50+ Uplifting Prayers To Become A Giving Person

We can only lead our lives properly when we learn to receive and give love and kindness equally. The Holy Lord has blessed our lives with his divine compassion, and we must learn to incorporate that Spirit of generosity within ourselves and spread the word to other people as well.

Here are Uplifting Prayers To Become A Giving Person

-Lord Jehovah, you have created your blessed children in your divine image. Therefore it is our responsibility to give the gift of your divine love freely. Bless and teach us to develop a giving and generous quality within ourselves so that we can give endless glory to you through our lives.

 Uplifting Prayers To Become A Giving Person

-Beloved Creator, you have not even refrained from sacrificing your life for the welfare and peace of your blessed children, and I believe this to be the perfect example of a generous spirit. Allow us to learn from your life how we can shape our lives with kindness and love.

-Good Lord, I ask you to always mold us in the divine light of your kindness and generosity so that we can shape our minds and hearts as you would have wanted us to and give others the love and understanding that we have been lucky to receive from you. 

-Precious Master, let me be closer to your Spirit so that I can learn to give as freely as you have given your graceful favors to all your children. Remind me that I must never hold anything back and always evoke the Spirit of kindness and sacrifice throughout my life.

-Loving Lord, kindness is probably one of the greatest virtues that we can learn to develop within ourselves. Bless our hearts with your divine love and generosity so that we can always be loving and understanding to everyone around us, understand their problems, and be as helpful as we can.

-O Heavenly Almighty, bless us with your divine Spirit of eternal love and grace so that we can understand the value of sacrifice and charity in our lives and develop a spirit of giving towards others as much as possible. Allow us to choose the welfare of all before one.

-Kind Sweet Deity, bless our hearts and souls so that we can be kind and loving to everyone who comes in contact with us. Bless us with a spirit of generosity that helps us reflect on your teachings in our lives and how we are always guided in your Holy Way.

-Faithful Father, you are the Sovereign Lord of generosity and love. Remind us that generosity is a consequence of compassion and that we must learn from the divine mercy and compassion you have showered upon this world. Allow us to consider you as our greatest source of knowledge and inspiration.

-Savior Beloved, my heart goes out to every person across the globe who is less fortunate than us. Help us remember that when you have always provided abundantly for us, we must learn to be able to give freely to people who need our help and support, materialistically or spiritually.

-Good God, bless us so that we can look towards the world with our hearts full of love and compassion. Allow us to have pity and sympathy for people who have not been able to receive your grace as abundantly as we have and give as freely as we can.

Best Uplifting Prayers To Become A Giving Person

-Kind Father, it is a great challenge to rise above one’s selfishness and be giving and compassionate to the people around them. Bless us with your strength and love so that we can overcome our selfish desires and learn to provide abundantly for others, as you have done for us.

-Eternal Savior, I praise you with glory, for you have always been merciful and compassionate enough to us, and you have shared your magnificent gifts of love and compassion. Remind us that these gifts can only be properly validated when we learn to share them with other people around us.

-Holy Father, your mercy and compassion are the graceful favors that we are grateful for and constantly need in our lives. Bless us with the humility to realize that we should learn to develop a spirit of giving and understanding others who fail to be closer to your Holy Spirit.

-Blessed Lord, motivate and encourage us to develop the Spirit of sacrifice. Remind us how you have been so sacrificing and merciful in your own life so, and you have given up your comfort and luxuries to provide for the poor and the needy, and that we must follow your example.

-Kind Deity, allow us to follow your Commandments in our lives rigorously and incorporate your values of generosity and mercy so that we can treat others with the kind of compassion and respect that you have shown towards all your blessed children. We must try to spread love and peace.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, remind us that sharing is caring. Instead of holding on to our selfishness, we must learn to think about others and understand that if someone needs our help and guidance, we must treat them with sympathy and understanding and give them what they need for comfortable living.

-Dear Almighty Protector, thank you for your constant grace and compassion that is reflected so vividly forever. Remind us that when we treat others sympathetically and generously, you listen to our prayers, and you provide for us more abundantly so that we can lead our lives with happiness and peace.

-Blessed Savior, you have always ensured that all our needs are taken care of, and you have kept us in the warmth and comfort of your holy Spirit. As I try to develop a giving spirit, allow me to reflect a similar kind of love and understanding towards other people.

-Father Beloved, no matter how difficult circumstances are, teaches us to never compromise with the Spirit of generosity. Let our selfish desires never come in the way of our giving others the love and hope that you’ve selflessly showered upon our lives and would want us to share with others.

-Gracious Good God, allow me to lead my life in such a way that whoever comes in contact with me is never treated unjustly or rudely in any way. Teach me to be able to be generous and understanding towards people who lack motivation and strength in their lives.

-Faithful Father, bless me with the wisdom to realize that it is always good to give, and I must never hold on to selfishness and personal comfort. Allow me to give freely with understanding in my heart so that I can reflect on your teachings throughout my life and work.

Amazing Uplifting Prayers To Become A Giving Person

-Good God, bless me with the peace and wisdom I need to comfort myself because when I am troubled, my generosity towards others will have no value. Allow me to develop self-love and self-understanding before I try to help others who need strength and motivation. All glory be to you.

-Savior Beloved, please allow my Spirit of generosity to be a source of praise and glory towards your Holy Spirit. Let my life be a perfect example for people who want to lead their lives in the light of your Holy Way and follow your Commandments in their lives rigorously.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, remind us to always be able to give to others joyfully and faithfully. Let there be no reservation when we are treating others with sympathy and understanding, and let this never be a source to serve our ego. Lead us into the divine truth of your Spirit.

-O Holy Creator, you have always taught us to walk in the grace of your divine love and faith, the generosity and understanding that we can share with other people. Our entire life is a grace received through your Holy Spirit, and we are endlessly grateful to you for everything.

-Gracious Almighty, as I try to develop a spirit of generosity, I place all my faith in the grace of your Holy Word, remembering how you have constantly encouraged and motivated me to get over my shortcomings and selfishness and treat others with the respect and sympathy they truly deserve.

-Precious Holy Protector, bless me so that I can learn to walk with conviction, totally devoted to your Spirit, remembering that my generosity is a way to serve your Cause, and therefore, I must do so with faith and humility in my heart, without giving rise to any false pride.

-O Heavenly Almighty, bless us with your divine Spirit of eternal love and grace so that we can understand the value of sacrifice and charity in our lives and develop a spirit of giving towards others as much as possible. Allow us to choose the welfare of all before one.

Great  Uplifting Prayers To Become A Giving Person

-Kind Loving Lord, remind me that my works of generosity must never be out of compulsion but should be a way to give you praise and glory for letting us learn from your Holy Commandments. I pray for the Spirit of generosity to flow naturally through my heart and soul.

-Dear Great Master, bless my heart and soul with the wisdom to understand that I must never only think of myself – my welfare and my comfort. Remind me that everyone around is also one of your blessed children, and therefore, I must learn to always place their welfare above mine.

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