53+ prayers for divorce

People going through the process of divorce often experience great anger, despair, and loneliness.

The breaking up of a relationship and complications that arise with it can be very difficult to deal with, and therefore they must pray to the Almighty Father to help them heal during this difficult time.

prayers for divorce

-Faithful Father, as I go through my divorce proceedings, I realize that I need your compassionate guidance and serenity more than ever. This particular incident has turned my life upside down, which is very unfortunate, and I find myself incapable of dealing with such complexities by myself. Please come to my rescue. 

-Savior Beloved, I ask you to be present around us during our divorce proceedings. Bless us with your great understanding and wisdom so that there is always peace and respect in my communications with my partner. Teach us to be reasonable and kind as we go through this dreadful process.

 Prayers For Divorce

-Good God, the process of divorce brings with it great emotional upheaval. I ask you to bless my partner and me with your divine understanding and peace during this time so that we can possess a sense of respect and kindness towards each other, even though our relationship is ending. 

-Holy Creator, the divorce process is lengthy and tedious. It takes a toll on our minds and hearts, but I ask you to be merciful towards me and bless me with the grace of your divine peace that makes me stand firm in my faith that you will fix everything.

-Gracious Almighty, as I go through the divorce process, I have to make several important decisions that will greatly impact my future life. I ask for your divine reassurance to always help me make the correct choice and guide me to be wise and reasonable while I make these decisions. 

-Precious Holy Protector, nobody likes to go through the complexity of the divorce process. The constant despaired and unrest I feel is inexplicable, but I realize that only your godly peace and understanding can rescue me from this. Please let me lean on you during my times of distress. 

-Kind Loving Lord, I have successfully gone through the divorce proceedings, and I am single right now. As I submit myself humbly before your Holy Spirit, I ask you to bless me with the strength and patience to rebuild my life with your loving guidance and have confidence in myself. 

-Great Master, going through the divorce process had left me weary and devastated. Let me place you at the center of my life so that all my thoughts, actions, and decisions can align with your Will, and I can have the reassurance of your constant divine presence in my life. 

-Eternal Savior, I know that the times after the divorce procedure is going to be tough. But I want your divine wisdom and direction to be with me so that I can always know that I am leading my life in your Holy Way, and therefore I must fear nothing.

-Holy Father, I ask you to let me learn my lessons from the divorce. Bless me with the understanding and wisdom to make better choices and the future and always choose my happiness and peace above everything else. Allow me to learn from my mistakes and lead a better life.

-Lord Jehovah, nobody likes breaking up a relationship with their partner. Although we have no control over this divorce process, I ask for your divine grace to always be with us so that if there is even a little chance, we can at least try to sort things between ourselves. 

Best Prayers For Divorce

-Blessed Lord, I ask you to forgive me if I have ever been inconsiderate or rude in my behavior to my partner. Although we are separated, teach me to always be reasonable and kind to him/her, remembering that no matter what, I must never treat anyone abusively or unjustly.

-Dear Kind Deity, you have always healed all my pains and sorrows. After recovering from the traumatic divorce process, I give myself into your hands, and I wish for your Holy Spirit to touch my body, mind, and soul with the divine comfort that can bring me peace and understanding.

-Father Beloved, I have always been able to experience your divine intervention, especially when nobody else was there to support or help me. I believe that when you are there to look after us, everything is possible, and I will soon be able to overcome the trauma of this divorce.

-Dear Almighty Protector, bless me with your unconditional love so that I can remember that although I have lost my partner, you will always have good plans for us, and I just need to trust you with all my heart. Give me the grace of your godly mercy and compassion.

-O Blessed Savior, the pains I have received from this divorce can only be healed when you come to me through the divine joy and understanding of your Holy Spirit. Eradicate all negativity and bitterness from my heart and soul and replace them with the grace of your godly peace.

-Gracious Good God reminds me that my divorce is the end of an abusive and unhappy relationship. This blessed life is a favor from you, and I have better goals to achieve. With your graceful presence by my side, I will achieve all the happiness and prosperity I truly deserve.

-Beloved Creator, I know that I will soon get over the despair and restlessness that this divorce has given me. With your mercy, I will again be able to rejoice in the glorious joy of your graceful understanding. Allow me to rest in the godly magnificence of your Holy Spirit.

-Lord Jehovah, the divorce proceedings have filled my heart and soul with unhealthy emotions that I need to overcome. I want to get over this anger and bitterness I feel and evoke the Spirit of forgiveness and kindness instead. I pray to you to bless me with clarity of mind.

-Good Lord, I would never wish to turn into an unhappy and pessimistic person. Teach me to trust my relationship with you, knowing that nothing can break the love and kindness I share with you, and therefore I must try to get over the relationships that ruin my mental peace.

-O Precious Master, I want your watchful gaze to be imparted upon every step of the divorce proceedings. Oversee the entire settlement process so that it can be just and equitable, and all negotiations will favor both my partner and me. Let the proceedings go on very cordially and justly.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, the divorce process has hurt me in a way that I have never imagined. My heart is broken, and it feels like the betrayal and pain I feel right now can never be healed. In such unsettling times, I trust you to take good care of me.

Amazing Prayers For Divorce

-Loving Lord, I pray to you to bless me with strength and patience during this divorce. Give me clarity so that I can realize why I’m doing this and never let my emotions cloud my judgment. Remind me that the result of this divorce will always be suitable for me.

-O Heavenly Almighty, marriage is an institution where both partners have to contribute equally. Although we will not live with each other peacefully anymore, I ask you to let us come to an amicable agreement through this divorce so that we can both respect our contributions and part ways respectfully.

-Faithful Father, remind me every day that even if I have no one else to love or support me, your unconditional compassion and guidance will never forsake me, and I’ll find your love in every step of my life. With a humble heart, I place my trust in your Spirit.

-Savior Beloved, you have been my greatest source of joy and inspiration in life. Now that I feel weary and broken at the end of my divorce, I trust your divine compassion and strength to make me brave and confident enough to move on with my life happily and peacefully.

-O Good God, I pray for your sovereign presence at the divorce court so that the entire process can go on smoothly and our marriage can be dissolved peacefully and righteously. Impart your blessings so that we do not end up in any unwanted dispute. All glory be to you.

-Kind Loving Father, the divorce process is very painful, but I want your divine peace and understanding to rule upon our minds and hearts so that we can go through this process with the least trauma and abuse possible. Allow us to overcome the confusion and hurt we feel now.

-Kind Deity, my failed marriage, and the complex divorce has left me so devastated that I feel like I would not be able to trust anyone else again. In such times, I want your divine presence around me so that I can know that you are always there for me.

Great Prayers For Divorce

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