107+ Prayers to Deal with A Crisis

During times of crisis, prayer can be a powerful tool to help us cope and find comfort.

Turning to a higher power can provide us a sense of optimism and security whether we’re coping with a smaller-scale personal problem or a more significant social issue.

Prayers can make us feel less alone and serve as a constant reminder that the world is being shaped by forces bigger than ourselves.

Moreover, prayer can assist us in developing a spirit of gratitude and discovering purpose in challenging situations.

The act of praying, whether we do it alone or with others, can offer calm and make it easier for us to get through difficult situations.

Prayers To Deal With A Crisis: Seeking Guidance

-O Lord Jehovah, although I face a terrible crisis period and it appears as if there is misfortune and despair around me, I choose not to be overwhelmed. I promise to make the best out of it, stay strong throughout the misery, and arise victoriously with honor out of it.

-Precious Holy Protector, my heart breaks to see how this crisis is affecting me. I have lost everything, and whenever I look, there’s only despair and sorrow. Bless me with your divine love and strength so that I can recover everything I have lost and resolve this chaos very soon.

-Faithful Father, I will not let this crisis overcome my physical and spiritual well-being, and I will deal with it efficiently. I pray to you to give me discernment during this tough time. Bless me with your godly foresight so that I can turn this period around in my favor.

-Good God, my family, is currently facing a very complicated crisis period, and we have no clue how we must proceed to deal with it. We pray to you to come beside us and help us get through this difficult time. We need your mercy and guidance very urgently now.

-Blessed Holy Master, our inability to deal with this crisis well is harming our physical and mental well-being. Our minds are disturbed, and our hearts are troubled. We pray to you to come to us with your generous Holy Spirit, teach us your divine wisdom, and comfort our distressed souls.

-Kind Sweet Deity, there are no words to describe how grateful we are for always surrounding us with your godly love as we try to deal with this crisis. Thank you for always keeping us in the comfort of your presence and assuring us that you are there for us.

-Almighty Good Creator, any crisis period is capable of breaking our hearts and leading us to be hopeless and disturbed. Bless us so that we can search for your pure, godly compassion in such times and stay gratefully devoted to your Holy Spirit, no matter how complicated the circumstances are.

-O Dear Lord, I pray to you for every person around the globe who is finding themselves in a difficult crisis period right now. I ask you to bless them with your merciful and generous compassion so that they can overcome the pain and sing your praise with heartfelt gratitude.

Best Prayers To Deal With A Crisis

-Faithful Father, my heart goes out to those people around the globe who are suffering from various forms of crisis- hunger, pandemics, violence, etc. I believe that the power of your magnificent and divine love can pull us through these difficult times and help us get back on our feet.

-Gracious God, I ask you to place the gift of graceful and eternal faith in our hearts so that whenever we are facing a crisis period, we can submit ourselves humbly to you and trust you to lead the way through which we can find a solution to our problems.

-Precious Creator, your endless power and great wisdom has always overwhelmed us and made us trust you even more. As I look around myself, I find many people in a crisis, waiting for your divine guidance and love to have ministered in their lives when they need you the most.

-Savior Beloved, many people around the world desperately need you to be with them right now. They are helpless in their crisis period, and they want you to guide them through the correct way. Please answer their earnest prayers and be with them as they go through this difficult time.

-O Almighty Father, amid all these dire problems that come along with the crisis, I wish for your divine joy to reign over our troubled souls. Bless us so that we shall always remember to put your godly joy and compassion before anything else and seek your presence in everything.

-Gracious Almighty, you have looked after us and provided us with everything we need to lead a happy and peaceful life. In these troubling days, we pray to you to come to us and show how we can quieten the storm that has arisen as a consequence of this crisis.

-Holy Father Beloved, I ask you to bless our minds and hearts so that although we face a difficult crisis period, we can learn to be calm and peaceful. Let us develop the ability to remain unaffected by the troubles of our lives and not let them overwhelm us anyhow.

-Loving Lord, I believe that most people do not have enough faith to witness the love of your Holy Spirit in action, blessing their lives with all the grace and honor in this world. Bless them with your divine wisdom so that they can always turn their hearts towards you.

Amazing Prayers To Deal With A Crisis

-Holy Protector, your Holy Commandments have always made us rely on you with everything. We believe that whenever we find a crisis befalling us, we can reach out to you, and you will help us overcome it. You will give us the comfort and solace we need during this chaos.

-O Eternal Master, while dealing with a crisis, I would always want the reassurance of your divine love and always know in my heart that I shall never be forsaken by you. Bless me with your divine strength and righteousness to approach this problem with a brave heart and soul.

-Precious Protector, I choose not to be undone by this unwanted crisis that has come into my life very unexpectedly. I pray to you to help me so that I can prevail through me and take inspiration from it on how I can be more strong and wise in life.

-Loving Lord Beloved, I pray to you to bless me with your godly righteousness so that no matter how complicated circumstances become as a consequence of this crisis, I shall never get involved in any activity that is not appealing to you in any way. All glory be to you.

-O Kind Holy Spirit, I ask you to watch over my family and me so that even while going through the most difficult crisis, we shall remember to stay united and joyful, knowing that we are in this together and we have to share our problems without having any discomfort.

-Heavenly Great God, while facing a crisis, it is natural for resentments and disagreements to happen between people. Bless us so that we can learn to handle such periods and not end up hurting each other badly or not considering each other’s opinions as important, treating everyone with equal respect.

-Good Lord, I feel so grateful and relieved to have these people in my life who will help me overcome the crisis more efficiently. They have been sent by you, and I am thankful to you for always making sure I have everything I need to get over my problems.

-Blessed Almighty, you are my solid rock, my foundation of eternal faith and compassion. On behalf of every family that finds itself in a crisis, I pray to you. I wish for your generosity of spirit to be evoked so that we can try to find hope amid all despair.

 Prayers To Deal With A Crisis

-Heavenly Good Father, as a consequence of the crisis period I am facing right now, I have to make certain complicated decisions, and this is very overwhelming to me. I ask you to listen to my earnest prayers, guide me through this process, and help me overcome this problem efficiently.  

-Gracious Good God, the only thing that can help me get rid of my problems and handle this crisis is your pure divine wisdom. Show me the way I must lead to understand the root of my problems and stay positive and hopeful even while facing my challenges in life.

-Father Beloved, I pray to you to always watch over my thoughts and activities, especially when I am dealing with a crisis. Assure me with your godly knowledge and wisdom so that I can always proceed with a well-informed mind and a brave heart and overcome my obstacles very easily.

-Great Master, I have always believed that even amid the most difficult and miserable of periods, there’s always room for something good and hopeful, and there is always something to learn. Bless me so that I can incorporate this value in my life and learn to solve my problems accordingly.

-Beloved Savior, this crisis has put us in a distressing and hopeless period as we have never faced earlier. No matter how hard we try, we cannot deal with it properly, and we admit that we need your help. Please lead the proper way with your divine light of truth.

Prayers To Deal With An Identity Crisis

Most of us often face an identity crisis and are quite not sure about who we are and what we are doing in our lives. In those moments of dire confusion, we must submit ourselves to the Lord and ask him to give us the light of His divine knowledge.

Prayers To Deal With An Identity Crisis

-Dear Good Lord, your blessed children were called to attain freedom. Bless us so that we can realize our true identity and use this freedom of expression and action to serve you and others around us with a humble heart instead of indulging in the needs of the flesh only.

-Almighty Holy Father, I pray to you with an earnest heart, now that I find myself in an identity crisis where I cannot find myself, let alone the purpose of my life. You would never want me to be someone who I am not. So, reveal my identity to me.

-Good God, I believe that our true identity is not what our parents, relatives, or friends give us. We are best expressed in your divine language of love and grace. So, I ask you to show who I truly am and why I was sent into this world by you.

-O Great Master, look after me so that I never give in to the pressures of society and the people and try to be someone who I am not. Let me always remember that doing so will eventually lead me towards an identity crisis that shall hamper my mental health.

-Heavenly Almighty, bless my heart so that I can always have unalterable faith in your Holy Spirit and try to find my identity in your Divine Being instead of searching elsewhere. Remind me that we come from you, and you are the source of all life and abundance around us.

-Savior Beloved, as I look around myself, I find everyone living a life full of unnecessary lies and pretenses. Everybody wants to be someone they’re not, and they just want to imitate someone else. This is taking away their innate originality. Please give them the wisdom to understand they’re wrong.

-Precious Creator, we have all been created by the divine hands of your Holy Spirit. You have made each of us with our very unique attributes, and we just need to identify our existence and the meaning of it. Bless our minds so that we can do so very easily.

Nice Prayers To Deal With A Crisis

-Loving Dear Protector, bless us so that we can turn towards your divine reflection in our souls every time we find ourselves in an identity crisis. Let us always choose to believe in you and have faith in the way you define us instead of what others say about us.

-Loving Lord Jehovah, I pray to you to keep me away from any such thought or practice that may lead me to forget my originality and face an identity crisis. Bless my mind and heart so that I can always be a person of integrity and self-control in my life.

-Kind Holy Spirit, I pray for your watchful gaze to be upon me at all times so that no matter how difficult circumstances arise or how much pressure I have to face, I shall always stand firm on my identity, being the person you would have wanted me to be.

-Lord Beloved, I pray to you to let me work hard in my life so that I can bring you eternal glory through success in different aspects of my life. Let me focus on glorifying you instead of running after the desires of the flesh that can make us selfish.

-Loving Master, I ask you to consider me worthy of abiding by your Holy Will forever, instead of giving in to the desires of my flesh and following the path of righteousness. Bless my mind so that I can always turn towards you and search for you within my soul.

-Gracious God, I believe that the root of this identity crisis lies in our inability to love you or feel your divine presence in our souls. Forgive us if we have focused more on the materialistic things of this world instead of you. Take us back into your divine shelter.

-Blessed Almighty, whenever I feel myself facing an identity crisis, I reach out to you, and I pray to you to proclaim that I am your blessed child and that you are my guardian. So, I need not worry about who I am because you have given me an identity.

God Prayers To Deal With A Crisis

-Blessed Father, I pray to you to help me deal with this identity crisis that is killing me inside. Protect me from the sharp pangs of pain and disappointments as a consequence of not being able to understand who I am. Comfort my broken heart and soul with your compassion.

-Beloved Lord Jehovah, I pray to you to help me find shelter in your divine presence whenever I am in an identity crisis. Seeking identity in you is very important to me because in doing so, I shall keep myself away from the threats of failure and worries in life.

-O Heavenly Almighty, I ask you to keep me away from the pride of materialistic crisis as it is very efficient in plunging us into the pit of darkness that comes along with an identity crisis. Also, keep us away from the despair and sadness that comes from our shortcomings.

-Kind Sweet Deity, I ask you to forgive me for focusing more on the empty temptations of this worldly life that have absolutely nothing to offer. Take me back into your compassionate grace and fill my heart and soul with your eternal and graceful hope for the future days ahead.

-Blessed Savior, I pray to you to always let me stay connected to your Holy Spirit in peace and humility because when you are there to look after me, no identity crisis can bring me down and I shall always have uplifted spirits, blessed by your radiant energy and hope.

-Faithful Father Beloved, it is my earnest prayer to you to always help me overcome my identity crisis and prepare me for whatever may come in my future years. Let me always remember that as long as I have faith in you, I will never be tormented by the future. 

-Holy Lord, I want you to bless my faith in your Spirit that has always assured me that our true identity lies in its divine righteousness and compassion. Protect my confidence in you as my sole guardian and caretaker in everything in life. Accept my prayers of praise and glory.

-Almighty Good Creator, we, as your blessed children, have always placed all our hopes and faith in your Sovereign Being. We have been guided by the belief that you rule over our lives, and therefore, there is never any fear of having an identity crisis because you will sustain me.

-O Heavenly Master. I pray to you to be merciful to us and reveal our identity that is hidden in your divine reflection within our souls, even before we find ourselves in an identity crisis. Bless us with peace so that we never judge ourselves or compare ourselves to others.

-Blessed Savior, I pray to you to bless us with a strong mind and a faithful heart so that we can believe in ourselves and know that we were sent here with an identity and a purpose to fulfill. So, an identity crisis is not something that we should befall.

-O Dear God, I pray to you to always let me look towards your divine image in my soul and abstain forever to express gratitude to you for always looking after us. Let me honor you with all glory so that you can keep me away from an identity crisis. 

-Father Beloved, I ask you to always remind me that I shall never live or die to myself because our lives are connected to your Holy Spirit, and it is in your divine compassion and grace that we live forever. Bless us so that we can belong to you forever. 

-Holy Lord, I want you to bless my faith in your Spirit that has always assured me that our true identity lies in its divine righteousness and compassion. Protect my confidence in you as my sole guardian and caretaker in everything in life. Accept my prayers of praise and glory.

Good Prayers To Deal With A Crisis

-O Heavenly Almighty, I ask you to protect me from any such thing that can ruin the liveliness of Spirit that you have evoked in my heart. Let me always have more faith in you than anything else because you are my Lord, and you will look after me forever.

-Precious Protector, I ask you to watch over my thoughts and actions so that any aspect of my life, be it materialistic or spiritual, shall never be able to plunge me into an identity crisis. Bless me with your divine knowledge and wisdom so that I can handle everything efficiently.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, I ask you to prevent any insecurity or confusion that may creep into my heart as a consequence of the identity crisis I am facing. Let me always trust your Commandments and know that this too shall pass someday. With heartfelt gratitude, I give you all glory.

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