57+ Prayers to Be Well-Behaved and Virtuous

Prayers To Be Well-Behaved is a compilation of prayers repeated to seek direction and fortitude in cultivating moral principles and good behavior.

Those who want to develop their character and live more fulfilled lives frequently employ these prayers.

Parents and instructors who want to foster positive attributes in their kids and students also employ them.

These prayers highlight the value of traits like integrity, kindness, patience, and respect and exhort people to work towards these traits throughout their daily lives.

Prayers for Being Well-Behaved and Compliant

-Lord Jehovah, I feel frazzled to notice bad behavior in myself and many people around me. It feels so irritating to communicate with someone who is ill-mannered and rude. Bless us so that we can be patient in such times and try to rectify our behaviors instead of being irritated.

Prayers to Be Well-Behaved and Virtuous

-Dear God, I have recently realized that I don’t often feel the need to be well-mannered. I admit that I have spoken or acted rudely, and I ask you to forgive me for my behavior. Bless so that I can learn to be a well-behaved and disciplined person in life.

-O Beloved Savior, as we grow from children to adults, one of the most important things we must learn is good manners. I ask you to be with us constantly so that we can understand the importance of being well-behaved from a very young age and work on attaining it.

-Precious Protector, I have always believed in the power of your teachings. Every word of the Commandments has guided us towards becoming the best version of ourselves, guided by the light of your Holy way. Allow these teachings to be the source of our learning to be well-behaved and mannered.

-O Holy Father, allow us to remember that expressing anger or resentment at someone’s bad behavior will bear no fruit, and they will never learn from their mistakes or try to fix them. Allow us to understand when we are not well-behaved and then submit ourselves humbly to you.

-Heavenly Almighty, I ask you to remind us that a person who is not well-behaved often finds themselves in trouble in different aspects of their lives. Be it their workplace or their relationships; they tend to ruin a good place just by speaking or acting rudely and unjustly with others.

-Gracious Good God, bless us so that we can be worthy of teaching people to be constantly well-behaved. Allow us to create examples of a person with good manners throughout our lives. Let us set good examples for future generations who are yet to learn the importance of good behavior.

-Faithful Father, enable us all in the love and firmness of your Holy Spirit so that we can learn to be disciplined in our lives. Allow us to learn from our past mistakes where we may have acted unwisely and rectify them so that we never behave like that again.

-Lord Beloved, I ask you for guidance. Please show us the way we must lead so that we can learn to make improvements in our behavior if it is needed. Allow us to be humble and eager to seek help from someone who can help us learn to be well-behaved.

-Blessed Almighty, I pray for your godly influence over our mannerisms so that we can be well-behaved, irrespective of the circumstances we face in our lives. Let us be able to control our temper, knowing that acting harshly can never bring any good, and we must learn to act efficiently.

Best Prayers to Be Well-Behaved and Virtuous

-Dear God, we trust you to help us when we cannot find a way out of a crisis. I ask you to be merciful towards us and bring a transformation in our mannerisms so that we can become more well-behaved and kinder in our attitude towards other people around us.

-Savior Beloved, I ask you to bless us with a kind and tender attitude so that we must never act rudely or unwisely with anyone. Allow us to behave properly, speaking or acting just how it is appropriate in a specific situation. Bless us with your divine peace and comfort.

-Precious Creator, I pray to you to help us develop self-control over ourselves so that we can know when we are misbehaving and restrain ourselves from doing so. Help us be humble so that when somebody points out to us the need to be well-behaved, we can accept our flaws.

-O, Dear Protector, we apologize to you if we haven’t been able to follow your Holy Way in life and maintain the conduct we should. Please forgive us if we have not been well-behaved and treated people around us badly. Help us overcome the temptation of acting out of anger.

-O Merciful God, I pray for your divine influence over the people around me so that we can all learn to always be well-behaved and mannered towards each other. Our behavior can help others learn the importance of behaving well. Allow our lives to be the perfect example for them.

-Good Father Beloved, please always be merciful to us and bathe our hearts and souls in the serenity of your divine peace. Allow us to pause and think before we act so that we never do anything hurriedly, making incorrect decisions or behaving inappropriately. Please guard our thoughts and actions.

-O Merciful Master, I pray to you to keep us away from rebellious behavior with someone who is not well-behaved. This will just worsen their mentality, and they would be reluctant to learn more about how they can fix their mistakes and learn good manners. Bless us with your perseverance.

Excellent  Prayers to Be Well-Behaved and Virtuous

-Lord Jehovah, I ask you to forgive me if I had strayed from your teachings and acted up when I shouldn’t have. I am sorry for not behaving well, and I promise to get better. Keep me in your unconditional love so that I can have your support and compassion.

-Father Beloved, I ask you for forgiveness if I have ever compromised with my manners to facilitate things happening for me. I have committed a great mistake in agreeing not to be well-behaved so that things could happen in my favor. Please help me get back on the correct path.

-O Dear God, I pray to you to be with me in the situations when I have failed to be well-behaved. Please bless me with the courage and wisdom to handle such situations efficiently so that I can stop myself from doing anything that may bring me dishonor and disgrace.

-Dear Savior Almighty, watch over me so that I can only interact with people who evoke the spirit of good manners within me. Keep me away from such people who can anyhow make me lean towards bad behavior. Allow me to pick up only the good things from my surroundings.

-Precious Holy Creator, I call upon your divine protection over my heart and soul so that I will always be kind and compassionate in my behavior towards other people. Let me always be well-behaved so that people can see your divine reflection through my soul in my attitude towards them.

-Father Beloved, help us in remembering that good behavior and appropriate manners have the power to bring us closer to each other, and it unites us in the spirit of your goodness. Bless us so that we can all stay united together in your graceful love and eternal mercy forever.

-Gracious Good God, although you have been very considerate to us, you have also been strict when needed. You have treated us firmly as well as gently. Allow us to incorporate the spirit of this patience in our behavior so that we can be understanding and well-behaved towards each other.

-Kind Loving Lord, I pray to you to let us rejoice in the glory of your never-ending joy. We must always remember that being kind and well-behaved towards each other breeds understanding and joy between us that makes us feel closer to receiving the eternal grace of your Holy Spirit.

-Heavenly Almighty, I pray to you to help us learn how to react in specific situations without getting ourselves worked up. Allow us to remember that how we react demonstrates how well-behaved we are. Our words and actions should never be unacceptable and irritating to the ones we interact with.

Amazing 'Prayers to Be Well-Behaved and Virtuous

-Almighty Holy Savior, I am so relieved to know that your constant watchful gaze is over us forever. You will lead the way of our life, and you will restrain us from ill-behaving with anyone. Bless us so that we can never act harshly and end up hurting someone badly.

-O Eternal Master, we are well-aware of the negative impact of ill behavior in our workplace or within our homes. We ask you to always keep us mindful of how we speak or act so that we can never give space to any element that may provoke us towards misbehavior.

-Savior Beloved, bless us with your divine knowledge and intellect so that we can go into the root cause of our misbehavior and treat it properly, instead of losing our temper and behaving rudely or unwisely with the people around us. Bless us with your divine grace and compassion forever.

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