50+ Prayers to Evade Curses

When we are unable to figure out what is going wrong in our lives, it might be due to the curses that wait upon us. Only the Almighty Father can help us to evade these curses and regain the joy and peace of heart and mind that we have lost.

How to Change Your Prayers To Evade Curses

-O Dear Lord, your Holy Spirit can only be defined with grace and love. You are filled with all the goodness this Universe can bring forth, and you have made us with your mighty hands that have created this Universe. We come to you today for our protection from curses.

Prayers to Evade Curses

-Great Almighty, every human created in flesh and blood is suffering from some curse that refuses to let them go. We feel powerless, and we don’t think we are capable of handling this alone. So, we seek your help in this issue, and we ask you to come to us.

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Blessing Prayers

-Dear Master, from the beginning of mankind, you have been there for your blessed children, and you have shown them the way they must lead to stay protected from curses that are in no way good for them. Bless us so that we can appreciate the value of this grace.

-O Faithful Father, we are currently burdened by sins that make a heap in our hearts. Our sins have made us vulnerable to worldly curses, which threaten us every moment and take away our mental peace. We believe that only your Almighty power can save us from this terror now.

to keep us in your comforting fortress

-Precious Lord, you are the embodiment of truth itself. Your Holy Way is all we need in life, and we will be saved from all curses through your love and protection. We give you all glory in this world, and we ask you to keep us in your comforting fortress.

-O Heavenly Beloved God, we have trusted you to free us of the burden of the sins we have committed, and you have chosen to bear the cross of our misdeeds yourself. Allow us to appreciate this sacrifice by leading our life properly so that no curse can reach us.

-Kind Loving Father, what makes me happy is to know that no feeling in our heart is unknown to us, and you understand us better than anyone else. So, we can always trust you with our fears and worries and know that you will walk alongside us in difficult times.

Thankful Prayers

-Good Loving Lord, I am so thankful to have you as a constant comfort in sickness and distress. Whenever my heart was tormented by the fear of being cursed, you have come to me and comforted me until I feel better and get the positivity to work better in life.

-O Blessed Almighty, I am proud to consider myself a believer in your Holy Spirit and a follower of your Holy Commandments. Thank you for letting us find our salvation in your compassion and live with your peace in our hearts. We place our curses before you to break them.

Pray to you to save us from these dreadful curses

-Gracious Holy Lord, we are currently in the trauma of being attacked by curses that have been there through several generations in our family. We pray to you to save us from these dreadful curses and let us have faith in you to keep us away from sin and death.

-Beloved Good God, there have been times when I have tried to shelve my peace, thinking of the curses that await me. I have forgotten that I am a part of your Holy Kingdom, and I’m free of all curses. Remind me during these times to believe in your power.

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Allow us to evade all curse

-O Blessed Protector, allow us to evade all curses that come our way and lead our life with the purpose that you have uniquely given us. Our hearts cry out to you when we are agonized by our inability to follow your Holy Word and live with righteousness and hope.

-Father Beloved, we pray to you to lead us into your holy truth that will transcend us straight to your mighty Heaven. Your love has always provided us with answers to all our questions, and we have faith in your Holy Spirit to fight against our curses and protect us.

-Loving Master, allow us to come to your protection with all our fears so that you can clarify them for us and answer all our questions that have gone unnoticed. Give us the strength to use your wisdom to evade our curses by ourselves and remember your Holy Scriptures forever.

You are the rock-solid fortress of our lives

-Precious Blessed Creator, although the curses in our life tempt us to be afraid, we believe in your Holy Word to inspire us with its divinity and pure bliss so that we can be mentally strong to fight against any negative power. You are the rock-solid fortress of our lives.

Good Prayers to Evade Curses

-Kind Gracious God, you have helped us build the foundation of our lives based on your true compassion and strength, which has given us the courage to go about our lives even being posed to the threats of curses. No generational curse can outmatch your Almighty power of constant protection.

-Heavenly Lord, this world can be a scary place, and we find it difficult to gain the strength to fight against our curses. So, we come to you to help us. Be our assistant every day as we prepare ourselves for the battle of life and to face this world.

Pray to you to allow us to keep our hearts and eyes turned to you forever

-Loving God, we pray to you to allow us to keep our hearts and eyes turned to you forever so that our hearts are always at peace and have the calmness required to fight so that we can evade our worst curses and keep looking forward to receiving your protection.

Please help us to correct everything wrong and unfair.

-Good Father, we believe there is no battle that you cannot win. So, we trust you to lead us in this battle of overcoming the effect of our curses and fixing everything so that the circumstances suit our needs and wishes. Please help us to correct everything wrong and unfair.

Pray to you to be merciful

-O Loving Almighty, you are the only truth that matters. Our family needs your love and security, and we trust your faithful Holy Spirit to help us when we are cursed, just like it always has. We are nothing without your presence, and we pray to you to be merciful.

secure an eternal place in your Heaven

-Heavenly Lord, allow us to be workers in this Holy kingdom of yours so that we can secure an eternal place in your Heaven. We live with the hope of your retribution, and we believe that you will always heal all our pains and remind us of your holy compassion.

-O Gracious Savior, we pray to you to remind us of your constant love and grace every time we are plagued by the thoughts of what curses await us. Let us remember that as long as your Holy plan works through our lives, we need not fear anything or anyone.

-Father Beloved, when the world challenges us with difficult circumstances, you tell us that there is nothing to worry about because we are always under your mighty protection. We will overcome every difficulty with success if we can keep our focus on you and follow every command you give us.

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Forgive us for the sins

-O Holy Lord, you have chosen us all to bless us with your endless grace and forgive us for the sins we have committed, which have brought upon these curses in our lives. We trust youtube to keep our hearts tender and always directed toward your unconditional love and care.

-Great Holiness, when we thought that our lives had nothing left after being exposed to such terrible curses and having committed such sins, you came to our rescue and showed us the true meaning of our life. You led us to have faith in ourselves and you and be optimistic.

Pray To Peace And Joy

-O Kind Protector, the pains of this world are too complicated for us to handle. We often fall prey to elements that take away all the peace and joy out of our lives. We feel cursed, and hopelessness engulfs us. So, we count on your holy presence in our spirits.

-O Father Beloved, allow us to be able to see through your eyes and identify the curses which threaten our happy lives. Allow us to understand where the root of our problems lie and address them wisely by uprooting them beforehand so that no further problems can occur with us.

Nice Prayers to Evade Curses

-Almighty Savior, you have always promised to take care of us, especially in our times of distress. We pick up the burden of our curses and place them before you so that you can relieve us of the pressure and let us focus on the good things in our lives.

pray to you to sustain us

-Gracious Master, there are times when we feel incapable of getting through circumstances that seem very complicated and unbearable. In these moments, we pray to you to sustain us through the phase and crush the opposing curses that take away our self-confidence and lure us to think less of ourselves.

-Good God, we have always had faith in your holy Commandments. Remind us that the pains that we experience now are temporary and those good days are yet to come where everything will be fixed and back to normal. Reign in our hearts with your sovereign and powerful Holy Spirit.

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