47+ Prayers to Get out Of Debt and Financial Struggles

The period of being in debt can be hard for any person. Firstly, our minds are always occupied by anxiety and fear of what may happen, and there is no peace in our hearts.

The ideal thing to do is to pray to our Lord to help us get through.

Prayers For Money To Get Out Of Debt

-O Mighty Lord, as I find myself troubled by financial problems related to debt, I ask for your blessings. Please come to me with financial grace so that I can overcome this difficult situation and solve all the ongoing problems in my life. Please be my shield during this time.

-Beloved Father, you have always provided for our every need and gave us all we have wanted. I admit that I’ve messed up, and I have been unable to use my resources wisely. I apologize to you for my negligence, and I ask you to show me the correct way.

-Glorious God, you have always saved me from falling into any pitfall that came into my life. As my mind is burdened with debt, I seek your shelter. I promise to work harder and remedy the situation, but I want you to help me and always be there for me.

 Prayers To Get Out Of Debt And Financial Struggles

-Blessed Almighty, there is nobody in this world whom I can trust as easily as I trust you. I have nothing to hide from you, and you are already aware of my weaknesses. I ask you to come and guide me through the proper way to deal with my debts.

-Good Gracious Creator, I have always had immense faith in your power, and I have always believed that you will keep every promise you’ve made. So, I ask you to keep your word of protecting your children when they are in trouble and bringing them back on the right track.

-Dear God, you have taught us that while in a difficult situation, we must learn to be calm and approach our problems wisely. Bless me so that I can follow your words and do as you have directed while solving the debt problem I have. All glory to your Name.

-Good Lord, help me to keep my heart and soul directed towards you while I go through the debt issue. Allow me to remember your Holy image in my soul and every word you have spoken so that I can emerge from this phase with nothing but victory and satisfaction.

-Blessed Master, I pray to you to remind me at all times that when you are there to take care of us, we needn’t worry about anything. You will take our problems and solve them with your Holy Wisdom. Bless us so that we can always have faith in you.

-Holy Father, although my mind is troubled by the debt situation I am going through, I choose to have peace in my heart knowing that you are looking after me and you’ll always help me to get through all my problems. You ate the Eternal Savior, and I trust you.

-Kind Good Lord, today I place all financial problems in the hands of your Holy Spirit. I trust your Holy Way, and I believe that you’ll deal with this in a more efficient way than me. You hold the sovereign power in the world, and we are your blessed children.

-O Good God, you have always kept me financially secure, but now I find myself in a difficult situation. There are plenty of debts that I must pay, and I admit that this is all my fault. I pray to you to reassure me that everything will work out fine.

-Dear Lord, this difficult time is testing my faith in your Holy Spirit. I pray to you to protect me from losing my faith in your majestic powers, no matter what happens. If I keep trust in your Holy Ways, I will be immune to all danger that awaits me.

Best Prayers To Get Out Of Debt And Financial Struggles

-Beloved Savior, you have always blessed us with the good things in life, and if we have failed to understand their great value and use them properly, it is because we are sinners. We can never apologize for this enough, but we pray to you to be merciful to us.

-Good Faith, please come through me and give me back my financial stability. This debt issue has taken away all my mental peace, and I am constantly worried. I feel hopeless, and I cannot find a way out. I can only pray to your Holy Spirit for help and comfort.

-Blessed Protector, in every aspect of my life, I have been lucky enough to receive your grace and guidance. So, when I find myself tormented by debt issues, I seek your Holy Spirit again because you are my safest refuge, and only you can rescue me from this uncertain situation.

-Father Beloved, the true purpose of living this life is to stay connected to your Supreme Being. I pray to you to guide me so that I can always direct my heart towards your Holy presence. Allow me to seek you in all my problems and do as you direct.

-Precious Creator, it ashamed me to think that I haven’t learned anything from your Holy Spirit that speaks of righteousness and self-worth. I have underestimated your influence in my life, and I am guilty. Allow me to repent for my mistakes and address the cause which I have done wrong.

-Good Master, it burdens my heart to think that my debt problems have put my family and close ones in turmoil and endless anxieties. They are suffering because of my mistakes, and I feel sorry for myself and them too. Please help me to fix everything back to normal again.

-Blessed Almighty, I am also thankful to you for sending me such people in my life who are constantly supporting me during my crisis and trying to be of any help in whatever way they can to rescue me from my thesis situation. I am grateful to them for everything.

-Lord Beloved, even amid all the stress and tension that my mind and heart are going through, I chose to believe in your promise of sustaining all your blessed children. I am worried, but I am also somewhat relieved to feel your presence near me every moment of this situation.

-O Dear Savior, your divine work has always shown itself in various aspects of our life. Faith has kept me going through the toughest times of my life up till now. Today, I pray for your miracles to sort out my debt problems. Please help me with your mighty grace.

-Gracious Protector, I promise to follow your Holy Commandments in every second of my life once I get through this debt issue. I promise to keep my word, just like you have. I will do all the good work it takes to pay for this great sin I have committed. 

-Father Beloved, I am ready to struggle as much as needed to solve my financial debt issues because it is your Holy Word that has always instructed me to never give up. I would not lose confidence in myself and in your Way constantly working to help me through this.

-O Kind Lord, I pray to you to be my strongest pillar of strength. I ask you to bless me with love and enthusiasm so that I can go through this phase effortlessly. I seek your Holy Spirit to motivate me and show me the Way I must lead now.

Great Prayers To Get Out Of Debt And Financial Struggles

-Heavenly Beloved Almighty, I do not ask to be privileged by your riches because I want to pay my debts myself. I just want you to be there for me to encourage me to work harder and honestly so that I can learn to be self-sufficient and solve my problems.

-Good God, after I have achieved financial stability, I want you to keep looking after me so that I do not end up in debt anymore. I want you to always keep me away from being indulged in activities that may make me indebted. Teach me the value of contentment.

-O Gracious Master, you have always taught us how greed and selfishness can plunge us into the darkness of evil. So, I place my finances before you and ask you to take control over them so that I am always protected from factors that try to challenge my self-control financially.

-Precious Creator, I ask you to bless my family and me so that we can work hard to achieve a stable income that is enough to provide for our basic amenities. Allow us to keep our eyes on your Holy Spirit of comfort and contentment rather than searching for more.

-O Savior Beloved, I am very grateful to you for the financial state I am in currently. You have given me everything I needed, and I want nothing more than to secure a place in your comforting arms. Please be with me forever and keep showering me with your compassion.


At difficult circumstances, prayer can be a source of comfort on an emotional and spiritual level, but it’s also crucial to take action to solve financial problems.

A budget must be established, spending must be cut, income must be increased, and professional assistance may be required for effective debt management.

Individuals can overcome debt and obtain financial security by fusing prayer with practical measures.

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