This may often lead us to indecision. I ask you to keep me away from confusion so that whatever I do or say, I can always have clarity of mind and heart and your divine reassurance.

-Kind Holy Spirit, I ask you to watch over every decision I make during my hardship so that I can be assured of my strictness and clarity. Help me to always remember that I must do nothing that I shall regret later on. Bless me with decisiveness and wisdom forever.

-Precious Dear Protector, it would be impossible for us to be courageous and strict in the face of adversities if we keep lingering on to our past mistakes and shortcomings. Bless me with determination and rigidity so that I can always focus on what truly matters in the present only.

-Blessed God, I choose to accept these hardships as a scope given by you so that I can prove my worth and learn to make the best of every situation, no matter how difficult circumstances are. Allow me to deal with every problem strictly and wisely with nothing to fear.

-Faithful Father Beloved, my inability to deal with my problems strictly has destroyed the peace of mind I have always possessed in life. It is harming the harmony I have with people around me. Please help me out of these problems and bless me with your godly wisdom and compassion.

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